Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chapter 21 - Update #9 - Friday

Friday morning I had a quick breakfast and then went down to lead the morning devotions for the hotel.  I am summarizing what I am teaching during the conference and it is having an impact on the hotel workers.  We have really grown together spiritually during this time as we share God’s Word together. 

I spent the rest of the morning preparing and studying for the last day of the conference.  I took a break at lunch time to cook with my friend, Mutete who does my favorite Chinese food cooking.  It has turned into a ministry time for me to work alongside him in the he makes my favorite dishes. 

Godfrey and I ran into town on the way to the house that afternoon just to pick up a couple of items.  We had great expectation that God was going to do something significant in the last session.

We concluded the conference in glorious praise and worship to our God.  The Raining Hope Praise Team did a Nigerian song that has become one of my favorites!  They choreographed a dance to the song ... and it was definitely a celebration!    We had some new people attend.  Esther from the hotel came today after she got off work.  We were extremely blessed by all those that came.

My time of sharing was focused on Jeremiah 17:7-8 as we wrapped up the week.  It mainly focused on being planted by streams of Living Water and our roots going down deep.  So much happened in the hour that I spoke.  All I will say about this time is what happened during the time of invitation.  Godfrey validated & summarized what we learned all week.  He called for a time of commitment for those who were ready to deepen their roots and draw close to Him.  It was a beautiful site to see all of our children raise their hands to the Lord. Godfrey led a time of prayer as they committed their lives to following Him alone & deepening their roots.   I wish I could share everything that was in Godfrey’s pray as he prayed.  They were not all raising their hands following the others. They individually were making their own commitment.  I watched as each one was fervently praying to the Lord.  What a beautiful moment of commitment. 

I had SIGNIFICANT conversations with many of the kids who came to me personally the rest of the weekend. They all had the common theme that they were either told they were not good enough or to not reach for their dreams.  I can’t even express what each one told me.  Each conversation highly encouraged me that GOD is the one making the difference in their hearts. 

Godfrey’s comment after the conference was this, “This conference was for our children.  It is preparing them for what is to come.  They had to be prepared to go out and tell others about Jesus.  This is what they needed.” 

Something happened through this conference.  Something is happening at Raining Hope.  Simply, Jesus truly is alive at Raining Hope. 

Thank you for praying.  Thank you for supporting me through this process.  The children all love you and are thankful for each one of you.  We continue to pray for the miraculous.  All of this can only be explained by Him. 

mama eydie kisakye 

Chapter 21 - Update #8 - Thursday

I have made it back safely to Maryland!  Thank you for your prayers.  When I arrived at Dulles International Airport, I had to take a taxi to Carol's house.  Due to the recent storm that has been categorized as a blizzard, she was not able to get her van out of her driveway.  But when I got in the taxi, the first thing the driver said was, "You came in on the perfect day.  It has been so terrible up until today."  God answered our prayers.  The driver said one day the ice was such an issue that it took him from 8 pm until 4 am to get someone to their destination!  I couldn't believe it.  

The other issue was when I make this stop in Maryland, I am wearing sandals and African clothes.  Carol will have my winter jacket, boots, hat, gloves and scarf waiting for me.  So this time my concern was walking outside without being properly equipped for the frigid cold.  But when I exited the airport to find a taxi, it was about 35 degrees and I was actually comfortable.  I was thrilled.  As we made the 45 minute drive to Carol & Diane's house, the roads were clear & there was snow everywhere!  It was BEAUTIFUL!  When we arrived at Carol's I could see why she couldn't come to the airport.  Not only was the driveway too narrow to drive through, the neighborhood roads were also too narrow.  I had never seen anything like it.  

We basically spent the first day at the house snowed in and I loved it!  I am spending time just easing back in, processing the trip with Carol, and missing the kids a lot.  Today (January 27) I helped shovel out the snow in the driveway.  It is now wide enough that Carol can get her van out.  For a California girl, snow like this is definitely an adventure!  I had a blast!  

Amazing to go from 75-80 degree weather, wearing sandals to 35 degree (20 degrees or so at night) weather, snow and wearing boots, hats and winter coats the next day!  It is a good thing we are snowed in.  Heather mailed my box of winter clothes here so I don't use luggage space taking those things to Africa.  Because of the blizzard, all delivery service has been delayed.  My winter clothes made it to Washington DC but they still sit somewhere at a warehouse until the big trucks can get down the street.  So I have found myself still wearing my african dresses which is fine as long as I stay in the house!

It is good for me to stop here on the way back.  It allows me to ease back in as the reverse culture shock is always hard.  I am processing the journey with Carol who is helping me tremendously.  It is good to be here with her family, which includes the four puppies!  I am catching up on updates which will take me a few days to complete.  I started the following update at the airport in Dubai. 

While outside shoveling snow, I actually got so warm that I took off my heavy coat and was comfortable with my light sweat pants and long sleeve t-shirt (the only clothes I had for outside). Unbelievably perfect weather!  Carol's sister, Diane went to Starbucks and brought me a latte!  It was "drive-thru" service!  She handed me the latte in the driveway as she drove back in.  That was probably the best tasting cup of coffee that I have ever had!  

I am blessed, I am thankful, I am loved! 
mama eydie kisakye 

Raining Hope - Chapter 21 - January 24, 2016 - Update #8
I started writing this yesterday and said, “It’s Sunday and it’s a beautiful day!”  Then I had to stop which is how it has been since the conference started on Wednesday!  I am going to catch you up while traveling as today is Monday.   

I am currently at the Dubai Airport with a 4 1/2 hour layover.  It was a good thing that I happened to look at my boarding pass for Dubai to Washington DC.  What I thought was a receipt behind the boarding pass was actually a voucher for food in the airport!  So I got some food & water with the voucher, then bought a latte at Starbucks and have settled into a corner to write.   I probably won’t be able to send the update until I am in Washington DC.  

One of the boys said to me last night, “I think this is the best trip yet since you have been coming.”  I believe one of the reasons he said that was because this trip was mainly focused on discipleship. Everything with this trip centered around the conference & the launch of the fellowship on Sunday.  It also included our Bible study in the evenings.  We also had significant times as a family that drew us even closer with one another.  

As I sit and think back on all that God has done since Wednesday, it seems like one LONG day!  Each day built upon the next day.  I was not getting back to the room most nights until 11:30 pm.  I was amazed at how fast I would fall asleep.  Some nights my head hit the pillow as soon as I entered the room.   I would immediately fall asleep without even changing clothes!   Then the nights I had energy to write, the internet was down.  

I went back to update #5 to see where I left off.  I was pleasantly surprised that I had already written about Wednesday and the first day of the conference!  So I will catch you up from Thursday forward. 

I spent the morning studying and preparing for the conference.  I usually sit outside the hotel restaurant to study.  This way I can greet my friends from the hotel.  Today I had an “unwanted little guest.”  I had my portable fan on the table next to the computer.  All of a sudden, a bee landed on my computer case.  It wasn’t bothering me so I kept working.  But then I heard a strange noise...SUDDENLY the bee was upside down ON my computer.  I realized the bee went THROUGH the fan which ended up being fatal for the poor bee!  I took my sandal and swept it off the computer feeling sorry for it.  That feeling did not last long.  I went back to the computer and kept working...then all of a sudden I felt something pinch my arm.  Turns out...when the bee went through the fan, the stinger part of his body didn’t go with him and my arm landed right on it!    I ended up stinging myself even though the bee was gone!  Geesh!   I pulled out the stinger and threw it on the ground.  I used a bottle of cold water to keep the swelling down.  After about 30 minutes, I looked down where I had flung the stinger and it was gone!  Turns out, I witnessed a team of ANTS carrying that stinger bottom of the bee off to who knows where.   I created my own entertainment for the morning!  I actually had an “insect sting” wipe in my little first aid kit.  One of those things that you think you won’t use.  This time it came in handy!    I knew when it first happened, I knew a sermon illustration could be drawn from this.  

“Then, when our dying bodies have been transformed into bodies that will never die, this Scripture will be fulfilled: “Death is swallowed up in victory. ‘O death, where is your victory?  O death, where is your sting? For sin is the sting that results in death, and the law gives sin its power.  But thank God! He gives us victory over sin and death through our Lord Jesus Christ.”  I Corinthians 15:54-57  

It reminds me of the wonder of the good news of the gospel.  Death has no hold on us as Paul says in these verses.  The glory of the resurrection has doomed satan forever.  The stinger was separated from the body but it still had a bite.  Satan was defeated at the cross but he still has a bite.  But the resurrection of Christ and our future resurrection says he is doomed forever.   Amen!   So the day the little bee went through my fan turns out to be a lesson that shares the Good News!  

Most of the morning it rained!   I have had perfect weather.  It has been in the 70’s and lots of rain.  It cleared up in time for the conference that afternoon.  

The second day of the conference we had more people attend.  Fred is already back in session for this first term at school.  He invited some of his classmates to come back with him after school concluded.  He had 4 or 5 friends there.   We had more neighbors attend.  Andrew came from the hotel.  Plus we had about ten of the neighborhood children come.  Godfrey also asked our plumber to come and do some work at the house.   He invited him to come earlier and stay for the conference.  The plumber accepted and stayed for the whole conference before getting to the work we needed.  He was fully engaged in the worship and was challenged by it all.  He told Godfrey he had work the next day in Mukono but would try to reschedule so he could come for the last day.  I have been doing the teaching and Godfrey concludes with prayer and time of commitment.  It has been powerful to see our family rise to another level of commitment as they grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.  

The focus on the second day was how we can find ourselves farthest away from God in the desert/dry times in our lives and living lukewarm in the middle between the desert and the river.  We talked about work base faith which is a problem in the Ugandan culture.  So many in this culture believe that you need to do things to gain approval from God.  God’s grace is an unmerited gift of his favor and kindness.   So many have been in the desert away from God because they think they have made too many mistakes and are too far to accept His grace. 

Romans 10:9-10, 13 “ If you openly declare that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is by believing in your heart that you are made right with God, and it is by openly declaring your faith that you are saved.  For ‘everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.’” 

This was powerful for them to hear.  This was important for them to understand.  I wish you could all have been there to see their faces and see acknowledgement as they let this truth soak in.  

We have been concluding the conference closer to 7 pm (Ugandan time)!  As supper is prepared, I had the opportunity to just spend time with the kids Individually.  They were challenged by what God was teaching them through the conference.   It was inspiring to hear what they learned.  I am hearing so many stories of their past, especially how they have been told they are not good enough or would never amount to anything.  The message of GRACE impacted them.  They have this new energy and new hope.  Annet also came and shared how God is working in her life & she now has courage to keep pursuing the ministry He has put in her heart.  

Godfrey called a meeting each night with the praise team and all those who were involved in the leadership of the conference.  When I looked over he must have had over fifteen of the kids evaluating the current day of the conference and how to improve for tomorrow.  I sat in the sitting room in such peace ... taking a short nap on top of that!  

When I woke up they were just finishing the meeting.  All of a sudden there were at least seven of the older girls walking towards me with chairs.  I thought maybe they were going to talk to me about an evaluation of the meeting or something about tomorrow’s message!  But they formed a semi circle around me and said, “Older Girls Night!”   They said one of the sweetest things to me.  “We love you and we just wanted to hear your voice!”  I just melted!  So many times this is how I feel about God.  I love Him and I just want to hear His voice.

In the meantime, Jonathan went to make sure that they made chapati for me.  Earlier he said, “We had wanted to make chapati for you but got back to the house too late.”   I told him that it was not a problem.  But it must have bothered him because he felt as if he promised to do that for me.  So he returned and said,   Mum, “We are going to make you chapati.  So just sit and relax!”  They are such servants filled with the love of God.  I watch themed serve with such love not obligation.  They are examples of God’s grace and love!  

I left that evening filled with wonder & awe at how good God is.  When I go to bed at night, and my head hits the pillow, it is not just from exhaustion.  It is a deep sense of peace and gratitude for our loving God.  “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you,  all whose thoughts are fixed on you!”  Isaiah 26:3

mama eydie kisakye 

Chapter 21 - Update #7 - January 24, 2016

I started writing this yesterday and said, “It’s Sunday and it’s a beautiful day!”  Then I had to stop which is how it has been since the conference started on Wednesday!  I am going to catch you up while traveling as today is Monday.   

I am leaving this morning after sharing at the hotel fellowship time.  We will stop by the house so can hug the kids!   I will be catching up on updates while in transit the next 2 days.  Just know that the conference and the launch of the ministry on Sunday were better than I could have imagined.  If that leaves you on the seat of your chair waiting to hear....then that is good!  The is part of the reason for not being able to update.  My days have been long mainly focusing on the kids.  Thank you for understanding and continuing to pray.  

I fly to Washington DC today, Monday January 25th.  
Emirates EK 730
Depart Entebbe Monday, January 25 3:30 pm
Arrive Dubai Monday, January 25 9:35 pm 
Duration of Flight 5 Hours 5 minutes 

Emirates EK 231 
Depart Dubai Tuesday, January 26 2:20 am 
Arrive Washington DC Tuesday, January 26 8:15 am 
Duration of Flight 14 hours 55 minutes 

I have already been in contact with my travel agent concerning the snow storms back East.  I will be flying into Dulles International.  He has been keeping me up to date.  This morning the good news was the identical flight from Dubai to DC yesterday was able to take off and land.  

Continue to pray as it is still a concern as to how it may affect my flight.  Also pray for Carol who is working out how to get me from the airport due to the storm conditions.  Please pray that it will hold up in the next day so I would have a safe arrival and be greeted at the airport by Carol and/or family!  Pray for their safety as they drive. 

My heart is overflowing.  More from the East Coast when I arrive tomorrow!  

mama eydie kisakye 

Chapter 21 - Update #6 - January 21, 2016

Tuesday ended up being a good day of getting a lot of work done at the hotel.  I sit outside the restaurant so I can see many of my friends and have time to visit.  Godfrey came so we could plan for the conference.  We worked so long that the hours turned from breakfast time to lunch!   My friend who is the Chinese food cook saw me so he made a meal for me!  

We went into town to run just a few errands before heading to the house.  There were a few people I still had not seen.  Another one of the ladies had gone into Kampala to buy new fabric and wanted me to stop by.  

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at the house with the children.  When I came they were already in a time of praise and worship.  They were preparing for the conference tomorrow, practicing with the new sound equipment. When they finished it was about 5 pm.   We decided to enter into our War Room
Bible study time early.  We normally have our devotion time starting between 7:30 pm-8 pm.  By starting early not only are they more awake, but we wanted them to get good rest in preparation for the conference. 

We had such a good time of study.  This chapter was on accountability.  They all ask great questions and have really good insight & responses to questions.  After the Bible study I spent time with Annet who was really touched by the materials.  As we talked, I watched Tamare in the sitting room with her Bible doing her homework from the book.   They love having this time of study!  

We had some supper before I headed back to the hotel.  I think I made it back by 9 pm which is early for me!  I always feel bad for the person at the front desk who waits for me to give me my key each night if I am too late!  

Doesn’t matter what time in the evening I come to the room, I still am ready to lay my head down on my pillow.  I just get up in the early morning hours to do my study and preparation to speak.  

Wednesday morning I think I was up at 3 am!   I had changed and added to what I was going to speak about at the conference.  Before I came, I thought I was suppose to speak on prayer.  But Godfrey changed things just before I arrived.  Godfrey has me as the main speaker and he would do the closing with prayer and invitation.  We wanted to emphasize prayer but also to bring spiritual hope to the community .  My notes began to shift.  Instead of just focusing on prayer, Jeremiah 17:7-8 became the focal point.   I spent the early morning hours in study and prayer before heading to the morning devotion time for the hotel.   

That morning I began sharing with the staff the same material I am sharing at the home with the children.  They were all so encouraged by the song, “The River” by Jordan Feliz, that talks about going to the “river of Living Water.”  Now when I walk around the hotel, the staff that attended will say, “I’m going to the river...” and they will use the sign for “river!”   It is really a blessing! 

Godfrey had so many errands to take care of this morning, he let me work at the hotel and prepare.  It also gave me time to visit with others.  Mary, my tailor came to visit and pick up fabric from me to make dresses.  I also had a few moments to meet with a good friend, Pastor Ken who usually is in Uganda in January when I am here.  Short visit but we were able to encourage one another in our ministries.  

I have also been thankful to have time to visit with Robert Otile each morning.  He is helping us with our other land on the other side of the lake.   Apparently if I would have come last week I don’t think I would have seen many of the staff.  They had a large group here for conferences of over 300 people.  They left Saturday the day I arrived.  God is good! 

Godfrey ended up taking care of home business longer than expected.  By time he came to the hotel to pick me up it was after 4:30 pm!  Ugandan time...all is normal!   But the children had already started the conference.  When we arrived they had already begun the praise the worship time.  But words can not express what happened in the next few hours. 

The first day of any conference will always be small and then build.  We had a few visitors but knew that mainly the first day would be our family.  Because we had to rent the tents, we decided to get smaller ones to save money until we can buy them.  They were the perfect size for the first day.  Even though it was mainly our family,  the tent seemed full!  When we engaged in praise & worship, I watched the kids and the staff just explode with joy!  They were dancing and singing and just lifting their praise to our God.  Praise & worship with the children is always one of the most precious times we have together.   

It was also a blessing for me to watch Henry, Frank and our friend, Pastor Jacob on our new sound system.  We are thankful to the Lord for the answer to prayer.  We had about 1/4 of the money come in for the needed equipment.  But we were able to purchase 2 speakers, the mixer board and 2 microphones.  It was just enough to get by for the conference!  We will continue to raise money for for the needed equipment for the conference & newly launched outreach fellowship.  

The Raining Hope Praise Team did a special before I was invited up to speak.  They sang, “Amazing Love” and the beauty of the voices just lifted our spirits even higher.  

As they continued to sing, I was invited to come and we entered into a time of hearing the Word.  One of the main focuses of this first day was HOPE.  As I have been talking to various ones at the home, I am finding out more of their past and how it has affected them throughout their lives.  A common theme is the loss of hope, especially when they are told to give up or they are not good enough.  

As I spoke on hope, we talked about why do we wait until December 31st each year to begin a new year of hope? So we had our own “Happy New Year” celebration on January 20th!  I had everyone stand up...we counted down from ten...and then said, “Happy New Year!”  We celebrated a new beginning and a new hope!  It was really energizing! 

Turns out that this became a significant moment.  I can’t explain what happened in the next hour or so as we entered into a time of prayer and commitment after I concluded.  Pastor Godfrey led the time of commitment as the praise team sang.  He called for the children to have a renewed sense of hope.  He said, “We can’t wait until December 31st!”  I watched one of our older boys come forward as well as Pastor Godfrey’s niece who has been around.  He kept leading the invitation so I went to pray with these two. I had my eyes closed.  When I opened them, I saw more of our children on their knees as Godfrey was praying over them.  We had seven children total who came forward and had lost hope...but no more!  They were committing to starting new.  We met with the seven of them after the conference.  I was so touched to hear their stories and how they desire to grow in their relationship with Christ.  Godfrey said, “Tonight was for our children.  We needed this to help prepare them to reach out to the others that will come.”  

As we finished, we signed and danced to the song, “Different Drum.”  It was one of the most exciting moments.  There was so much joy that was flowing from our compound.  At one point, there was a group of Presidential campaigners going by our compound trying to compete for attention.  But we were able to say, “We are campaigning for Jesus!”  It is interesting to have this conference at the house because all of the surrounding neighbors can hear the Word of God proclaimed!  

After the meeting with those that came forward, Godfrey & I had a reconciliation meeting with one of the students.  There were some issues that needed to be smoothed out between the two of them.  This is also one of the students who came forward at the end of the conference.  We defeated the enemy that night as they were able to communicate and clear up misunderstandings.  Always beautiful to watch when this type of reconciliation defeats the enemy! 

As we had a little supper and just all relaxed after tearing down the equipment, Godfrey said, “They are so happy.  They are so happy.”    

There is a joy that is indescribable happening at Raining Hope.  The first night of the conference went beyond anything we could have imagined.  Continue to pray for us as it is close to 3 pm on Thursday and the second session should be in the next hour...or so!   It is 4:00 am in California so most of you will get this after the second day of conference is completed.  Continue to pray for the final day of conference on Friday!  

I have spent the day today studying as it has been raining!  Focus today will be on God’s Grace!  

Incredibly blessed, 
mama eydie kisakye 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chapter 21 - Update #5 - January 20, 2016

Now that Sunday has passed, we started to gear up towards preparing for the conference that will begin on Wednesday.  Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings are when the hotel has their devotion time.  The hotel staff and workers are invited to begin the day in praise & worship and a time of devotion.  I LOVE this and look forward to it each time I come.  They will normally have me share when I am here so I always go prepared. 

My friend, Andrew shared for the first part of the devotion time, then invited me to come and conclude.  I shared a devotion that was geared towards the new year.  I then signed a song called, “Different Drum,” by Blanca.  We did this song the first night at the house.   Raining Hope is of a kind.  We march to the beat of HIS drum.  We not afraid to take a stand and stand out for Him!

Different Drum
We are the colors outside of the lines - And we paint a picture, so one of a kind
Attention, we call attention - Our mission, we direct attention

So let's break the mold - Go off the wall -Be in the world, but not of it
Against the grain, less of the same - We're walkin' now where love is

We're gonna march to the beat of a different drum
We do that left right left to our own rhythm
And we'll keep on movin' cause we're not afraid to stand out

We're not a copy of the status quo - We're cut from the cloth of the original
Attention, gotta get your attention
All you need to try to be is who you're made to be

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]
Step one two is what we do - You know they hear us coming
Pick up your feet, make history

It is a fast, fun song.  The room became alive when the kids and I signed it.  The hotel fellowship also loved it!  It is so fun to worship first thing in the morning with my brothers and sister at the hotel! 

I was able to meet with various people at the hotel while I waited for Godfrey.  I began seeing my friends, Robert, Andrew, Selevus and others.  We ran into Mrs. Otile just before we left for town.  So good once I begin seeing all of my family here at the hotel!

Godfrey and I were able to get some shopping done in town as well as do some visiting of friends!  We were able to buy a cabinet for the office as the start of our furniture.  They need the cabinet for all of the children’s files.  We are going to buy piece by piece according to priority & funds coming in.  

Godfrey went to drop off the cabinet at the house and pick up Jonathan & Frank to come help with shopping for the food.  Not only are they strong to help carrying the bags of rice, posho & beans but they are learning responsibility.  We would go to one shop to buy supplies, then leave one of them there to finish the transaction.  Godfrey and I would then to go the next shop and start purchasing what was needed.  It is a great system and a lot more fun to do together! 

We then went back to the house to drop off the food.  I stayed while Godfrey & his friend went to Kampala to purchase part of the sound equipment needed.  We  had a small portion come in for the needed sound equipment.  It was enough to cover the minimum of what is needed for the conference.  Prices had risen because of the dollar so we had to pay more than expected.  But we are praising God we were able to buy at least speakers, mixer and a couple of microphones.  We are going to rent chairs and tents for this time until we have the rest of the funds come in.  We are re-evaluating the list and prioritizing.  But God provided what we needed for this week so we praise the Lord for that! 

While Godfrey was gone I led our first Bible study lesson from “War Room.”  I was so encouraged by their desire to learn and their insights into the lesson.  The first week focuses on honestly evaluating where you see yourself in your spiritual walk.  One of the very first questions was, “In your opinion, how close are you to God right now, with zero being you are freezing cold and far away, and ten being you are on fire and extremely close.”  I had them come and stand in line according to their answers.  I was amazed to see where some of them landed.  It was very eye opening for me.  The second question was where do they want to see themselves a year from now.  The encouragement was they all wanted to move closer to ten. 

The importance of this Bible study is reaching deeper than I could have imagined.  They are so thankful to have this as a study guide.  I am walking them through the whole thing doing one session a night.  This was designed to be covered over a five week period not five days!  But Godfrey will go back and study each week at a slower pace once I leave.  But the conversations that I am having with individuals after the session are significant.  They are committing to prayer and deepening their walk with God.  It is inspiring to be a part of. 

Something that I have failed to mention is an update on Vivian & Esther.  They are the two that you have been praying for that went through a deliverance process when I was here five months ago.  All I can say is these two have been completed delivered It is a miracle.  They have both been doing well with their health.  When I saw Esther the first night, I was brought to tears.   She is filled with so much peace you can see it.  She is healthy & so thankful for the prayers. When asked where she found herself on the line between one to ten, I was surprised she said three.  But she explained it by saying as she is recovering from the ordeal she walked through she recognizes it caused her to be far from the Lord.  But she is improving and moving in the right direction. She is confident she will move closer to eight as she draws closer to God through prayer, studying God’s Word and worship.  Esther is completely a different person.  Looking at her you know that it is a miracle because only God could do in her what we have witnessed. 

I had a significant conversation with one of our students immediately following the Bible study.  He opened up some things that he has been struggling with and questioning.  God used the study this night to help him have the courage to come forward.  Godfrey & I will continue to work together to minister to him and help him on a path of healing.   I am so thankful for all those who have put together the movie, “War Room” and the follow up materials.  I especially thank the Kendrick Brothers who are the creators of this amazing resource. It is changing lives in Uganda.

I came in after 11:30 pm that night, and was pleasantly surprised to find a flask/thermos of hot water for my coffee.  They sent it to my room even though I had not asked just to take care of me.  The water stays hot until morning so I can have some at night and some in the morning! 

I find myself each night coming in, laying down to thank the Lord and immediately falling asleep as my head hits the bed!   My days are full and blessed!  God gives me what I need to persevere then gives me rest when I need it!  Praise the Lord!

mama eydie kisakye

P.S.  As I write this it is Wednesday, January 20th.  The first day of the conference is today at 4 pm.  Please keep us in your prayers.  I am speaking on Jeremiah 17:7-8.  Today the focus is on HOPE and PRAYER.  We are expecting God to do great things! 

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Chapter 21 - Update #4 - January 18, 2016

Sunday, January 17, 2016 is a day that will be a significant marker in the life of Raining Hope.   It is amazing that the song the children sang on my arrival are the words that carry over into the next day, “It’s a Beautiful Day!”

It was such a significant day that it started off with a few distractions.  One of which, when I found out last night that I was to speak the next morning, I worked on my notes to incorporate what I am sharing this week.  I finished it all about 30 minutes before I was to go down to breakfast.  To my surprise, when I pulled out my portable printer, lights on the machine were blinking as if the ink was low.  I wish it would have been that simple!  I changed the cartridge which made no difference.  As I continued to work on it, I slowly discovered that my printer was broken.  More than likely something happened to it in my luggage as it traveled here.  I have carried portable printers here and back for years.  Not only do I need the printer for my notes to speak this morning, but all the letters that some of you have written also are in my computer!  

I quickly realized that I could have been distracted and focused on the printer problem. For a few moments I was!   I ended up just using my computer propped up on the podium to speak which worked just fine.  To fast forward to Monday, Godfrey and I ended up going into town to check the price of printers.  We ended up purchasing an HP Scanner/Printer & 2 ink cartridges for the equivalent of $94 USD!   It is a perfect size Desk Jet printer.  When I am in town I will use it at the hotel.  This also eliminates my need to carry a portable printer which takes up luggage space.  Traveling by myself limits what I can bring.  This is a solution to that problem!   The rest of the time the home now has a much needed printer!  Godfrey goes to town to scan letters for me, then has to email them.  All his printing work is done in town which adds to our costs.  We can take for granted something simple as a printer which we all have at our disposal in the US.  Plus the cost was significantly lower than I expected!   What the enemy meant as a distraction, turned out for good!  We had the victory!

I came down for breakfast later than expected because of the printer delay.  Most of the friends here at the hotel had already left for church.  But, how good it is to sit and have the traditional spanish omelette, baked beans and juicy, delicious pineapple!   Another marker that I am in my Ugandan home! 

Godfrey was delayed in coming to pick me up because they were preparing for the morning at the house.  By time we drove up, the children were all worshiping and praising the Lord.  What a beautiful sound to hear first thing in the morning flowing freely from the house!!   I walked in and all of our children were engaged in worship.  Henry was on the keyboard that we carried with us on the last trip.  Joan, Jessica and Florence were leading the worship.  It was energizing and beautiful!  We had two visitors that have already been joining our children on Sundays.  This Sunday was in preparation for the conference and the launch of our outreach fellowship next week.  The worship transitioned into a time of prayer.  Something that impressed me on my very first trip to Uganda was the authentic worship & prayer of the children.  This continues to be the case.  They challenge me to worship & pray with all of my heart.  What a beautiful day!

When I spoke that morning, it was centered around the verses in Jeremiah 17:7-8. 

“They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water.  Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought.  Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.”  Jeremiah 17:8 (NLT)

Turns out that our California drought was a perfect example of what happens when there is not enough rain.  They were shocked when I explained we have had to change landscaping to “drought friendly” with succulents and rocks.  The fact that we have been asked to cut back on water usage really is a foreign thought.  But it turned out to be a perfect illustration for Jeremiah 17:8. 

The main focus was that a tree planted along a riverbank has roots that reach deep into the water.  This is where we should desire to be in our Christian walk.  We should be nourished by the Living Water so that when times of difficulty come, we will be able to withstand the heat.  We talked about how as Raining Hope we have endured so much the past 9 years.  But we had HOPE and CONFIDENCE that God has a plan for us.  Jeremiah 29:11 has always been a promise to us. 

I illustrated that the opposite end of the flourishing river would be a dry desert.  This is where we are farthest away from the banks of the river.  We are not being nourished by the Living Water.  This could be because we are not in God’s Word or spending any time with Him.   The pressures of life come and you can be blown away just like a tumbleweed in the desert. 

In the middle we talked about being lukewarm.  You can go one way of the other. 

What was amazing was I spoke in the middle of the room, I helped to paint a visual picture by designating the dining room as the desert.  Then to the left was the entrance to the home.  As I said, “This side will illustrate the river...” It had just started to RAIN!!!  So a couple times as I spoke I went outside and stood in the rain.  There were times it just poured!  It helped to make the point to the children.  They want to be like the tree planted by the LIVING WATER so they can grow in their spiritual lives. 

The other living illustration were the trees we planted when I was here for the Dedication.  Those trees are all growing and flourishing!  Why?  Because they are receiving bountiful rain.  They were able to relate to this.

The challenge at the end was this...

If you are in the desert, will you get up and move towards the waters?
If you are lukewarm in the middle, are you ready to extend closer to the river?
If you are at the riverbank, are you willing to dig your roots even deeper in the river?

Godfrey offered a time of invitation to this challenge.  One of the visitors and one of our older children came forward to commitment to this.  The one who is ours from the home is someone we had been praying for because he has been struggling.  God is working in his heart.  The week before I came, Godfrey and the children had been praying and fasting for three days in preparation for the conference and launch.  This was also a significant time for this student because he needed to make some changes in his life.  The Holy Spirit is working in his life in ways that only He can.

After this fellowship time together, we had lunch.   Godfrey sat down with me but then said, “I think the older boys all want to sit here and visit.  I am going to move.”  Then about five of our boys joined me for lunch.  We had such interesting conversations about what God was doing in their lives.  We also had a time of discussing their upcoming Presidential elections next month.  That then turned into a conversation about Trump and our politics.  Needless to say, it was a very interesting lunch!

We then transitioned to an afternoon of watching a movie.  I brought the recently released movie, “War Room.”  That is the material I am teaching from this week. It was so amazing to all sit and watch the movie together as a family.  We stopped in frequently so I could explain and Godfrey could translate.  I have not watched a group so engaged in a movie before.  We did have an unscheduled intermission at one point because we lost power!  We decided to use my computer but realized the DVD was stuck inside the machine!  Just as Godfrey and the older boys managed to take apart the DVD player and retrieve the DVD, the power came back on! 

We had GREAT discussion after the movie.  It had a HUGE impact on the children.  It challenged them in their spiritual walk and they all want to set up their own “War Room!” 

Sunday afternoon came to a close and at 6:00 pm Godfrey wanted to take me back to the hotel so I could rest.  I think it was actually so they could rest!  Unfortunately, when he got back to the house, he ended up taking five of the children to the clinic for treatment for various ailments...none serious but they didn’t return until 9 pm.  By then I think I was already in bed!  

Sunday, January 17, 2016 is a marker in the life of Raining Hope.  Something significant happened in the hearts of the children this day.  God is alive at Raining Hope because He is Alive in their hearts. 

mama eydie kisakye 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chapter 21 - Update #3 - January 17, 2016

 I have arrived in my Ugandan home!   The last few trips have been on British Airlines and had 11 pm arrivals.  But this flight was on Emirates and I arrived in the middle of the afternoon.  

My preference on long flights is always an aisle seat.  But the flight from Dubai to Entebbe is only 5 hours (compared to 16 hours from LAX to Dubai!).  I love to sit by the window so I can see the Ugandan soil as we approach Entebbe Airport.  This time as I looked out the window the last 30 minutes of the flight, I began to see the land below with different eyes.  The anticipation grew deeper the closer we got to Entebbe.  But the houses below all look so tiny.  I told Godfrey about this and as he retold the story he said the houses looked like mosquitoes to Mama Kisakye!   I began to think of our Raining Hope home.  From the sky it would like like any one of these small as a mosquito. One little house.  One unique little spot on the face of this vast earth.  Then the thought overwhelmed me.  Of all the places in the world, God called me to this one little house & to this one group of children.  It is an overwhelming thought and a humbling responsibility.  At that moment, I became even more thankful that I was almost to my Ugandan home.  

I had told Godfrey ahead of time that my seat was at the back of the plane.  Sometimes if I am delayed he worries I have missed the flight!  I let Godfrey know I would be one of the last off the plane.  That means passport control will be a long line.  I would also need to retrieve my luggage.  I prepared Godfrey for a long wait but turns out...there was no need!  As we all stood up at the back of the plane, people were facing the rear of the plane not the front!  It didn’t take long for the flight attendants to open the REAR DOORS!    I quickly realized that we would exit from the back, walk down stairs to the waiting Ugandan ground, then directly into passport control.  Those passengers who exited from the front went through the covered jetway, into the terminal but then had to walk down a flight of stairs to get back to passport control.  This was incredibly better!

Not only did I exit the plane earlier than expected, when I got to passport control one of the agents sent me to a line that only had 2 people in front of me.  The sign said, “Crew, Special Needs, UN.”  Hmmmm, I wonder which one of those she thought I was??   I had a 6 month multiple entry visa so I breezed right through in record time.  If it wasn’t for the fact my luggage took twice as long to retrieve, I may have had to wait on Godfrey because I was too early!  

I had my Ugandan phone so I sent Godfrey a text that I was coming out.  As I exited baggage claim to the sea of faces, right in front the only one that stood out was Godfrey’s with a huge smile across his face!   He was pleasantly surprised that I got out so early, compared to how long he normally waits.  We had to laugh as we realized “what do we know?”  God's plans are always better!

We had a great drive back to Jinja.  But leaving for Jinja late afternoon means hitting Kampala traffic.  That is something you can count on!  This made the journey about three hours long.   It seemed to fly by because of all of the conversation we had in the van about the upcoming week & all that God is doing!  We made our traditional chicken-on-a-stick & roasted banana stop about two hours into the drive.  

It was nice that there was still daylight when we crossed over the Nile River into Jinja town.  Seeing the hotel sign post and turning the corner to head down the familiar road overflows my heart with joy!   As we turned into the gate, I saw Robert & Andrew, our dear friends at the end of the road near the other buildings.  They both waved and even from the distance could tell they had huge grins on their face.  

I was at my Ugandan home and warmly welcomed!
  After I got to “my room” which I always stay in when here, I laid down on the bed praising God and thanking Him that I had arrived.  In this midst of that prayer, I fell immediately asleep!  I was awaken by a phone call from Godfrey.  He had gone back to the house to see if I should come tonight or wait until tomorrow.  His thought was to let me rest.  But he said, “Well, the children said either you come here tonight or they are all going to come there!”   I felt deeply loved!

Thankfully, Robert (General Manager of Hotel) had sent a flask of hot water and coffee to my room.  It was just enough caffeine to give me a second wind.  As Godfrey picked me up he said, “We will make it a short time as I want you to rest.”  But I discovered something even better than the caffeine...the kids.

As we drove up to the house, all the lights in the house were out and only Betty, our cook was at the gate.  I could hear voices inside the house but all was completely dark.  As I exited the van and began to enter the house, the front room was “empty” but filled with giggles that the children we having a hard time containing.  All of a sudden, they all jumped up from behind tables and chairs, screaming, squealing in delight, cheering and trying to see how many could hug me at the same time!  What a joy-filled welcome home!  This went on for what seemed hours!  It was one of those moments you just can’t get enough of!

Then as the hugs kept coming, they turned on the music to the song, “Beautiful Day” by Jamie Grace.  They began singing and dancing a very beautifully choreographed number.  We all just rejoiced together in that moment.   Then I began to listen to the words and my heart was just overflowing!   

Beautiful Day
Wake up and smile cause it's been a while
It's been like a whole day since I stopped so you could hold me
This child awaits, strong in the faith
Lord, You are the refuge that I can't wait to get to
Cause I can't let a day go - Can't let a day go by
Without thanking you for the joy that you bring to my life

And oooooh there's something 'bout the way -Your sun shines on my face
It's a love so true, I could never get enough of You
This feeling can't be wrong - I'm about to get my worship on, take me away
It's a beautiful day.
It's a beautiful day.

It truly was a beautiful day...a beautiful night ... and we were getting our worship on!

They then sat me down in my “queen chair” and proceeded to have a short program.  They had a special song prepared that they started to sing on my birthday to me on the phone.  They had completed preparing for it and sang, “Your Presence.”  & “Jesus Lover of My Soul.”  
Your Presence is heaven to me.  Your Presence is heaven to me.  
So we sing, our Jesus, our Jesus, Your Presence is heaven to me.  

The whole song was beautiful.  It just brought tears to my eyes.  On the table they also had arranged two beautiful plates of various kinds of fruit that was bursting with colors.  Godfrey later said that the different colors was to represent the variety of gifts of each person in the home.  Each one is special and each one is important to the home.    God has a plan for each one this week.  We expect great things from the Lord this week.    

Godfrey gave me a time to share a word with the children.  We launched the week with our verse that will be our theme,

“They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water.  Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought.  Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.”  Jeremiah 17:8 (NLT)

The verse has become alive in our hearts.  You will hear more about how meaningful and significant this has become for us as a home and a family in upcoming updates.   I found a new song while in Dubai, "Different Drum" by Blanca.  The room became alive when I introduced it and we signed and moved together to the music. "We'll keep on moving because we're not afraid to stand out."  Something unique is happening here...more on this later!

But as the beautiful and inspiring time came to a close, there was still more coming!   Godfrey and the boys gave me a tour of the newly completed Boy’s Quarters!   When I was here just 5 months ago it was dark, uncompleted, exposed walls, filled with construction materials and trash from the previous owners.  I walked into a completed, light filled, BEAUTIFUL building.  They walked me from room to room.  The boy’s were all so proud when I reached their room.  We also walked into the new “office” where we will be able to receive visitors.  The boys had been occupying the rooms on the completed side of the building.  But now that we moved them, it opened up one of the rooms to be a sitting room for Godfrey and his family and other visitors!  Another room has become our nurses station which is a requirement by the government to operate as a home.  In August it was all just a dream.  Now it has become reality.  We praise God for His provisions!

There are still a few areas that need tiling completed in the wash rooms.  But now all that remains is painting of all the walls and furnishing the office and nurses station.  We also will be in process of replacing all of the old wooden frames with metal framed bunk beds as funds come in.  We have had the wooden framed beds since we lived in the very first house.  They are starting to show their wear and tear.  Having bunk beds will also give each room more space.  Already the bedrooms to this house are bigger than the previous houses we were renting.  

We are continuing to stand in awe for this beautiful “palace” the Lord has given to us.  God is good...all the time...and all the time...God is good...and that’s His nature, wow!

The children presented me with some of the fruit all cut up and arranged on a plate.  They served coffee proudly and lovingly.  If I was tired at the hotel...I was a different person after walking through the doors of the home.  Godfrey put it well with the children.  He said, “I know that Mum Kisakye was tired, but LOVE said no.  She loves us so much, she sacrificed tonight.”  It was no sacrifice.  It was a privilege and honor.  It was motivated only by LOVE.  I can’t wait to see what God does this week because of the LOVE He has for us!

Day 1 or Night 1 was a Beautiful Day!
And after leaving the home and arriving back at the began to rain...

mum eydie kisakye   

Chapter 21 - Update #2 - January 15, 2016

 I have arrived safely in Dubai!  I am currently in Emirates Airport Hotel for the long 14 hour layover.  Emirates provides a voucher for the hotel and meals for layovers that are longer than 7 hours.  It is so much better than staying in the airport which I have definitely done before!  I will leave the hotel at 6:30 am to head back to the airport for my 9:15 am flight.

After eating dinner, I was in the elevator with a Ugandan family.  This elevator was so small that it barely was big enough for all five of us.  Three of them were small children!  But the youngest girl looked up at me with a huge grin.  I looked at her sweet face and I said, “You have such a pretty smile!”  Beaming back she said, “Well, thank you!  You have a pretty smile too!”  It made my heart melt and just prepare me even more to see all the faces of my kids at Raining Hope tomorrow!

My flight from LAX to Dubai was about 16 hours.   I was able to watch about 5 movies and sleep in between.   But one of the movies that I watched was “The Walk” about Philippe Petit’s walk on a wire suspended between the World Trader Center Towers in 1974.  In the beginning of the movie, he says that if it’s your dream, you need to do it no matter what others say.  He said, “It’s impossible but I’ll do it, showing the world that anything is possible.”  Spoiler alert...I am going to quote something from the movie that really impacted me.  When Philippe was training at a circus with his trainer played by Ben Kingsley, he made it all the way across the high wire but only needed to take about three more steps.  He hesitated and the wire began bouncing up and down.  He lost his footing & ended up hanging from the wire inching his way to the rope ladder to climb down.   Ben Kingsley said this, “Most wire walkers die when they arrive.  They think they’ve arrived but they are still on the wire.  If you have three steps to do and you do them arrogantly, and think you are invincible, you are going to die.”  

Philippe got sloppy at the end only needing three steps.  He lost his concentration and the wire began to bounce throwing him right off.   He lost confidence and began to doubt which caused him to fall.  

As I look back on my last 20 trips which cover almost nine years, I can relate to these words.  I have been told what I am doing is impossible.  I have felt at times like I was being thrown off the “wire” hanging on for dear life!   Then last year, the miraculous happened with the “Ugandan Dream.”  God provided a permanent home for the children.  We raised $125,000 within a 6 month period!  But that was just the beginning.  After dedicating the house only 5 months ago, now I am able to return to our house and see the completed renovations of the Boy’s Quarters!  I am very aware that it is not time to take continued steps for granted.  It continues to humble me that I am able to be a part of such an amazing group of children and the work of our awesome God.  This movie was a great reminder that we serve a God who with HIM ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.  We take no credit for any of what is happening at Raining Hope.  Desiring to be explained by the miraculous means that the only one who get credit is our God.  

I am anticipating with great expectation and focus that God is going to do something amazing on this journey.  Each step I take is intentional towards the goal of glorifying God.  Thank you all for your support and your prayers as you join me on this 21st journey.  

I will speak focused on the “War Room” materials as well as “Battle Plan for Prayer” all influenced by the recent released movie, “War Room.”  I bought a set of “Battle Plan Prayer Cards” that I will be using the next 40 days.  I encourage you to get a copy at Family Christian Stores or Lifeway Stores (about $5 each set).  I am going to include a few of the prayers as I write updates.  If you could join me on Day 1 as I begin this 21st journey... 

Day 1 - “Father, I come to You today in Jesus’ name, asking You to draw me into a closer, more personal relationship with You.  Clean me of my sins and prepare my heart to pray in a way that pleases You.  Use all the circumstances of my life to make me more like Jesus, and teach me to pray according to Your will and Your Word.”  

Day 2 - “ Father, thank You for the great legacy of prayer that has come before us.  I ask You to pour out Your Holy Spirit on me and Your church.  May prayer become as natural to me as breathing, and may You work through my prayers to help bring about Your kingdom and Your will in my heart, my home, and my generation.”  

As I prepare for the conference and the outreach ministry, I would appreciate your prayers that I stay focused and continue to step with confidence & trust.  Pray for the children and for Pastor Godfrey as they lead this week.  

I love these verses in Philippians 3:12-14:  
“Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,  I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” 

We are pressing on...staying focused with confidence and trust in our God nothing is impossible with Him! 

Until I arrive in Uganda...
mama eydie kisakye 

“They are like trees planted along a riverbank, with roots that reach deep into the water.  Such trees are not bothered by the heat or worried by long months of drought.  Their leaves stay green, and they never stop producing fruit.”  Jeremiah 17:8 (NLT) 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chapter 21 - January 14-26, 2016 - Update #1

Just a word...
The updates are long...hard to shorten the words with all that needs to be shared so you can experience in part what I am seeing and walking through.  I do write as a journal & I am sharing from my heart.   In the past,  I tried to shorten it by doing almost bullet points for those who desired for them to not be so long.  But I had more people ask me what happened to the longer reports.  I know we all have different tastes and have our email boxes full of things to read.  I tried this time to at least put in bold main points if you just want to scan through.  Please read what you can...grab a cup of coffee and read it as you would read a chapter in a book.  I would love if as you read you would pray and praise God as you invest the time to read.   Also, feel free to send a quick email response to let me know your thoughts and how the words are effecting you. It encourages me to hear your words too!

At any time of the journey, please feel free to email me with your own prayer requests.  We pray each evening and multiple times during the day.  We will remember you and your requests at the home.   Now on to Chapter 21

Raining Hope Service Project - Chapter 21 - January 13, 2016 - Update #1
For those who may be new to my updates, I have titled each trip by chapters.  This is my 21st trip to Uganda since my first journey January 2007!   I can’t quite believe that in 9 years I have traveled to this place that I now call my Ugandan home 20 times with number 21 starting tomorrow!

The last journey was a great celebration!  We dedicated the new house that the Lord provided for Raining Hope on August 8, 2015!  In just a short 5 months, we were able to complete the renovations on the boy’s quarters!  I am looking forward to seeing the difference from then to now! 

Raining Hope is hosting a conference at the house January 20-22, 2016 from 4:00 pm-6:00 pm each evening (Ugandan time approximate)!  Pastor Godfrey will be preaching and I will be sharing on prayer.  Saturday, January 23rd we will have a time of officially opening the finished house.  Even though there are still needs with painting and furnishings, the renovations of the boy’s quarters gives us completed rooms for our office, nursing station & sleeping rooms.  Praise the Lord!   Saturday evening we will have our Christmas/New Year/Birthday celebration to thank the Lord for all He has done.

Sunday, January 24th we will launch our outreach ministry at the home.  I then will fly out on Monday, January 25th.  I will make a stopover in Maryland to visit with Carol John.  This is a good time of debrief for me and easing back into the country.  It allows us to also take care of Raining Hope business face to face especially right after a trip. 

Here is my travel schedule if you could remember me in your prayers.

Emirates EK 216
Depart Los Angeles         Thursday, January 14       3:35 pm
Arrive Dubai                    Friday, January 15            7:35 pm        
Duration of Flight             16 hours

Emirates EK 729
Depart Dubai                    Saturday, January 16        9:15 am
Arrive Entebbe Uganda    Saturday, January 16        1:30 pm
Duration of Flight              5 hours 15 minutes
Emirates EK 730
Depart Entebbe                 Monday, January 25         3:30 pm
Arrive Dubai                     Monday, January 25         9:35 pm
Duration of Flight              5 Hours 5 minutes
Emirates EK 231
Depart Dubai                     Tuesday, January 26        2:20 am
Arrive Washington DC      Tuesday, January 26        8:15 am
Duration of Flight               14 hours 55 minutes

United UA 632
Depart Washington DC     Wednesday, February 3    12:30 pm
Arrive Los Angeles            Wednesday, February 3     3:30 pm
Duration of Flight               6 hours

We also have a separate list of friends and supporters who are a part of our Raining Hope Prayer team.  That team receives a list each month from Camille Small, our Prayer Coordinator.  If you would like to be added to the prayer team, please respond to this email and I will pass your email to Camille.  I am so thankful for this important ministry of Raining Hope and how God is using Camille and her husband, Keenan in this foundation of our work. 

Here are some specific prayer requests as I prepare to leave tomorrow:
1)  Safe travel 

2)  Pray as I prepare to share in the conference and the launch of our outreach ministry.  My focus is specifically on prayer as I use the War Room materials.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would continue to guide and direct me to share what He has put on my heart.  Pray for hearts to be open to hear the gospel.  Pray for the launch of the outreach ministry.  It has already begun.  The kids are more excited than ever to share the gospel.  I can sense the building up of the event every time Godfrey writes to me.  Pray that God would be glorified.  I anticipate the Holy Spirit working in ways that will blow us all away!    A dear friend prayed for me at my church on Sunday.  At the end of her prayer she simply said, “It is time.  It is time.”  Those simple words carry a huge message.  Something is happening that is unexplainable in human terms.  We want to be explained by the miraculous because the only explanation is GOD.   We are watching God at work and we are simply joining Him.  Praise the Lord! 

3)  Pray for the rest of the funds to come in so I will be able to freely take care of needs at Raining Hope while I am there. 

4)   Pray for the need for sound equipment.  It is needed for the conference & new outreach ministry.  This will be an on going weekly outreach ministry so it is needed beyond the week conference.   We trust God’s timing and His provision. 

We thank Him in advance for what He is going to do in and through the children of Raining Hope. 
A special note regarding those who sponsor children...
If you sponsor a child, could you write a note of encouragement to your child and email it to me at    It is not too late.  I am taking a printer with me and will print your letter while I am there.  It means the world to the children to hear directly from you as their sponsor.  

I am encouraging all others who want to write to the Raining Hope children to write one letter addressed to the home.  I am taking those notes of encouragement and running off one for each child.  That way everyone will get a letter.  They love to hear from you.  We were getting multiple letters from pen pals at multiple locations.  As we grow, we wanted to continue to develop relationships but in a way that is God’s best for the kids.  

We have purchased “War Room Study Books” for all of the children.  I will be having a discipleship time each evening with the children using this material.  I am going to give each one a book on behalf of their sponsors as a Christmas gift.  I was able to get them at a discount so they only cost $5 each.   Special thanks to Family Christian Stores for the discount which allowed us to buy 30 copies.  It helps for us to give the children the same gift. 

I will write once I arrive in Uganda on Saturday.  I will be 11 hours ahead of you.  The internet has been improving each time I go.  But if there are times that you don’t hear it will probably be because the internet is down. 

While I am traveling, if you have any questions regarding Raining Hope, feel free to contact Carol John, Raining Hope treasurer at 805-377-7387 or .  She will always know where I am and what is needed.  

More from Uganda!  
mama eydie kisakye