Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year's Eve from Jinja!

Happy New Year's eve from Jinja, Uganda! We arrived in Entebbe yesterday afternoon. Our flight from Dubai was another great flight. It was good to step foot onto Ugandan soil once again! We prayed as we waited for our we had 13 pieces of checked luggage. They all came pretty quickly....until we got down to the last 2. But God is good...all arrived safely with us! We were greeted by Shadrack, Godfrey & Chris! We received a very warm Ugandan welcome. The 2 hour plus drive to Jinja was filled with new experiences for the team. They were able to take in the sights of the see the lush green pastures...and to experience the traffic driving through Kampala! We made the traditional stop to get "chicken on a stick" and "roasted bananas!" They are now all officially welcomed to Uganda! We unpacked all of our bags...then the team went off to their rooms for a needed night of rest! Today, most of the team came to have breakfast together...then morning devotion time with the staff. It is great to start the day praising God in worship, His Word, testimonies and prayer. Today we spent time each sharing about something God has shown us in the past year as we get ready to pray in the New Year!
Prayer points for us today:
1) Pray for the team that they are well rested. Exept for Makaila & I, this is the first time for the other team members to be in the Ugandan culture. Pray for them as they adjust to this new culture.
2) Pray for us today as we are getting settled in with our plans for the trip. We will be working on our program for the children & young teenagers. Pray for wisdom & guidance & flexibility.
3) Pray for the team and the families that they have left at home. We are all praying for you!
4) Pray for our 24 hour prayer chain.
5) Pray for me as I have a meeting today at 11 am today (Dec. 31) which would be 12 midnight your time (Dec. 31). I am meeting with some of the staff concerning some of the needs at the home.

I also ask that you pray for Dove Christian Ministries in Oxnard. I was there the Sunday before I left (Dec. 27). I would like for us to be in prayer for the congregation there as well. Pray that God be glorified.

We will update this blog daily as we have the time available. We appreciate your prayers of support.

May God bless you as you celebrate the passing of the old year and the new hope that a New Year brings!

Kare! (bye)

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