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Uganda Trip - Chapter 14 Update #3

Raining Hope Chapter 14 Update #3

The last few days have been AMAZING!  We spent the last three days conducting a Bible school at Cornerstone Church in the village of Kakira.  They were not sure how many children would show up.  Because school is in session, there was a possibility we would not have many come until after 5 pm.  The first day we started with approximately 70 children!  By time we concluded that day at 6 pm there were close to 175!  The amount of children steadily increased over the three days.  We were overwhelmed on the last day as we had close to 300 children!  One of our pastors walked in and said to me, “Where did all of these children come from?!”  The best news is when Pastor Paul came to lead in a prayer of commitment, 111 children prayed to give their lives to Jesus!  Praise the Lord!  Pastor Paul then had a time of instruction for the children as to what it means to now be a child of God.  
The team has also experienced walking through the local market.  It was a culturally eye-opening experience for each one.  As we bought the food for cooking our meals at the home, they each took in the sights, sounds, & smells of Jinja Market!  We have many stories we are coming home with about chickens, meat & even my little personal fan!  For my friends and family that I see upon my return, remember to ask me about Jinja Market! 
We have had GREAT times at Raining Hope Children’s Home each evening after Bible school.  While Annet & I are cooking the supper, the team has time to be with the children.  Even after a long day of ministry, they become energized after spending the couple of hours with the children.  The team seems to be loving the food at the home!  They said it has been their favorite so far.  Annet & I are being encouraged to open our own restaurant!  The team wants it to be in Riverside, specifically on campus.  Actually one of the girls said it should be in her apartment! Ha! 
Continue to pray for the health of the team.  The team is overall doing well.  There are a few experiencing the common traveler’s diarrhea.  All in all we are doing well.  Please keep praying. 

We celebrated Jessica’s birthday yesterday Ugandan style!  It was important for her to have her team support & encourage her as she missed being with her family for her birthday.  
I again leave you with thoughts directly from the students: 
Nichole:  Greetings from Uganda!  Working with the children in the village has already been life-changing.  It reminds me everyday why we are here.  The kids in the home are beautiful and their hearts for the Lord challenge me in my pursuit of the Lord.  Your notes of encouragement help so much.  I love you all very much with all my heart.  
Teslan:  Hello everyone!  It has been a wonderful week so far.  I can’t even explain how the kids here are on fire for the Lord.  It’s very exciting!  Please be praying for health and openness to God’s guidance.  To my family:  I miss and love you so much!  Thank you so much for your encouragement. 
Elizabeth:  Hello everyone!  I cannot believe it has been one week.  It has been an amazing journey so far.  God has been faithful in revealing himself to our team through Vacation Bible School, being at Raining Hope and through prayer.  I know this is only the beginning for what He has in store for us.  Thank you for praying.  It means so much to me.  I love you all very much.  
Tessa:  Hello!  This first week in Uganda has been amazing!  It is so great to see all of the ways God is working here.  He is very present in many of the people we encounter and all of the children at Raining Hope.  We are learning a lot about joy from them.  Thank you for praying for us!  
Meghan:  Hello!  So one week in Uganda has passed and truly it has been a great experience.  I’m learning a lot and really enjoying my time with the children.  I miss you all and I am hoping you are all well.  Thank you for all your prayers and support.  We really appreciate it!  
Melissa:  Uganda just keeps getting better.  There is so much peace and joy the people demonstrate to us that it is infectious!  I am so happy to be here and learn from all of the relationships I am making.  Keep praying for us.  Love you all! 
Jessica:  Hello!  Uganda is such a joyful and wonderful place.  The Vacation Bible School is going well and I am very much enjoying ministering to the children.  It’s only been a week and I have already fallen in love with the kids at the home.  I am doing very well.  Thank you for your prayers.  
Brittani:  I can’t believe it’s been a week since we left California.  I am so thankful for the encouraging notes from friends and family.  Knowing that I have people back home praying for me has helped me push through.  God is so good.  He has been showing me invaluable treasures through the Ugandan people. My health has been good which is a real blessing. I love you all back at home.  Mom, dad, grandpa, grandma & James.  Don’t worry, I am in the best hands!  Please keep me lifted up in prayer as I work through surrendering control and trusting that God’s plan for me is a hopeful future not of harm.  Love mucho, mucho! 
Camille:  Praise God for His goodness!  The prayers of everyone are heard by God.  He is blessing us in so many ways.  The team is growing even more together as one.  Vacation Bible School has been wonderful.  God has been showing me His heart.  It is overwhelming to be a part of God’s plan.  I could never thank Him enough for using me. 
Katie:  Hello all!  Thus far, the journey to Uganda has been an adventure to say the least!  I have been so blessed by all the people we are meeting here.  Vacation Bible School has been a blast!  The children of Raining Hope are full of joy from the Lord.  I also got to take a trip to the doctor &  discovered that I have acid reflex.   So mom, you were right.  You can get sick from eating too many strawberries! 
Eydie:  We appreciate your prayers.  Things are happening that can only be explained by God.  Pray for our Women’s Conference at Cornerstone for the next three days.  We love & miss you all! 
We still are in need of close to $1,500 for additional bills and supplies.  Our treasurer will have to wire money by Thursday in order for me to receive it to take care of various needs before the team leaves.  The money that I came with to help with some of the bills is just about run out.  
We had one person send money to help buy the children needed sandals.  Yesterday, one of my children escorted us to the hotel and she was only wearing one sandal...and that one was broken.  Thanks to the person who donated the money towards this need.  
If you can help provide any funds, please contact Carol John at carol@raininghope.org or 805-377-7387.  
  1. Continued wisdom & discernment as we trust in the Lord to lead us daily.  Plans change on a continual basis daily.  We just want to follow His plans not ours. 
  2. Pray for each team member as the Holy Spirit is ministering deeply to each one.  They are not the same group of young ladies I met last November.  They are seeking his treasures here in Uganda.  Pray they search diligently and deeply. 
  3. Pray for protection against the enemy.  The team is growing leaps and bounds.  The attacks in the spiritual realm are heavy.  We need your prayers. 
  4. Pray for moving of the Holy Spirit.   
  5. Pray for the continued good health for the team.  A few of the team members are still having health issues.  
  6. Pray for us this week:  (June 4-9) 
Monday:  Sabbath day of rest.  Boat ride to Raining Hope land on Lake Victoria! 
Tuesday:  Ministering in village of Godfrey & Annet’s uncle - Bible school 
Wednesday-Friday:  Amazing Grace Church, Bukaya - ministry to adults & children.  Eydie will be heading up the adult conference.  
 Team will be working with the children. 
Saturday:  Amazing Grace Church - Children Vacation Bible School 
Thank you for being a huge part of our team by keeping us in your prayers!  
We love you all! 
Arriving at Cornerstone Church for VBS

Cornerstone Church

Cornerstone VBS

Cornerstone VBS

Pastor Paul & Shiphrah 

Ruth, Elijah & Ezekiel 

Pastor Paul leading the children in prayer
Accepting Jesus as their Savior! 

Elijah & Ezekiel 
Experiencing Jinja Market! 

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