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Uganda Chapter 14 Update #5 - June 6, 2012

Update #5, Wednesday, June 6, 2012 
     Each day brings a new chapter of our journey that goes way beyond our expectations.  The team is having a difficult time realizing that today marks the beginning of our third week of ministry!    So much has happened in just these past few days. 
     Our Sabbath Day of rest was much needed & refreshing to our souls!   We spent part of the morning in a needed team time working out some issues that needed to be addressed.  It was a time of bonding & renewal as a team.  Thank you for continuing to pray for team unity.   The team is being so effective for the Kingdom.  We need to continue to stay on a united front! 
     We took a boat ride to Raining Hope’s new land!  It is always a peaceful and relaxing time to get on a boat and explore the waters of the Nile River.  We experience many Ugandan birds as we glide along the shores of the river.  It is peace beyond words can describe.  We stop at the actual place where the Nile River begins.  Then we launch out into the waters of Lake Victoria.  It takes about 25 minutes by boat from Jinja.  The team was in awe to be on the land we will build the permanent home for the children of Raining Hope.  The people that are taking care of our land right now have planted many crops.  There was an ABUNDANCE of various food already growing!  In exchange for being caretakers, we allow them to grow food.  It was great to see the potential of how Raining Hope will develop the land for our own food supplies!  

     Yesterday we experienced a blessing as we ministered to a school in the village where Annet (our staff) and her brother, Godfrey grew up.  The church in this village started a school.  They have 102 children they teach each day.  The children were just precious!  A couple of the ladies there had newborn infants with them.  The highlight of Teslan’s day was that she was able to hold one of the babies!  
     The highlight for the team came at the end of the Vacation Bible School.  First, we had the pastor give an invitation to the children to accept Jesus as their Savior.  Out of the 102 children present, 38 gave their lives to Christ!  The pastor turned to us and said,  “We have talked to them to make sure they understand that they have now prayed to receive Jesus as their Savior.  They have all said, yes!”  They confirm the decisions, then they make sure they followup and help them begin in their new relationship with Christ!  
     After that moment of decision, the pastor said that the children wanted to bless the team with gifts.  I must say that I have never experienced anything like this before.  The children rushed to the back of the room.  One child started walking back to the front of the room with a bunch of bananas!  At first I thought, “Wow!  Here they don’t have much yet they are giving us some food.”  That’s when I turned to see a line of children, one by one in their hands bringing more food.  There were mangos and bananas and other sorts of fruits & vegetables.  They brought 3 LARGE LONG stalks of sugar cane.  It was a bountiful feast fit for a king!  We were so touched by their generosity and their giving their all.  We felt so undeserving of such royal treatment.  We were in one of the poorest villages yet.  But you should have seen their smiling faces as they gave.  They were a picture of Christ that we will never forget.   
     We then went to visit the home of Godfrey & Annet’s aunt and uncle.  They were the ones that gave me a chicken on my last trip here.  They also surprised us with preparing a lunch of posho & beans for the team.  This is a typical Ugandan meal.  The girls really enjoyed it!  But again, it was overwhelming to receive from people who don’t have much to give.  We had an opportunity to share Christ with the family as they are not believers.  Continue to pray for this family that they would be drawn to Christ.  
     Each evening we are spending time at the home with the children of Raining Hope.  This continues to be a highlight of each day.  I have been so proud of the team.  They understand that with the children in school, we don’t have an option of more time with them.  So the 3 hours or so that we have each night at the home is spend in quality time with the children!   
     As the team leader, my priority is first and foremost the team.  So the privilege that I have had is coming alongside each team member.  They are all searching for their “treasures” or what it is that God is trying to teach them on this journey.  
     So you will understand how overjoyed I was when I spent time with Brittani.  She has been physical sick but has been on the road to recovery.  But now she is also spiritually well as she had a major breakthrough!  The Lord has really been working in her life the past 2 weeks.  She came to a point of surrendering all and trusting in Him with all things.  We see the light of Jesus shining through her!  Praise the Lord!  

     Again, I know you love to hear from the students in their own words: 

Elizabeth:  This week we were at Cornerstone Church during a women’s conference.  The Holy Spirit was at work in the women.  Their hearts were soften by the story of Esther.  It was such a blessing to help the women deepen their relationship with the Lord.  To my family and Cameron:  I have been so blessed by my time here.  I am learning so much about resting and trusting in the Lord.  Please just keep me in your prayers.  I have a mild cold.  I love you all!  

Brittani:  Hello loved ones and dear friends.  The past 3 days have been exciting!  Working with the women has been a humbling experience.  Fostering these relationships and learning from each other was rewarding.  I cannot say this enough, but the Ugandan people are absolutely precious!   Please continue to pray for the team.  We need to stay unified and finish the race strong.  I love you all so much!  Hugs! 

Tessa:  Praise God!  These past 3 days have been a huge blessing!  We were doing a Women’s Conference at the Cornerstone Church.  Aunt Eydie taught us how to boldly proclaim that we are daughters of the King!  The enemy tried to defeat us and keep us from sharing with the women at Cornerstone but our God is victorious!  He always wins!  He has truly blessed us with amazing leaders! 

Camille:  What an amazing experience this trip has been!  God’s timing has been perfect everyday.  He has been sufficient in every moment.  The conference was wonderful.  What a privilege to be a part of discipling these women of God!  Continue praying as we see the effect it has.  Love you all so much.  Thank you for so much support!  Grace & peace! 

Jessica: This past week has been a blessing!  Working with the women was great.  God has used the team in many ways.  I am looking forward to our last week in Uganda.  Love you all!

Melissa:  I am continually amazed at the love and care our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ of Uganda show us.  There is so much joy and peace here.  The women’s conference with well.  Two women came to know Christ.  As a team we celebrate that victory!  I just ask that you please pray for the team.  The enemy tries to stop us, but we know that we are more than conquerors!  

Meghan:  So much has happened on this journey!  When we finished our 3 day children’s Bible study, 111 children genuinely accepted Christ in their hearts.  Then, with the women’s conference, 2 women came to know Christ!  It has been such a blessing to be surrounded by the peace of the Nile and the hearts of my godly sisters.  We really are a strong team and are so thankful for the support we are giving in Uganda & through all of you!  Thank you! 

Teslan:  We have been learning so much!  It has been such a blessing to have the fellowship with the women at Cornerstone.  It has been a blessing to learn from Mama Eydie.  God has worked through her so much and it manifested with 2 women coming to the Lord!  Praise God!  Thank you for your support and know that I am praying for you.  In His Grace & Mercy...I love you. 

Nichole:  We just finished ministering to a group of women who are so hungry for the Lord!  Wow! God is confirming some major things in my life and I cannot wait to share with all of you!  A woman in my small group came to know the Lord and it was such a precious moment.  The fact that God is using me and my testimony for His glory is breath taking.  On another note, I have survived the trip to the doctor and it is really not bad!  Eydie never left my side.  I am in such good hands!  The Lord is oh so faithful.  Your prayers are evident!  I love you all so much! 

Katie:  The ministry at Cornerstone stretched me in so many ways.  It was a huge blessing.  I am amazed by the work God is doing!  Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement.  Knowing you all are supporting me back home has allowed me to truly embrace this whole experience!  I am blessed!  I can’t wait to share the treasures I have encountered here!  We serve an awesome God!  Love you all! 

Eydie:  AMEN & AMEN!  

  1. Continued wisdom & discernment as we trust in the Lord to lead us daily.  Plans change on a continual basis daily.  We just want to follow His plans not ours. 
  2. Pray for each team member as the Holy Spirit is ministering deeply to each one.  They are not the same group of young ladies I met last November.  They are seeking his treasures here in Uganda.  Pray they search diligently and deeply. 
  3. Pray for protection against the enemy.  The team is growing leaps and bounds.  The attacks in the spiritual realm are heavy.  We need your prayers. 
  4. Pray for moving of the Holy Spirit.   
  5. Pray for the continued good health for the team.  A few of the team members are still having health issues. 
  6. Pray for us this weekend:  (June 9-12)  
Saturday:  Amazing Grace Church, Bukaya - ministry to children.   
Sunday:  Amazing Grace Church, Bukaya - Morning Worship service.  Godfrey sharing at 9 am.  Eydie sharing at 12 noon..Team sharing & summary of the week.  

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