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Uganda Chapter 15 Update #2 - January 18-19, 2013

Chapter 15 - Update #2 - January 18-19, 2013 

So apparently I brought back more from Dubai than just great memories of my time meeting with Kayla!  When I arrived in Uganda I seemed to have had my computer hacked into in Dubai.  To give you a heads up... I was working on the first update.  When I went to access my yahoo account, it said that I needed to verify my account before I could access any emails.  It actually looked like a yahoo notification.  It blocked my email and wouldn’t let me get through unless I verified the account.  Thankfully, I was able to send out the first update that said I was in Dubai.  That helped those of you who knew I was not in the Philippines!   But what was really touching were some of the emails I received wondering if I truly was stuck.  Carol wrote to me and said she received at least 5 phone calls right away making sure that I was ok.  Carol concluded saying, “And each one was willing to rescue you if it was true!”  That really was comforting to know what great friends I have.  Thank you!  

What was more disturbing that the hacking into my email was the deleting of my contact list.  They also deleted my “sent file” so I couldn’t access any of my email addresses and warn you not to send any money.  After a couple of days of contacting yahoo, they were able to restore my contact list.  It is taking me some time to re-enter email addresses with the various Raining Hope file folders.  So thank you for waiting through all that with me.  

When I arrived at Entebbe Airport, I immediately felt the peace of Christ.  As I walked off the plane into the “terminal” I was pleasantly surprised that they now have escalators between the 2 floors!  For those who have traveled with me before you will remember the very steep stairs we would have to lug the luggage up and down!  Amazing how something as simple as an escalator shows the goodness of God!  

I also had to purchase my visa upon arrival since I booked this trip so late.  It is so comforting to walk up to customs and have the agent look at my passport and welcome me back.  He said, “How are you today?”  My response was, “I am happy to be back home!”  I breezed through the visa process quicker than waiting for my luggage to come off the plane!  

But when I walked out of the airport I was immediately met by the smiling faces of Pastor Gerald and Godfrey!  That moment when I step foot out of the airport and into the welcoming arms of my friends is always a “God moment.”  We had a great drive back to Jinja talking the whole way.  We actually caught the tail end of a rain that had fallen on their way to the airport!  They said, “It has been dry and hot...until today!”  Now since Friday, it has been back to hot and dry.  We all smile at the symbolism of the rain on my arrival days!  

We did stop for the traditional chicken on a stick and roasted bananas on the way home!   We were in a car this time instead of a van.  Normally we stop on the opposite side of the street so the venders don’t swarm the car.  But this time, the driver decided to just pull up on the left side where we were immediately greeting by the locals.  They were caring sticks of chicken & beef, baskets of roasted bananas, water, soda... all covering the car trying to get you to buy their wares.  I  looked out all I could see were faces saying, “Buy from me!”  But our driver actually had the phone number of the person he knew that would bring us fresh chicken...not covered with the dust from the road!  They brought it right to us and the others walked away sad they didn’t get the sale.  Until...the next car came and they rushed to try to get their business!  

We arrived at the hotel close to 5:30 pm.  Pastor Gerald & Godfrey decided I needed rest.  They said they would take care of facilitating the moving of the house for tonight. I was glad that they gave me that permission to go and rest.  I came to my familiar “home” which is the same room I stay in every time I am here.  When I walked in, I immediately noticed there was a new desk and a new tv stand  They moved one of the tables around and added a little lamp.  I looked out on the balcony and discovered the neighbors next door are building a two story addition that will take away the view of the Nile.  The hotel staff have said, “When that happens we will need to find you another room!”  I have said, “No, it is not the view that keeps me in the room, it is home for me. This is my meeting place with God!”  

This room is also in the older part of the hotel.  They have wondered why I have not wanted to move to the newer addition.  I just found out is that somebody said, “Sister Eydie is coming back.  We need to get her room ready.  I want to at least put some new things in there for her!”  What a  blessing from God.  The way that I am loved here is a direct reflection of how God loves us.  

New Home - Back of the house 

Sitting room 

Joel taking a nap! 

Pastor Richard & Godfrey in the front yard


Front gate


Front of the house 

Front lawn 

Landing on the roof.  This is only thing upstairs.

View of the Nile & Lake Victoria from the roof landing! 
I watched God work in miraculous ways this weekend.  After dealing with the email fiasco of the weekend, I became excited about what God was going to do!  Saturday I was brought to the new home in Bukaya that we are renting.  I had given Pastor Gerald the authority to make the decision on where to rent.  I was not going to make it here in time to choose a place.  When we drove up I was amazed.  It is a bigger and better house!  It is one story right across from the entrance to the place we go for the baptisms at the Nile.  The view of the Nile is magnificent from the new home!  The grounds are much larger which gives the children more room to play!  As I sat on the large porch (I have always wanted a home in Africa with a porch!!) it filled my heart with joy to watch the children running, playing and laughing in our new place! 

Pastor Richard was also waiting my arrival.  Another dream of mine is to come to Africa and just sit under a tree!!  Pastor Richard and I were able to do just that.  He gathered two chairs and we found ourselves talking underneath one of the large trees on the property!  The beauty of the view of the Nile, sitting under a tree with a gentle breeze blowing was more than I could ask for!  God truly is giving us our hearts desires.  

I have been spending quite a lot of time just sitting and talking to staff and children individually.  Part of this journey was to facilitate some staff changes and to set the tone for the new direction of the home.  All is going well with the conversations that needed to take place.  His peace is truly reigning at Raining Hope.  The move to the new house is a symbol of a new day dawning.  

“ I am the Lord, who opened a way through the waters, making a dry path through the sea.. “But forget all that— it is nothing compared to what I am going to do. For I am about to do something new.  See, I have already begun! Do you not see it?  I will make a pathway through the wilderness I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.”  
Isaiah 43:16, 18-19  New Living Translation (NLT) 


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