Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Chapter 22 - Update #3 - September 4, 2016

The days have been so full, I am waking up not realizing I had gone to sleep!
I have regularly returned to my room between 11 pm and midnight. After settling in from very full days, I pull out my computer with every intention of writing an update. I make the mistake of trying to write from the comfort of the bed with my head propped up against the pillow!
Then trying to log onto the internet with the slow connection creates more of a challenge! The internet & I relate to one another so well ... we both are functioning slower at the end of the day! I close my eyes imagining all that God has done for us throughout the day while waiting for the internet to connect. It is so unexplainable that while my eyes are closed, I must be transitioning into a dream state and suddenly I am in my own movie! When I come to the end of those events, suddenly it is morning! I wake up wanting more. Turns out this is the only thing that is allowing me to actually get a little sleep at night! The good news is the credits are not yet rolling! There is much more to the story!

Even though it seems like ages ago that I left for Uganda, I have more to the story of how God miraculously provided BEFORE I left American soil.

In addition to the generous gift given for sound equipment, there were others who also gave above and beyond. We had another sizable donation made towards whatever else is needed for the ministry by an anonymous donor. Two of our other regular supporters sent above and beyond to bless the children while I am here. I spoke briefly at my church before leaving on this trip. They generously gave to help with my airline ticket & accommodations. One of the members of the praise band wanted to give me his personal amplifier to help with our sound system needs. His heart was golden, but I just couldn’t take it with me without paying too much as excess luggage.

I also had sent word out to those who are sponsoring our children to consider giving a monetary gift so we could replace the TV that was stolen four months ago. We were able to collect enough to purchase a 40” TV that would be mounted on the wall. This is a valuable
 tool for the home used with great discretion by Godfrey. The children have grown to LOVE the time we have together to watch Christian movies such as “War Room.” It challenges their hearts and motivates them to want to deepen their own walk with the Lord. Last timewatching“WarRoom”leftapermanentmarkontheirgrowingspirituallives. Special thanks to the sponsors who gave towards this need. The TV was a gift presented to the family by all of the Raining Hope sponsors. It means more than you can possibly imagine.

My passport also seemed to take it own journey before I left. If only passports could talk I could find out where it had been for a week! I sent my passport to the Ugandan Embassy in Washington D.C. over a week and a half before leaving for Maryland. I had already submitted the application to the Embassy online for the required Visa almost 2 weeks before. Because I was visiting my family in the San Francisco Bay Area that week, I mailed it from there overnight express. It was guaranteed to arrive the next day...which is why you pay $22.95! The other requirement is to purchase the return trip for the passport and include it in the envelope. So a total of $45.90 later, I was expecting the passport back well in advance of leaving for Maryland. I have done it this way for the past 10 years and never had a problem. Would’t you know the one time that I misplaced the tracking receipt is when the passport seemed to have gone off the radar. The closer it got to the day of departure, the more concerned I became. To top it all off, since I mailed it from a post office in the Bay Area, I could ’t easily go and hunt down the tracking receipt in person. Eventually, the post office found the number but it only confirmed that the actual envelope was missing in action. It showed that it had not yet arrived after five days! Danny Gokey has a song called, “Tell Your Heart to Beat Again.” Believe me...the context of that song meant something totally different to me at that moment!

I made calls to the Embassy wanting to know if they received it. I never talked with anyone directly. Leaving voice messages was all I could do. “Where in the World is Eydie’s Passport?” was becoming the theme phrase of that week. Since I am physically in Uganda, you already know the end of the story! Eventually and mysteriously the passport made it’s way into the prepaid envelope. The day before I left for Maryland I had the passport in hand. Whew! I imagine if the passport could talk it would say, “What happens on the journey in the envelope stays in the envelope!” My journey trying to track it down was quite enough for me! (P.S. Yes... I did get $22.95 back because of their overnight guarantee!)

At the last minute while packing, I had to give in and take a third bag from LAX to Washington D.C. I was trying to avoid this because I have to pay for all checked baggage for the domestic flight. I still had too much to bring, more in weight than volume. I discovered the third bag domestically was only $75 (compared to $155 for international). Knowing that the contents were important to include I packed the third bag.

I regularly take a shuttle now from my home to LAX. This particular shuttle driver was new to me. I spent the first part of the drive answering the normal questions as to what I do and where I am going. He heard all about the children of Raining Hope and how God is blessing our work. God put me in this van with the exact driver He desired to begin my incredible journey. Normally you have to pay a small fee if you have oversized bags or anything over two pieces of luggage. There were only two of us that day in the van so he told me not to worry. But when he dropped me off at the terminal, I tried to give him an extra tip. He actually refused the tip and asked me to buy a book or something for one of the children. I was speechless at this small but kind gesture. 

When I went inside to check in, I had already paid online for the first two bags. I was fully prepared to pay for the third bag at the counter. When I told the agent the story, she ended up not charging me for the extra bag! Speechless. 

I found my way to the gate and greeted one of the agents that I have gotten to know over the past three years since flying back and forth to Maryland to visit Carol. I had not seen her in awhile. This kind woman upgraded my seat to an exit row ... the now infamous seat 17C!

Then in that exit row, is where I met my new friend seated in 17A. That conversation was a precious gift to me & Raining Hope to launch Chapter 22. This person as well was suppose to sit in another row. He ended up upgrading which changed his seat assignment. It was definitely a divine appointment!


These updates seem to be chasing the story! Up until now it has been what has led to getting me here! The next update has at least caught up to us in Uganda! I have four days of stories that will be full & rich of what God is doing in my home in Africa, in the beautiful country of Uganda, in a town called Jinja in a home called Raining Hope!

Remaining speechless,
mama eydie kisakye

Chapter 22 - Update #2 - September 1, 2016

Raining Hope Service Project
August 24-September 12, 2016

I have made it safely to my home in Uganda! It took roughly 24 hours from the time Carol dropped me off at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC to my setting foot on Ugandan soil! I hope your last 24 hours on this journey with me was as smooth as my travel! I had such success in seat 17C on Alaska Airlines, I had wished I could occupy the same seat on Emirates! The only way to pull that off would have been to sit in business class which was a little bit (actually ALOT) out of reach! I settled into seat 47H from Dulles to Dubai and 45A from Dubai to Entebbe. Even though the seats next to me were occupied, you were still on my mind as my traveling companions!

I write from the comfort of my Ugandan home at the Paradise Hotel in room 35. This hotel has been my home away from home for the past ten years. But I also have a very specific room that I stay in each time. Only twice have I been in another room. The very first trip I was in a room near one of our other team members. On that trip I have said my life was turned “right side up,” not “upside down!” I loved that little room because it was a special part of what would forever change my life.

My second journey here I was traveling alone. So upon arrival it seemed only natural to ask about staying in the same room. The hotel staff wasn’t convinced that was the best room for me! I reluctantly followed as the person brought me to various rooms to give me other choices. I was sure at the end of the tour I was going to confidently say I would really like my old room. But then I walked into Room 35. Something happened that day as I was drawn in. I sensed a peace that truly passes all understanding. This room has a balcony that “had” a view of the Nile River. It also “overlooked” a little grassy area where the staff hang the daily laundry. It was breathtaking. They wanted me to see for myself that there was something better waiting if I would just trust them!

“Had” a view and “overlooked” a little grassy areas are past tense because it has now been 10 years. I no longer have a view of the Nile River because the tree that was planted just below my room has grown so big and tall it is the only thing that I see! The neighbor next door also added onto his property and a two story building blocks the view that direction. I can barely see the grass or even the roof next door! The original view drew me in but something much bigger kept me asking to return to the same room. Every time I am here in Room 35, God meets me in a very specific way. I can’t explain the significant quiet times I have had in the early morning hours on my balcony. I have prayed, signed music, cried and rejoiced. His Presence and love powerfully fill the room. The only other time I have been in a different room was because they were doing renovations and Room 35 was not available! Just as seat 17C became important to start Chapter 22, it is equally important for you to know the significance of room 35! So the welcome mat is out and you have entered into my Ugandan home where I graciously offer you a cup of coffee or Ugandan tea!

I write as a storyteller.

I only repeat that phrase not because this update is long, but because of my new luggage tag I noticed AFTER I arrived here. When I turned it over it read, “Travel leaves you speechless - then turns you into a storyteller!” I smiled and giggled as if God carved out that tag for me while we were traveling in air!

I have a story to tell you.

The last 24 hours I seem to have enough material to write a whole book! But first I need to share what I previewed in update #1 about God’s provision and His love. Some of you have graciously sent me encouraging words after the first update. You have said you are waiting with great anticipation with your cup of coffee in hand wanting more! For a storyteller you can’t ask for anything more!

On Thursday, August 18th a series of events were put into motion. First, I confess I have been extremely frustrated with my Yahoo mail! The latest problem is Yahoo randomly removes names (better than saying people!) from my mailing list designations. There is no rhyme nor reason to it. Even Carol & Heather who are a part of the Raining Hope staff have been mysteriously “undesignated!” I don’t know it has happened unless one of you tells me. Then again, how are you to know? On August 18th, the frustration level was high when I discovered Yahoo struck again and Heather became another victim of my now infamous mailing list hijacking! As we sat and watched TV, I manually went into my Raining Hope mailing list and discovered at least 10-15 precious supporters who were no longer receiving the monthly newsletters. I crafted a letter of apology and re-sent the current August newsletter to the unsuspecting victims! Little did I know the significance of how this frustration would lead to good.

While I was clicking away on the computer trying to fix this problem, another story was brewing. Godfrey sent me an email just after I had finished sending the last letter out for the night. He said they were becoming concerned about the upcoming crusade and conference. One of the priorities I had listed in the August newsletter was for the much needed sound equipment. We have been praying about this need for over a year now. We received funding to purchase some equipment for the January 2016 conference held at the home. It was just enough and the conference was a success. But I did not fully understand the scope of this upcoming crusade. Godfrey’s email to me was to pose the question, “should we consider postponing the crusade until December this year?”


It was one of those, “Can you hear me now?” moments. Did I hear that correctly?
I quickly responded. My tickets were bought and could not be refunded without penalty. I had just sent out the newsletter announcing details of the crusade. I explained we couldn’t postpone. There were no other options but to fully TRUST IN GOD. I asked the children to keep rehearing and planning by FAITH. I figured if Jesus could preach to thousands with no sound system, we surely could get by with what we had. I had no idea where the money was going to come from. The amount needed was approximately $5300. We began to pray.

Then came Friday. Remember my Yahoo frustration? I began to watch as God was going to use it for good. One of the addresses that I had manually fixed paved the way for us to experience the miraculous. The recipient of the newsletter had been praying. Because she requested to remain anonymous, I can’t give you all the details. But the newsletter was an answer to her prayers and confirmation of where they wanted to help. After a couple of precious phone calls, she informed me that they wanted to help fund the entire amount needed to purchase everything needed for the crusade! This truly left me speechless. By the end of the weekend, I had received a check for over and above the specified amount. This allowed us to buy a few items that were a part of Phase 2 of our media needs.

When I called Godfrey and the children to let them know that God answered our prayers... they shouted for joy and praised God! However, it became quiet very quickly. Godfrey said,

“Henry wants to talk to you.” I waited. The next voice was not Henry’s but Godfrey’s. He said,
“The children are speechless. They are requesting a break.”

Again, not sure what that meant, Godfrey who was speechless himself said, “They are overcome with emotion and they need a few minutes to recover.” They were so amazed at how God answered their prayers they truly were left SPEECHLESS.

Heading into this crusade and conference with this miraculous testimony has left them with a newfound faith and trust in God alone. Raining Hope has always wanted to be explained by the miraculous.

There is no other explanation. This is truly a miracle.

The reason they were concerned about the sound system is because the crusade is not happening at the house. It will be in the local marketplace in our community. With the competing noise of everyday life in a busy Ugandan market, the need for a loud system was crucial.

Please join us in prayer as we prepare to minister to the lost right here in our backyard. 
Raining Hope Ministries Uganda / Christ in You - The Hope of Glory
This will be a time to reach the lost for Christ. It will also encourage believers

with who they are in Christ to reflect His glory as His witnesses.

September 5-7, 2016
- Open Air Evangelism - 4:00 pm-7:00 pm (10 hours behind - 6:00
am-9:00 am PST)
Main Speaker: Pastor Godfrey

Special Music: Raining Hope Ministries / Mama Eydie Kisakye (signing music)
Testimonies by some of our children

September 8-10, 2016 - Follow-Up Conference - 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
Main Speaker: Pastor Godfrey & Mama Eydie Kisakye
Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pray for all involved as Raining Hope steps out

to be a Beacon of Hope to the world!

Take time to soak it all in! More coming soon about the actual purchase of the sound
equipment & the joy that is being proclaimed from these walls! Can you hear it now? Listen...they are shouting it from the rooftops!

mama eydie kisakye

Chapter 22 - Update #1 - August 24, 2016

Raining Hope Service Project
August 24-September 12, 2016

I am writing this first update from seat 17C on my Alaska Airlines flight.  Turns out that flying first to Maryland for a week posed some interesting challenges!  On top of that, God did one miraculous thing after another this past week.  Not only did I have a hard time keeping up, I had an even more difficult time finding the time to write an update!  

For those of you who are new to my updates,  I want to get you ready for your part in this journey!  My first trip to Uganda was a mission’s trip at the end of 2006.  This year marks my 10th year of service to a place I consider home.  Hard to believe that I am now on my 22nd trip to Uganda.  The chapter coincides with the number of the trip.  Each trip is a chapter of the larger story of my call to Africa.  

I write as a storyteller.  You are on this journey with me.  So many of you are supporting us through your prayers and your giving..  I may be the one going, but your hearts are what I share with the children.  I want you to feel what I feel and see what I see.  The only way to do that is by the words I write.  I invite you into my story.  I actually have an empty seat next to me on this plane.  I imagine you sitting with me in 17B.  Just as I told the story of Raining Hope and the children to my new friend in 17A, I want you to be able to experience everything along with me. 

Updates are long as a story would be.  I have tried to shorten them by doing bullet points but then it would be nothing more than a table of contents.  I have tried highlighting key thoughts so like a speed reader, you could pick up on just the main points.  But then the experiences were getting lost in the translation.   I even tried writing shorter updates because a few said they were too long.  It was similar to having a bad connection on the phone, only hearing every other word with the familiar,  “Can you hear me now?”  This approach did not allow the heartbeat of the mission to be communicated clearly.   

So I have gone back to doing what I know He has required of me.  You know ahead of time that you are going to be reading a chapter in a story.   Grab a cup of coffee or tea and find a nice, comfy chair to settle into.   Prepare to journey with me into a story of God’s love for His children in a place called Raining Hope in a town called Jinja in Uganda on the continent of Africa. 

Because so much happens in one day, at times I will divide it into two emails.  For example, the past few days have left us utterly speechless as to all that God is doing.  There is so much to share that I will be telling that part of the story in update #2!  (Preview - provisions for the sound equipment & more!)   Believe me, I won’t be speechless in my email!  Words will come spilling out on the page.  I want you to be right there with me as you read!  Feel free to take breaks to absorb the excitement!   I will be posting the same updates on our blog but will add photos.  You can find us at .  Once in Uganda, I will try to send updates every few days depending on the reliability of the internet connection.  

I have been in Maryland all week preparing for this exciting journey.  The stopover here was not only to visit Carol, Diane, Teri and the puppies but it was specifically to attend a conference at Carol’s church.  A dear friend, Pastor Charles, has a non-profit organization that ministers mainly in Haiti and Nigeria.  He has been highly instrumental in his wisdom and support of the work I am doing.  His conference was a three-day launch for his newly established ministry.  It was an inspiring three days for me.  I came as a support for Pastor Charles knowing that God had a word for me.   God used it in an important way to prepare my heart for our crusade and conference.  I left the third session on Saturday in compete awe.  Speechless.  Simply speechless.  

The next couple of days are filled with last minute preparations.  I have included my travel schedule for you to journey with me.  As I fly on Emirates, I will imagine you sitting with me regardless if there is an open seat!  

So get ready for a grand adventure!  Chapter 22 officially has been opened!                  
Kale,  mama eydie kisakye 

Itinerary for Eydie - Chapter 22 - August 24-September 17, 2016 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 
Alaska Airlines Flight 6 
Departs LAX - 12:45 pm Arrives Washington DC Reagan - 8:57 pm 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 
Emirates EK 232 
Departs Washington DC Dulles: 10:55 am 
Arrives Dubai: 8:05 am (September 1)

Thursday, 01 September 2016 
Emirates EK 729 
Departs Dubai: 9:20 am 
Arrives Entebbe, Uganda 1:50 pm 

Monday, 12 September 2016 
Emirates EK 730  
Departs Entebbe, Uganda 3:50 pm 
Arrives Dubai 10:35 pm 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 
Emirates EK 231 
Departs Dubai 2:20 am 
Arrives Washington DC Dulles 8:40 am 

Departs 17 September 2016 
Alaska Flight 5 
Departs Washington DC Reagan 9:15 am 

Arrives LAX 11:52 am 

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Chapter 21 - Update #12 - February 26, 2016

Note:  I was preparing to post Chapter 22 and realized that update #12 was sent out by newsletter but not posted.  Here is that post from the January 2016 trip!  
Before I give the last update on my traveling home on January 25th, I want to update you on the Presidential elections. 

First, thank you for joining us in prayer.  
President Museveni was reelected with 60.75% of the vote over his closest opponent, Besigye who received 35.37% of the vote.   Social media was shut down to avoid false rumors from being spread during the elections.  Godfrey kept in contact with me when he could get through.  We are praising God that the children all remained safe during the process.  

We continue to ask for your prayers.  There is still some concern what the opposition will do in light of the results.  They still have mayoral elections next week.   The tension that exists will remain until the inauguration three months from now.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.   A lot of what is on social media is false.  I will try and keep you up-to-date as I hear directly from Godfrey.  The main truth is the children are fine and are excited about starting school. 

We were able to send some money so the children could start school this week.  Please pray with us as we still need to raise the balance for the first term.  
Thank you for your prayers and your support.  Godfrey has expressed his thanks for you joining us in prayer during this critical time for their nation. 

To finish Chapter 21, Monday, January 25, 2016 was a special day.   I spent the morning trying to finish last minute notes.  I missed breakfast and rushed down to the morning fellowship at the hotel.  I was to share one more time in the devotions before leaving for the airport.  I was so late I thought I missed the worship and would just lead the devotion.  To my surprise, no one was in the hut!   I looked around wondering if I made a mistake with the time.  Normally by now at least one person is there preparing the space.  

I decided to just go ahead and worship alone.  I pulled out my music and began to sign to a song.  I had a private moment with the Lord getting ready to again leave my special home at the edge of the Nile until the next time.  It was getting close to 9 am which is when we normally finish the devotions.  As I turned to leave, Esther and another one came apologizing for their lateness.   They wanted to go ahead with the devotions even with what I thought was just a couple of us.  My only issue was that Godfrey would soon come to pick me up for the journey to the airport.  

But the ones who were there started preparing.  The chairs were brought out and put into place.  Instead of just going into the devotion, we still had a time of worship to prepare our hearts. I love that.  We didn’t skip worship.   At that moment,  I relaxed and just asked the Lord to prepare the way to the airport.  I knew this time was important for my hotel family.  So I trusted that all would go well even though we would leave later than expected.  As we worship, more people came.  By time we got to the devotions there were at least 15-20 people there which is more than normal.   In the time of devotion it was a summary of this journey and a reminder to continue seeking Him at the river...allowing our roots to go down deep.  It was an encouraging time to reflect on His Word together.  

When we were done, Robert Otile, General Manager for the hotel and dear friend got up to speak.
  This is the first time that has happened.  I thought he was just going to lead in a time of prayer for my flight home.  But what came next took me by complete surprise.  He began talking about how we are all family.  In all honesty, I don’t remember all that he said.   What I do remember was Robert sharing that when I go home he knows I share the story of what God is doing in Uganda.  But they wanted to have a way to tell all of you from their hearts the story of how God is using me. 

On behalf of the Chairman of the Board which is his father, Mr. Francis Otile, they presented me with a beautiful framed certificate of recognition from the Paradise Hotel.  This was a first.  When I post photos at a later time you will see the words they used.   As long as my updates are, this I have no words for what truly happened. 

This is why they were late.  They were gathering up people to come to make this presentation.  It was an honor and a complete surprise.  It is something that I will forever cherish from my family at Paradise Hotel.  

Godfrey was there as well which meant the world to me.  It became very hard for me to leave my family at the hotel on this journey.  The one thing that helped was knowing I was going to stop by the house to see the children on the way to the airport! 

We had less time at the house but it turned out to be just enough time.   We hugged and prayed and just loved on one another!!    It is always hard to leave but we do it in a way that brings honor to the Lord.  God did so much on this journey that all we could do was stand back and be thankful!   
Godfrey and I made the long journey to the airport.  No time for chicken on a stick because we used the additional time at the hotel!   The hotel actually packed breakfast for the both of us since I had missed it.  

We had great conversations on the three hour journey!  Godfrey has been instrumental in helping me with the new policies regarding sponsorship, letter writing and gift giving.   All that will be announced soon as we launch our new sponsorship program!  Exciting things are coming!   Stay tuned!  

We made it to the airport with time to spare.  God definitely answered prayer.  Difficult to leave but always blessed to know that my “Ugandan family” is here & God is using them to glorify His name.  I am so thankful that God’s call on my life included this little spot on the face of this big world.  

Thank you all for journeying with me on my 21st trip to Uganda.  Because of the instability of the elections, going to Uganda for the next few months is not wise.  I will not be taking teams this year which I will talk about in upcoming newsletters.  I may be returning by myself sometime this summer when we are given the ok that it is safe.  

You can continue to pray for the children and their safety.  We are excited about this new phase we are entering with some of our children entering post-secondary schools.  God is continuing to bless and enlarge territories!   It is exciting to be a part of what God is doing.  YOU are all a part of that.  Thank you for taking the time to read.  Thanks to those who have written back a word of encouragement.  

On behalf of Godfrey and the family at Raining Hope, we all say a big THANK YOU for loving us. 

Thanks for reading Chapter 21! I know they were long, that is why I tried to BOLD key points in case you just wanted to skim through.  Hope that helped.  But long or short...all I want to do is allow you to participate in the miraculous things that I am witnessing.  I pray that the updates allow you to feel as if you are walking right alongside me.  
Love you all, 
mama eydie kisakye