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Uganda Chapter 14 Update #7 - June 12, 2012

Update #7, Tuesday, June 12, 2012 

Melissa:  Hi everyone!  Just want to let you know that I am doing fine.  I feel so blessed by what God is doing here in Uganda.  I have been humbled by several things this week.  I know that it is God’s power that has led so many children to Christ.  I ask that you continue to pray for our team and our team leaders, Camille & Eydie!  We know that as we prepare to go back home, the enemy is really going to try to discourage us. But we are victorious!  I love you all and I miss you! 

Teslan:  Hello everyone!  I hope you are all doing well!  I am having a wonderful time in Uganda.  God has blessed me so much with wonderful friends, family, and teammates.  He has been pouring out blessings on us throughout our time here.  Please keep praying for unity and good health for the team.  God is doing mighty things in Uganda!  Thank you so much for your love and support.  To my family:  check your email!  I love you all !  

Elizabeth:  Hello friends and family.  I am excited to report how great our God is and how He has been at work.  We have seen 38 children this week give their hearts to the Lord!  Praise God!  Please keep praying for me as I search for the hidden treasures in Uganda.  I am working through fully surrendering my plans, fears and worries unto the Lord and finding complete satisfaction in Him.  Thank you so much for your prayers and sweet, encouraging letters.  It has been such a blessing to know that i have your support.  Praying for you all!  I love you!  Webale (thank you!) 

Tessa:  Hello everyone!  Things are going well here in Uganda.  Each day here has been a blessing.  We have been able to see God’s beautiful creation and meet His people.  Please continue to pray for our team’s unity as we prepare to go home.  Thank you for your support. 

Camille:  It is difficult to put into words what God has been doing.  He is so faithful blessing us beyond our expectations.  The ministry in the village was amazing.  By God’s grace, 38 children made a commitment to Christ.  It was nothing we did but all the work of the Holy Spirit.  We were so blessed by the people of the village.  It was like when Paul was welcomed into the towns he carried the Good News to.  I cannot explain the blessing it is to be in God’s will and to be a part of His plan.  He has been faithful in so many more ways but I will have to share when I return.  Continuing praying!  I am thankful for all of you! 

Meghan:  Hello! Things are going great here in Uganda!  I am happy to report that I only have one mosquito bite, no sunburn and I am loving the food!  The culture of Uganda is a treasure to experience in itself.  The Nile River is unexplainably peaceful and the people are so loving.  I really appreciate how Uganda is stretching me and moving me to new heights with my walk with God.  All in all, I’m doing great and missing you all.  Please continue to pray for our health and impact on Uganda. 

Nichole:  Hi everyone!  God is so good and His provisions are overwhelming.  The village where we ministered to last week had very little, if any interactions with mzungus (white people).  We were blown away by their generosity when they gave us gifts of fruits and sugar cane.  These people are hungry and yet they gave us their most precious possessions.  We are truly humbled and I know God is working a major transformation in my life and using these people to give me a clearer and more vibrant picture of His wise, loving and powerful character.  I love you all and miss you dearly. 

Jessica:  God has been so good!  He continues to bless not only me but the whole team.  The VBS in the village was the most humbling experience.  The children greeted us with songs and of appreciation for our ministry.  They showered us with gifts of food.  That moment was special because they gave us an abundant amount of food even though they have so little.  After we traveled deeper into the village and had the opportunity to talk with the family of one of Raining Hope family.  This family lives so simply yet they are content and full of joy.  Their hospitality was overwhelming.  They made us a meal and provided good company.  God has taught me so much and I can’t wait to see what he has in store.  I love & miss you all so much. 

Brittani:   Greetings from Uganda!  I just enjoy saying that!  Ha ha !  The village we ministered to in was very poor.  They couldn’t afford school fees for the children.  Many of the children are orphans so the church acts as a school to educate them.  The children blessed us with special songs that broke my heart.  The song’s message was that although they have no mother or father, God will care for me.  Another of the songs thanked us for helping support them so they could have food and an education.  They presented us with fruits and sugar cane at the end of the VBS.  It filled a whole table and then some.  They gave when they could not afford to give.  It challenged me because I realized how wasteful we are with our food and finances. Their sacrifice moved me to tears.  God is moving here!  Miss you al! 

Katie:  Why hello!  One word to describe how I am feeling right now is blessed.  When we ministered to the children in the village we shared the story of Lazarus being raised from the dead, sang songs and did a craft.  Near to none of the children spoke English, but their smiles were enough for us to know they were being blessed by us.  We definitely were blessed by them.  The kids presented us with gifts of fruit & sugar cane.  Food is precious to them so this was an incredible experience.  Continue to pray for us as we prepare to come home!  Thank you for your support! 

Eydie:  The team is preparing to come home tomorrow.  Pray for us on this last day of ministry at Raining Hope Children’s Home.  We spend this last day in team time talking through all that God has done.  We also are preparing the team to make their entry back into American culture.  I will send one more update before leaving with last remarks of this powerful week.  We had one more person baptized with us on Sunday...Brittani!  What a joy to have 4 of my team members baptized in the Nile River!  
Thank you for your prayers and your support! 

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