Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Raining Hope Missions Trip Update #1

We are now on our way to Uganda! We left yesterday, December 28th from Los Angeles International Airport. God has been answering our prayers! We had heard that there would be extra security at the airport...so we asked that God would make the path clear! We made it through checkin and all security checks with great timing! God definitely went before us! Amazing to see the hand of God work today. We also had one extra bag with supplies for the kids that we would have had to pay the $175 excess baggage charge. Our ticket agent said that he would let it go on for free! Brandi & Kurt had to pay an extra $100 for their 2 bags that were heavier than the allotted limit. But because they went to another counter to pay...that agent informed us that if we wanted we could have vouchers for 4 hotel rooms at a nearby hotel in Dubai. That is where we are now...at a hotel run by Emirates. Four rooms, dinner,snack & breakfast vouchers! It was better than staying at the airport for 11 hours! It has also given the team an opportunity to regroup and prepare for our entry into Uganda. We leave the hotel at 6:30 am for the airport for our 8:25 am flight. Our flight from LAX to Dubai was EXCELLENT! We had such a smooth flight. Because I was wearing my CBU sweatshirt...and Makaila as well...another CBU alumni (just graduated this May) stopped to talk to us! He was on the same flight. I was able to get to the computer here at the hotel to send this post. The next one will be from our hotel in Jinja! This one was a challenge...the blog's heading was all in arabic! That was a first...and a challenge to find the right tabs to push to post this! Please continue to be in prayer as we continue our flight in the morning. All is well...God is good...all the time! If you would like more detailed updates to the trip...please send me an email to signinghands49@sbcglobal.net I am sending out full updates every few days as emails. I will try and post to this blog daily as time allows. Thank you for your prayers!

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