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Uganda Chapter 14 Update #4 - June 2, 2012

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I currently returned from trip #15!  Those will be posted after I complete updating the blog with  Chapter 14! 
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Continue to pray for us!  

Update #4, Saturday, June 2, 2012 
     We have been experiencing an outpouring of His blessings!  We have spent the last 3 days at Cornerstone Church conducting a Woman’s Conference.  I have been leading in the conference with the message “Chosen - Daughter’s of the King.”  The story of Esther is a powerful one.  On the last day of the conference, one of the ladies of the church gave a testimony that she will never be the same.  She is the daughter of the King!  We also gave a visual picture by acting out the story of Mary & Martha.  Many of the women were encouraged by this reminder that we need to be more like Mary and sit at the feet of Jesus.  Many of the ladies (and our students as well!) commented on how they are more like Martha in the Bible.  They are busy, busy, busy!   But many committed to taking the time daily to have more of a Mary spirit and sit at His feet more! 
     The conference was 3 hours each day...approximately!  Uganda time is very relaxed!  By time I was to start speaking, the time was much shorter than I anticipated.  So I began adjusting to the program and allowed the Holy Spirit to lead.  The end result was a moving of the Holy Spirit in ways we just could not have planned.  The second day I had the girls lead in a series of worship songs to bring us into the throne room of Jesus!  The organizer of the event requested instead of breaking into small groups for discussion, the team pray individually over the attendees.  That was such a precious & holy time.  Even though some of the ladies did not speak English, our girls prayed over them and the attendees received His word.  There were tears as well as smiles of appreciation.  His Spirit transcended the language barrier.  
     The first day we had broken up into smaller discussion groups.  This gave our team an opportunity to share their 2 minute testimonies with the ladies.  Many of the girls on our team commented that they were stretched by being a part of the women’s conference.  But they all commented on how they really LOVED ministering to the women!  The next update will have some of their personal comments.  In fact, in one of the discussion/prayer groups yesterday, two of our girls led a woman to Christ!  On the first day of the conference we also had another woman who gave her life to Christ.  Praise the Lord!  
     Our hearts are overflowing with love at Raining Hope Children’s home.  This is the favorite part of the day for the students.  They become energized as soon as we arrive at the home!  They said last night, “When we drive up to the house it is as if we are coming home.”  
     Today we will minister and worship at Cornerstone Church in Kakira.  It will be a time of celebration in their new building!  Pray for me as I will be sharing as a summary of the Woman’s Conference.  Pray that hearts would be open to receiving the gospel. 
     Our internet has been down for a few days now.   We are just now being able to get back on the internet.  
     The students who have been having health issues are all on the road to recovery.  We haven’t experienced many mosquito bites.  Praise the Lord!  The team has moments of homesickness but push through it to minister to the children.  They love and miss their family & friends very much.  They send their greetings to you all! 
     Please be in prayer for us this week.  Tomorrow we have one of Sabbath Days of rest!  We plan to take a boat ride to Raining Hope’s new land.  We minister at a village on Tuesday.  Wednesday through Saturday we will conduct Bible school for the children of Amazing Grace Church.  We will also be ministering to the adults in the church.  
     As we are half way through our journey, it is amazing to see how much God has done in such a short time.  The lives of the students are being impacted in ways that can only be explained by God.  

Thank you for your prayers and for your support! 

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