Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chapter 21 - Update #5 - January 20, 2016

Now that Sunday has passed, we started to gear up towards preparing for the conference that will begin on Wednesday.  Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings are when the hotel has their devotion time.  The hotel staff and workers are invited to begin the day in praise & worship and a time of devotion.  I LOVE this and look forward to it each time I come.  They will normally have me share when I am here so I always go prepared. 

My friend, Andrew shared for the first part of the devotion time, then invited me to come and conclude.  I shared a devotion that was geared towards the new year.  I then signed a song called, “Different Drum,” by Blanca.  We did this song the first night at the house.   Raining Hope is of a kind.  We march to the beat of HIS drum.  We not afraid to take a stand and stand out for Him!

Different Drum
We are the colors outside of the lines - And we paint a picture, so one of a kind
Attention, we call attention - Our mission, we direct attention

So let's break the mold - Go off the wall -Be in the world, but not of it
Against the grain, less of the same - We're walkin' now where love is

We're gonna march to the beat of a different drum
We do that left right left to our own rhythm
And we'll keep on movin' cause we're not afraid to stand out

We're not a copy of the status quo - We're cut from the cloth of the original
Attention, gotta get your attention
All you need to try to be is who you're made to be

[Pre-Chorus & Chorus]
Step one two is what we do - You know they hear us coming
Pick up your feet, make history

It is a fast, fun song.  The room became alive when the kids and I signed it.  The hotel fellowship also loved it!  It is so fun to worship first thing in the morning with my brothers and sister at the hotel! 

I was able to meet with various people at the hotel while I waited for Godfrey.  I began seeing my friends, Robert, Andrew, Selevus and others.  We ran into Mrs. Otile just before we left for town.  So good once I begin seeing all of my family here at the hotel!

Godfrey and I were able to get some shopping done in town as well as do some visiting of friends!  We were able to buy a cabinet for the office as the start of our furniture.  They need the cabinet for all of the children’s files.  We are going to buy piece by piece according to priority & funds coming in.  

Godfrey went to drop off the cabinet at the house and pick up Jonathan & Frank to come help with shopping for the food.  Not only are they strong to help carrying the bags of rice, posho & beans but they are learning responsibility.  We would go to one shop to buy supplies, then leave one of them there to finish the transaction.  Godfrey and I would then to go the next shop and start purchasing what was needed.  It is a great system and a lot more fun to do together! 

We then went back to the house to drop off the food.  I stayed while Godfrey & his friend went to Kampala to purchase part of the sound equipment needed.  We  had a small portion come in for the needed sound equipment.  It was enough to cover the minimum of what is needed for the conference.  Prices had risen because of the dollar so we had to pay more than expected.  But we are praising God we were able to buy at least speakers, mixer and a couple of microphones.  We are going to rent chairs and tents for this time until we have the rest of the funds come in.  We are re-evaluating the list and prioritizing.  But God provided what we needed for this week so we praise the Lord for that! 

While Godfrey was gone I led our first Bible study lesson from “War Room.”  I was so encouraged by their desire to learn and their insights into the lesson.  The first week focuses on honestly evaluating where you see yourself in your spiritual walk.  One of the very first questions was, “In your opinion, how close are you to God right now, with zero being you are freezing cold and far away, and ten being you are on fire and extremely close.”  I had them come and stand in line according to their answers.  I was amazed to see where some of them landed.  It was very eye opening for me.  The second question was where do they want to see themselves a year from now.  The encouragement was they all wanted to move closer to ten. 

The importance of this Bible study is reaching deeper than I could have imagined.  They are so thankful to have this as a study guide.  I am walking them through the whole thing doing one session a night.  This was designed to be covered over a five week period not five days!  But Godfrey will go back and study each week at a slower pace once I leave.  But the conversations that I am having with individuals after the session are significant.  They are committing to prayer and deepening their walk with God.  It is inspiring to be a part of. 

Something that I have failed to mention is an update on Vivian & Esther.  They are the two that you have been praying for that went through a deliverance process when I was here five months ago.  All I can say is these two have been completed delivered It is a miracle.  They have both been doing well with their health.  When I saw Esther the first night, I was brought to tears.   She is filled with so much peace you can see it.  She is healthy & so thankful for the prayers. When asked where she found herself on the line between one to ten, I was surprised she said three.  But she explained it by saying as she is recovering from the ordeal she walked through she recognizes it caused her to be far from the Lord.  But she is improving and moving in the right direction. She is confident she will move closer to eight as she draws closer to God through prayer, studying God’s Word and worship.  Esther is completely a different person.  Looking at her you know that it is a miracle because only God could do in her what we have witnessed. 

I had a significant conversation with one of our students immediately following the Bible study.  He opened up some things that he has been struggling with and questioning.  God used the study this night to help him have the courage to come forward.  Godfrey & I will continue to work together to minister to him and help him on a path of healing.   I am so thankful for all those who have put together the movie, “War Room” and the follow up materials.  I especially thank the Kendrick Brothers who are the creators of this amazing resource. It is changing lives in Uganda.

I came in after 11:30 pm that night, and was pleasantly surprised to find a flask/thermos of hot water for my coffee.  They sent it to my room even though I had not asked just to take care of me.  The water stays hot until morning so I can have some at night and some in the morning! 

I find myself each night coming in, laying down to thank the Lord and immediately falling asleep as my head hits the bed!   My days are full and blessed!  God gives me what I need to persevere then gives me rest when I need it!  Praise the Lord!

mama eydie kisakye

P.S.  As I write this it is Wednesday, January 20th.  The first day of the conference is today at 4 pm.  Please keep us in your prayers.  I am speaking on Jeremiah 17:7-8.  Today the focus is on HOPE and PRAYER.  We are expecting God to do great things! 

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