Friday, February 18, 2011

Sit-A-Thon Journal of Events

1) 6:00 pm and our Sit A Thon is officially beginning. We are still in arrival mode. Our sitters will board "Raining Hope One" airlines. They will travel 24 hours to Uganda. I will update you on their journey! Please pray!
Brad & Kim Silva were there to see Tiffany off! Linda Morgan was suppose to be one of our sitters. Because her husband is on call...she was not able to join us. But she came by to see us off! Linda made a quilt out of the African material I bring back from Uganda! She donated it to the silent auction.
We gave the sitters their own “Raining Hope blankets” embroidered with our logo. (Thank’s to Eydie’s sister, Melanie for her work on the blankets!) We also gave them each a “Hope” baseball cap. Everyone brought their own chairs with wheels. Cool to watch everyone gliding around the room on wheels! Hilarious to see Kiana try to help with the heater controls on the wall...from her chair!
2) 8 o'clock and our "sit a thon flight" is well on its way! We have eight passengers "flying from LAX to Enebbe!" We have 4 more passengers that will join us on our "layover." We have had 6 people already come to send us off. Carol’s friend, Deena & her family came by and brought us Rice Krispie treats! Sylvia’s husband, Manuel & son, Jeremy were among our supporters!
3) 8:30 pm - We have raised $544! Also we have had 7 visitors...not 6! Praise the Lord! The team is in the "lounge" playing Scattegories, card games & working on a puzzle!
4) 10:30 pm...we have raised $1,088!!! Wow!!!! We just had our inflight meal...make your own pizza! Best airlines ever! Movie will begin soon!
5) Inflight movie..."Singing in the Rain!" We had fresh popped popcorn in souvenir popcorn containers! We had a pre-short "live" version of "Beauty and the Beast!" Kiana and Tiffany did a rendition of Beauty & the Beast in 4 minutes! SO COOL! You had to be there!
6) 12:30 am...$1632! The passengers are starting to doze. The inflight movie is still playing. Quiet in the cabin now!
7) 1:30 am... $1925! We also just had another passenger join us in "Dubai." Peter Kolek worked until 11 am...then drove in from Orange County. What dedication! We now have 9 sitters!
8) Some of the passengers decided to get a little sleep after the movie. Remember...they have to sleep “sitting up!” With Peter’s arrival, that gave Tiffany & Kiana a second wind to stay wide awake! We couldn’t get the heater to work properly. It was COLD!!!! Everyone bundled up in blankets, jackets, socks, caps... brrrr....!!!
9) 2:30 am ... $2224! Eydie worked in the “Agape Room” getting the silent auction & African crafts set up for visitors on Saturday. Moved Peter, Tiffany & Kiana in the agape room as they were playing Scattegories! Wanted to keep the “main cabin” quiet for those that wanted to sleep. Heather joined them after she got some rest.
10) 3:15 am – Eydie decided to lay her head down for 45 minutes.
11) 4:00 am – Eydie decided that 45 minutes was just not enough!
12) 4:45 am – Eydie got back up to finish preparations for the day
13) 5:45 am - Some are just now dozing off to sleep a little...others who have been sleeping are starting to wake up and move around. Eydie will be making breakfast soon.
14) 7:30 am! Lights on in the cabin! Breakfast...pancakes, scrambled eggs, & sausage! Larry Blevins surprised us and brought a box of donuts! He stayed and joined us for breakfast!
15) 10:30 am...16th hour and we have raised $4,448! Wow! Everyone is now awake. We have had breakfast...Carol's sister, brother-in-law and mom just came by to cheer us on! Her friend, Susie also stopped by. We are thankful for our loved ones who are giving moral support. Love you all
16) Check it out! This is in the local Camarillo Acorn paper!
Sit-athon raises money for Uganda | | Camarillo Acorn
17) 12:30 pm...we are at $5016! Lunch was served! We had chicken salad sandwiches, ham sandwiches, broccoli salad & chips! We just had 2 more visitors come to lend moral support. (Nancy’s husband & Denise’s husband!) Helps so much to have visitors! Time is actually passing very quickly. Relay races soon!
18) We are in the home stretch! 3:30 pm...$6,132! We just did relay races in chairs...jumped rope...and the cupid shuffle. Hilarious! Please join us at 6 pm to celebrate with us if you are close by!
First, Carol played “duck, duck goose” with some of the other passengers! It was so funny to watch them chase each other in their chairs! She said this was the first time she has ever been able to participate in relay races! They raced in their chairs to drop M& M’s in bowls. Another involved a ball of yarn that they needed to inter-twine themselves to one another! The funniest one was watching them “jump rope!” Yes...jumping rope without leaving their chairs!
We realized that this would be the last team time we had before everyone started arriving for the Celebration Dinner. We used this team time to talk about the event as a whole. It was amazing to hear the effect the sit-a-thon had on each individual. This group had bonded together in a very unique way. The team work that existed because of a common cause was very inspiring. We talked about the relay races and the lessons learned from each game. We are already talking about our reunion!
Thanks to Jeremy Hernandez who came by with pots & pans for us to use. He also went out and picked up our cake for dessert.
19) 4:00 pm – Victor the maintenance man for the church came to help us set up for the Celebration Dinner. Some of our sitters had saved up so much time that they used up some of their credit minutes to help Victor set up tables.
20) 4:30 pm – Kim Silva arrived to help Eydie in the kitchen! Cooking chicken enchiladas, mexican rice, & corn!
21) 5:30 pm – People were starting to arrive. Mike Beesley also helped in the kitchen! Met the pastor from 1st Presbyterian.

WE MADE IT! At 5:59 we successfully counted down to the completion of our 24 hour sit-a-thon! The sitters joyfully STOOD UP! Total as of that evening...$7,108! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Donations are still coming in. Will continue to post more!

We had our Celebration Dinner with friends and family who came to join us! Since we had been on an “airplane flight,” our dinner was in “Uganda!” We had about 40+ people who came to be supportive of our sitters. It meant a great deal to us to have our friends and family around us to say, “job well done.” I had friends as far away as Bakersfield (Brian Sutton & his fiancĂ©e, Shannon) make the drive. Thanks also to Aaron Kajumba & his friends from Southcoast. They are true servants who stayed until the end to help cleanup & load the cars. We also had an encore performance of “Beauty & the Beast” by Kiana & Tiffany!

Update! We continue to have money come in for the Sit-A-Thon! The new total raised it $7,888! Praise the Lord! You may still give by going to our website and clicking on the "Sit-A-Thon" button!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sit Down For Raining Hope Fundraiser a Success!

Sit Down for Raining Hope – 1st Annual Sit-A-Thon Fundraiser
February 11, 2011 at 6 pm through Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 6 pm!

We had 9 people who “sat” for 24 hours to raise money for Raining Hope Children’s Home in Uganda! Each sitter was sponsored by friends and family members PER HOUR that they sat. The minimum gift given was $10 (about 42 cents an hour). The largest gift received was $500 (about $21 an hour!)

Our sitters were:
Carol John, Heather Elkins, Sylvia Hernandez, Peter Kolek, Denise Levette, Donna Lopez, Kiana Miskel, Nancy Schroeder & Tiffany Silva,
Eydie ended up “standing” for 24 hours! I am not sure what is more difficult, sitting for 24 hours or standing for 24 hours! We should have had people sponsor Eydie per hour for her “standing!” Eydie cooked all of the meals, helped to encourage the sitters in whatever they needed and kept things moving smoothly.

The idea of a “Sit-A-Thon” came last year when Eydie participated in “Micah’s March” (Fundraiser for Devo Marshall’s son, Micah who is stricken with Spinal Muscular Atrophy). Carol’s comment was, “I can’t do a walk-a-thon, but I sure can do a Sit-A-Thon!” The idea became reality on February 11th!

Since it normally takes close to 24 hours to travel to Uganda from Los Angeles, our Sit-A-Thon was a “simulated flight!” The fellowship hall was transformed into an “airplane.” We “flew” on “Raining Hope One” (like Air Force One) on our way to Uganda! Our “All Aboard” area was where the sitters checked in with their sponsorships. They received a “passport” and a “ticket.” Thanks to April Dominguez, one of my former CBU team members who designed the airplane decor.

The rules for the sit-a-thon were...
1) You must “sit” for 24 hours while on Raining Hope One. (sitters all brought their own chairs with wheels)
2) You are allowed 5 minutes per hour to get up and stretch, used the restroom, run around the room, etc! (The sitters actually rarely got up out of their chairs!)
3) You may “stack” your minutes and use them as a line of credit . (eg. Wait 3 hours and then have a 15 minute break)
4) You may sell your minutes to someone else. (minimum of $1 a minute)
5) We will have times of playing various board games in the lounge area. Please feel free to join your fellow sitters in this part of the plane.
6) If you have homework or would like to do any studying, you are encouraged to shift to the “turbulence” area of the plane.
7) From 12 midnight to 6 am, we will have a designated “quiet time” when the lights may be dimmed for those that would like to sleep. You will find the “sleep zone” very beneficial. You do not HAVE to sleep during this time.
8) You must stay hydrated and well fed throughout the flight. Please let one of our attendants know if you are in need of food or water.
9) There will be limited cell phone/computer/electronic use throughout the flight. We want real world relationships to develop in the absence of electronic distractions.
10) Eydie is the captain of the flight and has no rules…other than to follow the real Captain!
The next post will be a journal of what we posted on facebook during the 24 hour fundraiser.