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Uganda Trip - Chapter 14 Update #3

Raining Hope Chapter 14 Update #3

The last few days have been AMAZING!  We spent the last three days conducting a Bible school at Cornerstone Church in the village of Kakira.  They were not sure how many children would show up.  Because school is in session, there was a possibility we would not have many come until after 5 pm.  The first day we started with approximately 70 children!  By time we concluded that day at 6 pm there were close to 175!  The amount of children steadily increased over the three days.  We were overwhelmed on the last day as we had close to 300 children!  One of our pastors walked in and said to me, “Where did all of these children come from?!”  The best news is when Pastor Paul came to lead in a prayer of commitment, 111 children prayed to give their lives to Jesus!  Praise the Lord!  Pastor Paul then had a time of instruction for the children as to what it means to now be a child of God.  
The team has also experienced walking through the local market.  It was a culturally eye-opening experience for each one.  As we bought the food for cooking our meals at the home, they each took in the sights, sounds, & smells of Jinja Market!  We have many stories we are coming home with about chickens, meat & even my little personal fan!  For my friends and family that I see upon my return, remember to ask me about Jinja Market! 
We have had GREAT times at Raining Hope Children’s Home each evening after Bible school.  While Annet & I are cooking the supper, the team has time to be with the children.  Even after a long day of ministry, they become energized after spending the couple of hours with the children.  The team seems to be loving the food at the home!  They said it has been their favorite so far.  Annet & I are being encouraged to open our own restaurant!  The team wants it to be in Riverside, specifically on campus.  Actually one of the girls said it should be in her apartment! Ha! 
Continue to pray for the health of the team.  The team is overall doing well.  There are a few experiencing the common traveler’s diarrhea.  All in all we are doing well.  Please keep praying. 

We celebrated Jessica’s birthday yesterday Ugandan style!  It was important for her to have her team support & encourage her as she missed being with her family for her birthday.  
I again leave you with thoughts directly from the students: 
Nichole:  Greetings from Uganda!  Working with the children in the village has already been life-changing.  It reminds me everyday why we are here.  The kids in the home are beautiful and their hearts for the Lord challenge me in my pursuit of the Lord.  Your notes of encouragement help so much.  I love you all very much with all my heart.  
Teslan:  Hello everyone!  It has been a wonderful week so far.  I can’t even explain how the kids here are on fire for the Lord.  It’s very exciting!  Please be praying for health and openness to God’s guidance.  To my family:  I miss and love you so much!  Thank you so much for your encouragement. 
Elizabeth:  Hello everyone!  I cannot believe it has been one week.  It has been an amazing journey so far.  God has been faithful in revealing himself to our team through Vacation Bible School, being at Raining Hope and through prayer.  I know this is only the beginning for what He has in store for us.  Thank you for praying.  It means so much to me.  I love you all very much.  
Tessa:  Hello!  This first week in Uganda has been amazing!  It is so great to see all of the ways God is working here.  He is very present in many of the people we encounter and all of the children at Raining Hope.  We are learning a lot about joy from them.  Thank you for praying for us!  
Meghan:  Hello!  So one week in Uganda has passed and truly it has been a great experience.  I’m learning a lot and really enjoying my time with the children.  I miss you all and I am hoping you are all well.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.  We really appreciate it!  
Melissa:  Uganda just keeps getting better.  There is so much peace and joy the people demonstrate to us that it is infectious!  I am so happy to be here and learn from all of the relationships I am making.  Keep praying for us.  Love you all! 
Jessica:  Hello!  Uganda is such a joyful and wonderful place.  The Vacation Bible School is going well and I am very much enjoying ministering to the children.  It’s only been a week and I have already fallen in love with the kids at the home.  I am doing very well.  Thank you for your prayers.  
Brittani:  I can’t believe it’s been a week since we left California.  I am so thankful for the encouraging notes from friends and family.  Knowing that I have people back home praying for me has helped me push through.  God is so good.  He has been showing me invaluable treasures through the Ugandan people. My health has been good which is a real blessing. I love you all back at home.  Mom, dad, grandpa, grandma & James.  Don’t worry, I am in the best hands!  Please keep me lifted up in prayer as I work through surrendering control and trusting that God’s plan for me is a hopeful future not of harm.  Love mucho, mucho! 
Camille:  Praise God for His goodness!  The prayers of everyone are heard by God.  He is blessing us in so many ways.  The team is growing even more together as one.  Vacation Bible School has been wonderful.  God has been showing me His heart.  It is overwhelming to be a part of God’s plan.  I could never thank Him enough for using me. 
Katie:  Hello all!  Thus far, the journey to Uganda has been an adventure to say the least!  I have been so blessed by all the people we are meeting here.  Vacation Bible School has been a blast!  The children of Raining Hope are full of joy from the Lord.  I also got to take a trip to the doctor &  discovered that I have acid reflex.   So mom, you were right.  You can get sick from eating too many strawberries! 
Eydie:  We appreciate your prayers.  Things are happening that can only be explained by God.  Pray for our Women’s Conference at Cornerstone for the next three days.  We love & miss you all! 
We still are in need of close to $1,500 for additional bills and supplies.  Our treasurer will have to wire money by Thursday in order for me to receive it to take care of various needs before the team leaves.  The money that I came with to help with some of the bills is just about run out.  
We had one person send money to help buy the children needed sandals.  Yesterday, one of my children escorted us to the hotel and she was only wearing one sandal...and that one was broken.  Thanks to the person who donated the money towards this need.  
If you can help provide any funds, please contact Carol John at carol@raininghope.org or 805-377-7387.  
  1. Continued wisdom & discernment as we trust in the Lord to lead us daily.  Plans change on a continual basis daily.  We just want to follow His plans not ours. 
  2. Pray for each team member as the Holy Spirit is ministering deeply to each one.  They are not the same group of young ladies I met last November.  They are seeking his treasures here in Uganda.  Pray they search diligently and deeply. 
  3. Pray for protection against the enemy.  The team is growing leaps and bounds.  The attacks in the spiritual realm are heavy.  We need your prayers. 
  4. Pray for moving of the Holy Spirit.   
  5. Pray for the continued good health for the team.  A few of the team members are still having health issues.  
  6. Pray for us this week:  (June 4-9) 
Monday:  Sabbath day of rest.  Boat ride to Raining Hope land on Lake Victoria! 
Tuesday:  Ministering in village of Godfrey & Annet’s uncle - Bible school 
Wednesday-Friday:  Amazing Grace Church, Bukaya - ministry to adults & children.  Eydie will be heading up the adult conference.  
 Team will be working with the children. 
Saturday:  Amazing Grace Church - Children Vacation Bible School 
Thank you for being a huge part of our team by keeping us in your prayers!  
We love you all! 
Arriving at Cornerstone Church for VBS

Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone VBS

Cornerstone VBS

Pastor Paul & Shiphrah 

Ruth, Elijah & Ezekiel 

Pastor Paul leading the children in prayer
Accepting Jesus as their Savior! 

Elijah & Ezekiel 
Experiencing Jinja Market! 

Uganda Trip - Chapter 14 Update #2

Raining Hope Chapter 14 Update #2

God is working in ways that can only be explained by Him.  At the end of the day, when we recalled all that happened we stand back in amazement.  
This is the first time I have not been able to send out as many updates as usual.  We actually had the internet go down for a few days and I was not able to access my mail.  Believe me, there is so much to tell!  I will catch you up on all that we are experiencing.  It will be worth the wait if you hang in there with me!  
Since it has been awhile since the first update, I am sending you the insights of the students themselves what they have been experiencing since arriving in Uganda.  We are leaving soon for breakfast then our ministry in a local village.  I will continue to catch you up in the next few days.  I am having a hard time keeping up with all that God is doing!!  So keep on praying for us! 
Nichole:  “These past few days here have been overwhelming & God is moving in mighty ways.  I am in love with the culture and I cannot even put into words how beautiful the children are.  They already have my heart.  Their passion for the Lord is inspiring and they are teaching me far more than I could ever teach them.  I love and miss you all.  Keep praying! 
Jessica:  “Hello from Uganda!  The last few days have been amazing!  The country and the people are absolutely beautiful.  The children at Raining Hope already have my love.  I have never felt more welcomed and loved.  The children have such a passion for God.  I can’t wait to experience the next 3 weeks! 
Teslan:  It’s been a wonderful adventure thus far!  I am overwhelmed by the love that we have been shown by the children at Raining Hope. Uganda is absolutely beautiful and God is moving in mighty ways! 
Brittani:  I cannot even express in words how blessed we have been since arriving here! The Ugandan people have embraced and showered us with more love than I could have ever imagined.  The precious children at Raining Hope are truly beautiful.  Their hearts for the Lord are pure and passionate. I am humbled by our experiences as a team and am excited to see what is in store for us the next couple of weeks.  A treasure I learned from the kids is this,  “God is good, all the time.  All the time, God is good and that’s His nature, WOW!”  P.S.  I have never experience such authentic worship in my whole life!  Being a part of their worship services has been incredible! 
Tessa:  God is truly blessing our time here in Uganda!  He is working in us in amazing ways!  The children of Raining Hope and all the Uganda people are huge blessings to us! 
Melissa:  It has only been 2 days in Uganda and God is already blessing our team.  The people and the children are beautiful.  They demonstrate God’s love from the moment you meet them.  I feel so privileged to be able to meet the children. 
Katie:  I am feeling so blessed by this beautiful place.  The people are amazing, the sky is blue and God is good.  One word I believe describes the people here is JOY.  Everyone radiates with the love of Christ and their worship is authentic in every way.  We got to meet the kids at Raining Hope today and that was unbelievable!  They loved on us & we loved on them.  They taught us new games & I even danced!  I can’t wait to see how God is going to continue to work here! 
Elizabeth:  God is so good!  I have fallen in love with Uganda and the people.  The Holy Spirit’s presence is so real here.   It is so exciting to encounter Him during the journey.  I already feel myself being transformed by the relationships we are building with the people and our team!  It has been an amazing journey so far! 
Meghan:  Hello everyone!  So far into our journey of Uganda, I have been so blessed.  God has shown me assurance in answering my prayers.  Uganda has shed such a light of love and peace.  My biggest highlights so far have been reading my support letters and meeting the kids of Raining Hope.  I am so thankful to be a part of this team! 
Camille:  I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness in the team, in Vacation Bible School, & in the home.  God is good!  I am so thankful for the blessing of being a part of His plan.  
Eydie:  My heart is overflowing with peace, joy & thankfulness.  Continue with us on our journey as we “Now stand here and see the great thing the Lord is about to do.”  I Samuel 12:16   
Team shopping in Jinja Town 

Raining Hope Children's Home

Raining Hope Children Praising the Lord!

Annet (Manager/House parent) 

Uganda Trip - Chapter 14 Update #1 - May 29, 2012

Chapter 14 - Update #1 - May 29, 2012 
Hello friends & family from Uganda!  
For those who are new to my updates, I am on my 14th trip to Uganda in 5 years.  I have entitled each set of updates according to the number of the trip.  So appropriately this is chapter 14 in my story of my life in Uganda!   There are some pictures at the end of the blog so make sure you read through until the end! 
We have only been here for a few short days, yet we have watched the Lord work in amazing ways!    We had great flights out of both Los Angeles and London.  We met a young man in the London airport who was returning home to Kampala to visit family.  It turns out that he is from Riverside!   Another young lady commented on my Ugandan clothes.  She is a singer and was traveling to South Africa.  As a performer she is always looking for unique clothing.  As we talked, I discovered that she was from Brazil but living in San Diego!   
The whole team did well with the long flights, but were very anxious to get to our destination!  As they looked out the windows and could see the land of Uganda, they immediately noticed the difference from peering out the window approaching London.  As soon our feet landed on Ugandan soil, the eyes of our team have been wide opened to the beauty of this country and the people.  They enjoyed the 2 1/2 hour drive from Entebbe to Jinja soaking in all of the sights around them.  We stopped for our traditional chicken on a stick and roasted bananas.  I always love watching their eyes as we pass around the chicken!  
As we approached the Nile River signaling we are only moments away from our hotel, the anticipation continued to grow.  After months of training, the day has finally arrived!  As we arrived at our hotel we were warmly greeted by the staff who are now my family.  The team immediately noticed how friendly and hospitable everyone was.  We spent the rest of Friday just getting settled in and adjusting to the new surroundings.  
I have been pleasantly surprised on this journey by the news of 2 of my friends pregnancies!  When I went into the business center of the hotel, my friend, Apophia rose up from behind the desk to greet me.  The joy I felt inside when I saw she was pregnant was overwhelming!  When we went into town on Saturday, I was again surprised when we walked into Rita’s shop.  Rita is the one who paints the batik clothes that we sell.  She too rose up from the back room and revealed that she was pregnant!  Rita is expecting within the next two weeks!  Hopefully we will still be here when the blessed day arrives!  
This seems to be the trip that new babies and new life are the theme.  Pastor Paul’s wife, Margaret gave birth to a baby girl just last Tuesday!   Their new daughter’s name is Keren named after the 3rd daughter of Job in the Bible (Job 42:14).  I saw her yesterday for a brief moment.  She is PRECIOUS!  
Sunday we worshipped at Revival Christian Church (RCC) that is the home of many of the staff members of the hotel we stay in. The team LOVED the authentic worship of the Ugandans.  It was exciting to be with the church as it marked the last Sunday they will be in this facility.  They have acquired land and are meeting in their new home next Sunday!  Praise the Lord!  Pray for RCC as they are conducting crusades all this week in anticipation of their first services.
We ministered to the children of RCC during  Sunday School time.  The team did an amazing job in communicating the message that Jesus is the Light.  We had close to 70 children in attendance.  At the end of our time together, the Sunday School teacher gave an opportunity for the children to accept Jesus.  There were 12 children who gave their lives to the Lord!  In the midst of all of this, we had a DOWNPOUR of rain!  It was so powerful that we had a hard time hearing one another as the rain hit the tin roof we were ministering under!  Most of our team members have never experienced rain quite like this.  Since arriving we have had tremendous rain in the evening, along with powerful thunder and lightening.  During the day we are having beautiful springlike weather!  God is good!  
Monday we were able to go to the Source of the Nile.  As one of our Sabbath days of rest, we took the morning to just appreciate the beauty of His creation.  It is so powerful &  inspiring to stand at the shores of the river Nile.  All of the Bible stories of Moses and the Nile just come to life when you actually can touch the waters!  Part of a devotion I share with the team talks about how the Nile river provides life for fish, birds, reptiles, trees, crops & people.  Everyday from the beginning of recorded history until now, communities of people from Uganda to Egypt have come down to these waters to take part in the life it gives.  However, in 1862 John Hanning Speake completed his quest to find the source of the Nile river.  He would stop at nothing to find the source of the Nile River.  In the same way, I am watching the team stop at nothing to seek the Source of life.  They are seeking to open their eyes to the wonder of God.  The challenge of this devotion from the Source Cafe is this... “Seek the source of Life in all that you do, whether in America or Uganda, city or village.  My team is doing just that.  
We will be working with Cornerstone Church all this week conducting Vacation Bible School,  Monday-Wednesday from 3 pm-6 pm.  The challenge we are facing is that the children are all back in school.  We were not sure how many to expect.  But at the beginning of the VBS we had approximately 70 children!  As the afternoon continued on more children began showing up.  By time we concluded at 6 pm we had between 175-200 children!  Praise the Lord!    Thursday-Saturday we will conclude our time at Cornerstone with a Women’s Conference.   Please pray for wisdom & discernment.  Pray for the hearts of the people who will be attending.  Pray for decisions to be made for Christ.  Pray for the team to adjust to the differences in the culture and the language barriers.  We are so thankful for our interpreters!  But just think how hard it is to try to translate “Duck, duck goose” or “Ring around the Rosy” when we are playing games!  Ha!  
It was also a privilege to minister in Cornerstone’s newly completed renovated building!  They finally were able to construct the top part of the church.  For years we have been ministering in the bottom level (what we would think of as a basement).  The new building is bigger, spacious with a cool breeze flowing through.  In the lower part of the building it was hot many times as the air would not circulate through as easily.  It is so humbling to stand in the place of answered prayer! 
The highlight of the weekend was visiting Raining Hope Children’s Home!  We were greeted enthusiastically & joyfully by the children!  As the team exited the van, they were each greeted by 2 or 3 hugs at a time!  It was joy for me to watch the children love on the team.  As we entered the house to have a time of welcome and introductions, I was overwhelming surprised by our Raining Hope Children’s Choir.  They 27 voices beautifully lifted up a strong & powerful welcome song to the visitors.  They also created a new “Raining Hope” song that they unveiled to the team.  I had a difficult time holding back the tears.  We sang, we danced, we worshipped, we loved.  
Our children attend school Monday through Friday from 6 or 7 am (depending on the age group) until 5 pm at night.  The team LOVES being at the home and would desire to be with the children more.  But they understand that it is out of our hands.  We are finding that the 2-3 hours we are at Raining Hope are so jam packed with quality time together.  We leave wanting to be with them more!  So the team is taking a difficult situation and turning it into a positive!  
Thank you for your prayers and your support.  The day that I sent the last update out concerning the current needs, close to $1,000 was sent to Raining Hope!  The wire has arrived here and we are busy paying for school fees and supplies.  It was nice to walk into the house and have electricity!   
We still are in need of close to $1,500 for additional bills and supplies.  Yesterday some of my children escorted us back to the hotel.  I had noticed one of the children did not have any sandals.  As I inquired about it she said, “Our shoes are over” meaning that they are all worn out and unusable.  The money that is needed is for my buying necessities such as sandals for all of the children.  Even without, the children are so full of joy just to have the visitors in their midst!   They are truly an inspiration and a treasure. 
  1. Continued wisdom & discernment as we trust in the Lord to lead us daily.  Plans change on a continual basis daily.  We just want to follow His plans not ours. 
  2. Pray for each team member as the Holy Spirit is ministering deeply to each one.  They are not the same group of young ladies I met last November.  They are seeking his treasures here in Uganda.  Pray they search diligently and deeply. 
  3. Pray for moving of the Holy Spirit.  Yesterday it was the windiest I have ever experienced at the Source of the Nile!  It was exciting for us as we thought of the words of in a song, “Loves like a hurricane, I am a tree.  Bending beneath the weight of His wind and mercy.”  We truly stood there and felt His presence rushing like the wind!  
  4. Pray for the continued good health for the team.  A few of the team members are adjusting to malaria medicine etc.  Pray that we stay healthy.  
  5. Pray for the funds to purchase supplies.  If you can help with any of this, please contact Carol John at carol@raininghope.com or 805-377-7387.  
In the next update you will hear directly for the team members what their insights have been since arriving in Uganda! 
Thank you for your prayers!  We love you all! 
Revival Christian Center VBS

Raining Hope Children's Choir

Cornerstone Church VBS

Cornerstone Church new building 

CBU International Service Project Team Uganda Children May 23-June 13, 2012

Eydie & Shiphrah (Pastor Paul's daughter)

Eydie & Rita (expecting any day now!)

Eydie & Apophia (expecting later this year) 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Raining Hope Update & Prayer May 2012

Raining Hope Garage Sale - This Saturday, May 5th 
Time:  8 am - 12 noon 
Place:  Home of Carol John - 507 Fernwood Drive, Oxnard CA 93030 
We are still in need of raising the last amount for the rent in Uganda.  The school fees for the next term will also be due in the next couple of weeks. I will be in Riverside for CBU’s graduation.  Carol is hosting this garage sale to help raise funds for these immediate needs.  Please stop by and say hello!
California Baptist University Graduation - Saturday, May 5th - 9:00 am 
I have six former ISP team members graduating this Saturday!  (Jordan, Shay, Lynell, Ashleigh, Meredith & Lizzy)   
Three of my current ISP team members are graduating as well! (Brittani, Elizabeth & Nichole)  Congratulations to the Class of 2012! 
Reminder:  International Service Project Uganda Children’s Team
Dates:  May 23-June 14, 2012 
Pray for my 10 team members:  Camille (co-student leader), Nichole, Elizabeth, Katie, Brittani, Teslan, Jessica, Melissa, Meghan, & Tessa.
The team will leave Uganda on June 13th to return home.  I have a graduate student, April Dominguez arriving that day to do research work on education in Uganda.  I will be working with her for 1 week.  I will also be doing research for the use of the LCIF grant.
April & I depart Uganda on June 19th.  April will return home.  I will fly to Busan, Korea for the Lions Clubs International Convention to interpret for the deaf.  I return home to California on June 27th.
Pray for the senior pastor, Kirk Dewitt & his family.  They are traveling to Kenya and Uganda in the month of June.  We have arranged for them to come and visit our children at Raining Hope right before I leave for Busan! 
Praise the Lord!
Updated Schedule:  
  1. Thursday, May 3rd - 12 noon-1 pm - National Day of Prayer - Ventura County Government Center - 800 S. Victoria Avenue, Ventura.  At the main fountain between the Hall of Justice & the Administration Building.  Interpreting for the deaf.  Kiana will be with a mime team that is performing one song.  
  2. Sunday,  May 6th - First services for the church on Saticoy Avenue - 10 am!  My home church, Conejo Church is expanding!  We are starting a new work in Saticoy.  The first services are this Sunday!  Please keep us in your prayers.  Address is 1045 South Saticoy Avenue.  
  3. Saturday, May 19th - 12 noon-1:30 pm - Grace Bible Church - 951 West 5th Street, Oxnard - Women’s Tea 
  4. Sunday, July 15th - 10:30 am - Faith Baptist Church - Santa Barbara 
  5. Monday, July 16th through Friday July 20th - 9:00 am-12:30 pm - First Baptist Church of Carpenteria.  The church has invited me to share with the children during their Vacation Bible School that week.  They have adopted me as their missionary for the week.  I will speak on Monday at 11 am.  
If you would like for me to come to your church or your ministry when I return, please let me know!  I would love to come and share what God is doing in Uganda!  
Prayer Requests: 
  1. Most immediate need is still for rent.  The rent on our building in Uganda is currently $500 a month.  The landlord recently raised the rent $100.   We are in need of paying for the months of April, May & June.  We have $1000 but are $500 short.  
  1. I will be sending out a specific prayer request letter before leaving for Uganda. If you are interested in being a part of our 24 hour prayer chain, please indicate so by responding to this email.  
  1. Pray for our children.  The names of our children are: Vivian, Frank, Doreen, Esther, Henry, Florence, Tabitha, Jonathan, Joel, Sharon, Ronald, Shamim, Sofia, Tamaly, Mary, Zuluta, Abudala, Difasi, Joan, Shamim, Elijah, Hillary, Joan, Ritah, Barbara, Dan & Emma   Reminder: If you would like to send a note to our children, please get them to Eydie before the weekend of May 19th.  If you want to email a note, you can send that anytime up to the departure date of May 23rd. 
  2. Special Needs:  The MOB office allows me to take extra luggage to Uganda on this ISP journey to bring supplies to Raining Hope Children’s Home.  If you can help with any of these items, please contact me as soon as possible.
      1. Luggage - We need donated pieces of luggage to bring our supplies.  We leave these suitcases in Uganda.  They get put to much needed use by our Ugandan friends.  
      2. We are in need of any used laptop computers that you may want to donate.  This helps some of our workers out in their school work.  
      3. If anyone has an old ipod they would like to donate, we could use them in the home as well.    
If you would like to make a donation:
1)    Website:  www.raininghope.org.  You can make a donation online using a major credit card.  All donations are tax-deductible. 
2)    Mail a check to:  Raining Hope Inc.  3451 Foothill Road #206, Ventura, CA 93003
Or send it to my address at 8823 Denver Street, Ventura, CA 93004.  All checks should be made out to Raining Hope Inc.
3)    If you have questions you can contact me at 805-340-7612 or contact our treasurer, Carol John at 805-377-7387. 
Most of all, I appreciate your continued prayers!  

Update & Prayer Requests April 2012

April 2012 (We are in the middle of updating the blog & the website. These are past emails that had not been posted to the blog.)  

Happy Easter to all! Thank you for your prayers and support for our children. Last month I had an opportunity to speak at a Women’s Symposium for the Lions District 4-C4. It was held at Oracle in Redwood City. My subject was bridges in communication as I have served as the sign language interpreter for Lions Clubs International. This summer will be my 25th year of service! I also shared about our work in Uganda with the children of Raining Hope! Another highlight was hearing the keynote speaker of the event, Dr. Oz!

I will be speaking at First Baptist Church in Carpenteria on April 29th at the Mission’s Emphasis Sunday. I will also speak at a Women’s Tea in Oxnard in May before leaving for Uganda. We are currently working on updating our website with a new look! Joanna Waterfall has come up with some great new ideas! We will have it up and running soon!   

Prayer Requests: 

Most immediate need is for the rent - The rent on our building in Uganda is currently $400 a month. We are in need of paying for the months of April, May & June. Please pray as the landlord is requiring the 3 months of rent immediately.

Pray for our regular everyday needs - Our children are all in school. We were able to pay all of the necessary fees. We are now short on food supplies as well as utilities bills.

Pray for my ISP team - We are in the home stretch of training! Hard to believe that we only have 4 more training sessions! My team has currently raised 74% of their funds! The dates of our trip are May 23-June 13. Please continue to be in prayer for us during this time of preparation. Unfortunately I had one team member that had to drop out due to not meeting the first financial deadline. Currently we have 11 on our team. We had a successful fundraiser on April 6th in Riverside at Chick-Fil-A! The restaurant donated 25% towards our team during a 3 hour period for those that specifically came in to support us.

Pray as we will begin to proceed with using the land immediately to begin growing crops. First steps will be to look at the land and determine what structures we will build. As we determine how best to use the land, we can begin now planting crops to use for our food supply. We can also become more self sustainable by selling the food to locally raise money.

We are in need of immediate funds as my manager just wrote and said we are running out of food.

If you would like to make a donation:
1)    Website:  www.raininghope.org.  You can make a donation online using a major credit card.  All donations are tax-deductible.
2)    Mail a check to:  Raining Hope Inc.  3451 Foothill Road #206, Ventura, CA 93003 Or send it to my address at 8823 Denver Street, Ventura, CA 93004. All checks should be made out to Raining Hope Inc.
3)    If you have questions you can contact me at 805-340-7612 or contact our treasurer, Carol John at 805-377-7387.    Most of all, I appreciate your continued prayers.  
Kale, Eydie