Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year from Jinja!

Happy New Year from Uganda! We rang in the New Year Uganda style last night! We attended the "overnight" service at Deliverance Church in the village of Kakira. All the churches mobilize together to praise God for the old year...and pray in the new year. It is a time of praise, worship, dance, prayer, & inspiring messages. We started at 8 pm and went all the way until 2:30 am! You would all be very proud of the team for pushing through until the wee hours of the morning. Just before midnight we are praying and singing...the praises being lifted up to God become almost thunderous. Just before midnight we began singing "I Surrender All." It was an experience that I believe the team will not soon forget.
Yesterday afternoon I spent furniture shopping with Godfrey & Shadrack. We were in need of buying new couches, dining room table & coffee table for the house. I discovered upon arrival that we were in need of replacing furniture in the main house. Because of the generous donations of people who supported this trip, we were able to purchase those items.
When I went with Godfrey & Shadrack to deliver the furniture to the home...I was finally able to see some of our children at Living Hope! It is so good to be back home with my family here at the home! Today I will take the rest of the team to the home where we will spend the New Year together. They are anxious to meet our children!
Prayer points:
1) Pray the team will be well rested after having experienced their first "overnight"
2) Pray for us today as we minister to our children at Living Hope Children's Home
3) Pray for the funds that we need to continue furnishing the house. We are in need of buying a refrigerator, curtains, rugs, beds, and various kitchen supplies.
4) Pray for the individual team members that they would continue to empty themselves so God can use them in powerful ways. God is working in the midst of the team in powerful ways.

Thank you for praying for the meeting I had yesterday concerning the home. Continue to pray for me as I work with individuals here at the home & church.

We all wish you and your families a very Happy New Year! May this be a year that brings glory and honor to our God! I pray that you experience the peace that passes all understanding & this causes you to draw even closer to Him!


Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve from Jinja!

Happy New Year's eve from Jinja, Uganda! We arrived in Entebbe yesterday afternoon. Our flight from Dubai was another great flight. It was good to step foot onto Ugandan soil once again! We prayed as we waited for our we had 13 pieces of checked luggage. They all came pretty quickly....until we got down to the last 2. But God is good...all arrived safely with us! We were greeted by Shadrack, Godfrey & Chris! We received a very warm Ugandan welcome. The 2 hour plus drive to Jinja was filled with new experiences for the team. They were able to take in the sights of the see the lush green pastures...and to experience the traffic driving through Kampala! We made the traditional stop to get "chicken on a stick" and "roasted bananas!" They are now all officially welcomed to Uganda! We unpacked all of our bags...then the team went off to their rooms for a needed night of rest! Today, most of the team came to have breakfast together...then morning devotion time with the staff. It is great to start the day praising God in worship, His Word, testimonies and prayer. Today we spent time each sharing about something God has shown us in the past year as we get ready to pray in the New Year!
Prayer points for us today:
1) Pray for the team that they are well rested. Exept for Makaila & I, this is the first time for the other team members to be in the Ugandan culture. Pray for them as they adjust to this new culture.
2) Pray for us today as we are getting settled in with our plans for the trip. We will be working on our program for the children & young teenagers. Pray for wisdom & guidance & flexibility.
3) Pray for the team and the families that they have left at home. We are all praying for you!
4) Pray for our 24 hour prayer chain.
5) Pray for me as I have a meeting today at 11 am today (Dec. 31) which would be 12 midnight your time (Dec. 31). I am meeting with some of the staff concerning some of the needs at the home.

I also ask that you pray for Dove Christian Ministries in Oxnard. I was there the Sunday before I left (Dec. 27). I would like for us to be in prayer for the congregation there as well. Pray that God be glorified.

We will update this blog daily as we have the time available. We appreciate your prayers of support.

May God bless you as you celebrate the passing of the old year and the new hope that a New Year brings!

Kare! (bye)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raining Hope Missions Trip Update #1

We are now on our way to Uganda! We left yesterday, December 28th from Los Angeles International Airport. God has been answering our prayers! We had heard that there would be extra security at the we asked that God would make the path clear! We made it through checkin and all security checks with great timing! God definitely went before us! Amazing to see the hand of God work today. We also had one extra bag with supplies for the kids that we would have had to pay the $175 excess baggage charge. Our ticket agent said that he would let it go on for free! Brandi & Kurt had to pay an extra $100 for their 2 bags that were heavier than the allotted limit. But because they went to another counter to pay...that agent informed us that if we wanted we could have vouchers for 4 hotel rooms at a nearby hotel in Dubai. That is where we are a hotel run by Emirates. Four rooms, dinner,snack & breakfast vouchers! It was better than staying at the airport for 11 hours! It has also given the team an opportunity to regroup and prepare for our entry into Uganda. We leave the hotel at 6:30 am for the airport for our 8:25 am flight. Our flight from LAX to Dubai was EXCELLENT! We had such a smooth flight. Because I was wearing my CBU sweatshirt...and Makaila as well...another CBU alumni (just graduated this May) stopped to talk to us! He was on the same flight. I was able to get to the computer here at the hotel to send this post. The next one will be from our hotel in Jinja! This one was a challenge...the blog's heading was all in arabic! That was a first...and a challenge to find the right tabs to push to post this! Please continue to be in prayer as we continue our flight in the morning. All is well...God is good...all the time! If you would like more detailed updates to the trip...please send me an email to I am sending out full updates every few days as emails. I will try and post to this blog daily as time allows. Thank you for your prayers!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Christmas Fundraiser

Raining Hope Christmas Fundraiser
Saturday, December 19, 2009
10:00 am – 4:00 pm
Miskel Home
8823 Denver Street – Ventura, CA 93004

Home made tamales (First come, first serve!)
Baked Goods
Homemade Gifts

Stop by for a cup of cider, visit with friends, and make a donation to the children of Living Hope Children’s Home for Christmas!

24 Hour 'Round the Clock Prayer Team

24 Hour ‘Round the Clock Prayer Team

In our meeting times on Wednesday with the Uganda Team...we have been using a Bible study used by the International Mission Board on Impacting Your World. One area that we emphasized was on prayer. Here is an portion from the book... "No church would send out a volunteer team without praying for its members. No believers would dare go to a foreign country and think they could make a difference without praying that God would use them and empower their witness with His Holy Spirit. But prayer is a way the entire church, not just those who go, can be involved in a mission partnership.

The entire congregation should play a role in seeking God's will for overseas involvement. Church members should pray not only for those who go on mission teams - for health, safety and effectiveness - but also for the places the teams go and the people to whom they witness and minister. Continuing prayer for missionaries and local believers will expand the effectiveness of the team's ministry long after the team has returned home."

"The intense prayer of the righteous is very powerful" James 5:16


We are in the process of establishing a 'Round The Clock Prayer Team for our upcoming Uganda trip.

If you would like to commit to praying for one hour a day for 1 week, or both weeks, we would be grateful. (Trip is December 28-January 11)

There are 15 spots already committed to. We are in need of at least 9 more people to sign up to fill the additional time slots. Simply email to sign up today!

Memorial Fund

Raining Hope Memorial Fund
Helga Miskel (May 3, 1951-April 27, 2009)
Mariel Miskel (Dec.15, 1936-Sept. 29, 2009)

This Christmas, I pray you will think about giving a different kind of gift that can make a difference in the life of the children of Uganda.

This year our family experienced the loss of my sister-in-law, Helga & my mother-in-law, Mariel. Both of these great women influenced the lives of those around them. In an effort to honor their lives, we have established the Raining Hope Memorial Fund.

If you would like to make a donation in memory of a loved one, it will help to bring HOPE to the children of Living Hope Children’s Home in Uganda. We will send a special Christmas card to the family of the honoree letting them know you made a donation in his or her name. You will be able to add a personal note that we will include with the Christmas card. You can also make a donation in honor of one of your friends or a family member. We will send a Christmas card to them as well to let them know your donation was made in their name. This is a different kind of gift but one is very compassionate & meaningful.

Help us make this a Christmas to remember.

If you would like to make a donation to the Memorial Fund, please contact eydie at
May God bless you with His abundant peace this Christmas!