Thursday, January 28, 2016

Chapter 21 - Update #7 - January 24, 2016

I started writing this yesterday and said, “It’s Sunday and it’s a beautiful day!”  Then I had to stop which is how it has been since the conference started on Wednesday!  I am going to catch you up while traveling as today is Monday.   

I am leaving this morning after sharing at the hotel fellowship time.  We will stop by the house so can hug the kids!   I will be catching up on updates while in transit the next 2 days.  Just know that the conference and the launch of the ministry on Sunday were better than I could have imagined.  If that leaves you on the seat of your chair waiting to hear....then that is good!  The is part of the reason for not being able to update.  My days have been long mainly focusing on the kids.  Thank you for understanding and continuing to pray.  

I fly to Washington DC today, Monday January 25th.  
Emirates EK 730
Depart Entebbe Monday, January 25 3:30 pm
Arrive Dubai Monday, January 25 9:35 pm 
Duration of Flight 5 Hours 5 minutes 

Emirates EK 231 
Depart Dubai Tuesday, January 26 2:20 am 
Arrive Washington DC Tuesday, January 26 8:15 am 
Duration of Flight 14 hours 55 minutes 

I have already been in contact with my travel agent concerning the snow storms back East.  I will be flying into Dulles International.  He has been keeping me up to date.  This morning the good news was the identical flight from Dubai to DC yesterday was able to take off and land.  

Continue to pray as it is still a concern as to how it may affect my flight.  Also pray for Carol who is working out how to get me from the airport due to the storm conditions.  Please pray that it will hold up in the next day so I would have a safe arrival and be greeted at the airport by Carol and/or family!  Pray for their safety as they drive. 

My heart is overflowing.  More from the East Coast when I arrive tomorrow!  

mama eydie kisakye 

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