Sunday, October 4, 2009

Faith Baptist Church

Today I spoke at Faith Baptist Church in Santa Barbara! What a blessing it was to be back with the family of Faith Baptist. There is a tradition that the Ugandan people started with me after my second visit to Uganda. They had made a cake especially for my visit. Tradition has it that the person that cuts the cake must return to the country! So...everytime I go to Uganda...they always make sure I have a cake to cut! So...Faith Baptist Church liked this tradition...and has followed their example! The cake today was very yummy! I LOVE to be at this church, cake or no cake! Carol John (my missionary driver...or as she likes to be called ... Carol John M.D.!!) and I were welcomed with open arms today. I updated the church on my visit to Uganda in May with the CBU students. They loved hearing what God is doing! There were at least 8 water bottles full of coins ready for me to take home for the children. It was also encouraging to have 4 more of our children receive sponsors today!!! Praise the Lord! Thanks to all at Faith Baptist Church for your prayers and your continued support. Pastor Fred sang a wonderful song during the offertory that left a precious impression on me. When our God says to go...we are to obey. The blessings that await are beyond anything that we can imagine! Thanks to all who prayed for me today as I shared. God answered your prayers in amazing ways today!