Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Ugandan Dream Launch!

We have successfully launched “The Ugandan Dream!”  Words cannot adequately express the thanks I have in my heart for each one of you.  I am so thankful for those who made the effort to be present at the launch November 9th!  We had about 100 people present to participate in this pivotal moment for Raining Hope.

We had a glorious hour of worship, led by Ricky MacDonald and the worship band of Grace Fellowship.  After tons of wonderful desserts provided by members of Grace Fellowship, we entered into a period of hearing from the heart of Pastor Doug Spriggs & myself.  We launched the new Raining Hope website, created by Emily Goodman. The new promotional video for Raining Hope was revealed that was produced by Shannon & Brian Sutton.

One of the exciting moments involved the release of the new Raining Hope Giving Site  created by Kim Spriggs.  We launched it around 12 noon on Sunday.  Within the first hour we had donations of $6,000!  While we were in the launch, we watched as the donation climbed to $12,000!  In 24 hours we were up to $25,000!   This is happening within the first 24 hours of launch!  Praise the Lord!

At the launch, I shared words sent by Pastor Godfrey, our assistant manager at Raining Hope...

“I have seen Raining Hope help hopeless and lost children to be true followers of Christ. Most of these children came when they were infants and now they are growing adults. I was encouraged when most of them said that Raining Hope has helped them to grow in their walk with God. Their trust in God is based on the fact that God has been faithful to them and saved them by grace. These children are involved in church ministries such as music dance and drama and they love to worship God. Every time I am with them, they want to hear from God’s Word.  One thing I also believe God is doing in their lives through Raining Hope is teaching them to handle difficult times by trusting Him.  It is during these times, they put their trust in God and keep closer to him in prayer. Their love for one another is something that is amazing among them; they live as true Disciples of Christ as they express love to one another. The hope they have in God is expressed on their faces through the joy with them that comes from the very spirit of the living God. It is therefore clear to me that Raining Hope is doing the work of God. And as pastors this is exactly what God calls us to do.  And when I see where God is working, there will I get involved and join God in what he is doing. This is what makes me happy to serve with Raining Hope.  The evidence of God’s presence and transformation power in the lives of the children of Raining Hope is tremendous and I strongly believe that God is at the center of every activity.  Any wise person who wants to be blessed and be involved with God’s activity will think of joining God in what he is doing with Raining Hope.

You don’t just sit back send money and watch as other ministries do, but you are directly involved and identify with us and our culture which is the very mind of God who did not just create the world and left it to be governed by laws of nature but he is involved with us, thank you so much. No wonder you are Kisakye Eydie because through you and Raining Hope we have experienced God’s love and grace. May the omniscient and Sovereign God continue to uphold you and sustain that which he began in your life and may he hear all the prayers of the Raining Hope family In the US and around the world. As Raining Hope Uganda, we will continue to love you and draw you closer to ourselves through prayers, and faithful serve God through the opportunity he has give me to join him at Raining Hope for his glory and purpose of his vast Kingdom.  - Pastor Godfrey

Raining Hope is making a life-long investment to raise up a generation of people who                                         will be used by God to change Uganda and the world.

Thank you for joining us on our journey as we change the world together!
Forever grateful for each one of you...eydie