Friday, November 20, 2009

Week of Prayer - Friday Request

Friday, November 20, 2009 – Brandi & Kurt Hennigan
We have been praying for 2 ½ years that God would touch the heart of a couple that would be willing to go to Uganda and live on the field at our children’s home. God answered that prayer by sending us Brandi & Kurt Hennigan! They will be traveling to Uganda with us in December and staying at Living Hope for 6 months! Praise the Lord! As we have renewed our vision, we have also gone through organizational changes. They will be on site to provide training & encouragement for our workers. They will bring a sense of stability & organization to the existing program. Pray for them as Kurt completes his service in the military in December. Brandi has already quit her job to prepare for this trip. Pray for this couple and all the details involved in stepping out in faith!
“For years now I've felt that God has a plan for me to do something with my life that may not fit into what our society considers "normal". I've never felt that working my Monday-Friday job with church on Sunday was going to be enough to fill the call that God has placed on my heart. I knew that I should be doing more. Over the past two years I've felt a distinct call to go to Africa. I wasn't sure why or where but I was sure that God would show me if I was willing to go. When I shared with my husband that I felt led to go he wholly supported the idea. We began to pray for direction with willing hearts. That was only a few short months ago. God has answered our prayers and opened so many doors for us to go to Uganda. He has called each and every one of us to share his love and the story of the Gospels. We feel so blessed to have the opportunity to do that in Uganda. We are going with open hearts knowing that God has led us there for a reason and we have faith that he will show us at every step of the way what that reason is” (Brandi Hennigan)
Pray that Brandi & Kurt as they build relationship with the people of Uganda that they will be open and receptive to the message of hope they bring in the name of Jesus.

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