Monday, September 19, 2011

Prayer Requests for September 2011

Raining Hope Incorporated
Update – September 2011

Thank you for your continued prayer and support of our children!

We are in need of your prayers: Can you please join with us in praying for the following needs.
1) Our children have begun the third term of school. However, we are short by about $800.
2) Our landlord has been great in allowing us to pay our rent in increments rather than one full year in advance. We have paid through the end of this month. We are in need of the next three months of rent ($1200) plus an initial security deposit of one month that he did not ask for until now ($400). This will take us through the rest of this year of 2011.
3) Food is still running triple of normal costs. It does continue to rain in Uganda which is an answer to prayer! Until crops have grown and are harvested, the prices continue to be high. Pray for the prices to normalize soon. We have been running low on food supplies.
We need to wire money to them this week. If you can help, you can see at the end of the email how to make a donation.

Long term goals:
As you can see by the prayer request for rent, we would love to begin building on our new land.
1) Pray for the necessary funds to begin building a permanent home on our land. We want to begin utilizing our land rather than paying rent for a leased home.
2) Pray for the funds to purchase the adjacent 2 acres of land next to ours. Contact me directly for more info.
3) The dream for Raining Hope and this land is to build a children’s home, a school, a church and a guest house. We can also use the land for farming to raise our own food supplies. The land would also give us the opportunity to raise farm animals.

Our Children’s Prayers
I received word from the home that our children and staff have committed to praying and fasting each Saturday for Raining Hope stateside. They are intentionally setting aside each Saturday to pray for us in the United States and the work we are doing. They are precious. Please join with us especially on Saturdays to pray for Raining Hope.

Upcoming Fundraisers
Macy’s - THANK YOU to everyone who supported us in our Macy’s Shop for a Cause event! We raised $537! Thanks also to everyone who came by Macy’s during the event and visited our table!

Stay tuned as Raining Hope has been invited to participate in another Community Shopping Day event on November 12th! We will give you more information soon!

To be announced: We are working on dates for
Garage Sale – soon!
Fall Event – October/November
Annual Tamale Fundraiser! – December

Disaster Relief: Continue to be in prayer for Minot, North Dakota. I had an amazing time serving the people of that community. They are still in need of our prayers. Their winter weather can begin as early as this month. They have so much to accomplish before the snow begins.

If you would like to make a donation:

1) Website: You can make a donation online using a major credit card. All donations are tax-deductible.
2) Mail a check to: Raining Hope Inc. 3451 Foothill Road #206, Ventura, CA 93004
Or send a check to my address at 8823 Denver Street, Ventura, CA 94004 made to Raining Hope Inc.
3) If you have questions you can contact me at 805-340-7612
4) You can also contact our treasurer, Carol John at 805-377-7387.

If you have any other questions, feel free to email me back! Most of all, I appreciate your continued prayers. In this tough economy, we know that it has affected all of us. We appreciate your continued support of our children in these difficult and challenging times.

Please let us know how we can pray for you. I will forward any requests to our children and they will remember you in their prayers on Saturdays.