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Uganda Chapter 15 Update #5 - February 7, 2013

Chapter 15 - Update #5 - February 7, 2013
As you already know, I am safely back in the United States.  I arrived back on Monday, January 28th.  It was so good to see Kiana at LAX!   It was her first time to drive to LAX by herself.  She was pretty excited about that!  

We made it to CBU with only about an hour and a half before my ISP meeting.  A few years ago I had flown in from Uganda and went directly to an ISP meeting.  I remember telling myself that I wouldn’t do that again!  Yet, here I was!  But my awesome team helped me to ease back in.  I was re-energized for those 3 hours while we met.  Spending the night in Riverside was the smartest thing I could have done!  

Knowing that our Intensive Training Weekend (ITW) for all ISP/USP teams was coming up on that next weekend, I decided to stay in the mindset of being on a trip.  If I would have let down for those couple of days I would have had a harder time during ITW.  It paid off to “extend my trip.”  It was similar to this summer when I went from Uganda for 4 weeks then Korea for 6 days.  

ITW was the best one yet.  We have over 400 students, faculty, staff and others who go through an INTENSE weekend of training.  We simulate that we are actually on a trip.  Throughout the weekend we learned, we bonded, we struggled,  yet it is the BEST training I have had anywhere!  It was awesome!  We had the best worship and personal reflection times.  Our team grew closer together as we learned more about one another.  I LOVED the weekend.  

We did finish up in time on Sunday night that I was able to catch the second half of the Super Bowl!  For those who do not know (how could you not!?) that I am a HUGE SF 49ers fan!  It was disappointing that they did not win...but at least they were in the game!  Pretty exciting for us San Francisco fans to have the Giants win the World Series and have the 49ers in the Super Bowl in the same year. 

I have been home now for the past couple of days.  Now that I am home and settling in, the reverse culture shock is setting in.  You can pray for me as I am struggling through adjusting back to the American culture.  I am processing through all that God showed me on both the Uganda journey and ITW.  

Because I tend to write long emails, I will split this one up into 4 separate posts.  The next one will be out of order as it will be the prayer list.   You are missing 5 days worth of God working on my Chapter 15 journey!   After I sent the prayer list then you will receive Update #6 and #7.  

eydie kisakye! 

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