Friday, June 4, 2010

Update #13 - May 19 & 20 2010

Greetings from Uganda - Update #13
Today we had devotions with the hotel staff. It is always a blessing to have them share from God's Word. I think it is beautiful when we worship together and all of our voices blend together to worship our King! It was very moving!

We went into a village not far from the Children's Home to do our final VBS. The area reminded me of the "Lion King" with rolling green hills, large trees and Lake Victoria in the far off background. The church was unlike any we have seen. It had a tin roof, one end was open and the walls were bamboo. There were 38 smiling faces to greet us. The team did a skit on creation. We let the children make paper worlds with animal stickers on them. We also taught them two songs, "Hippopotamus" and "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands."

The pastor of the church gave the gospel message and 18 children came forward to receive Christ! We are all in awe of what the Lord is doing here!

We then went to the home to prayer walk and lift the needs of the home to the Lord. We played with the kids and they did some paintings.

We also had a Golden Day for Eydie. She is a true blessing to the entire team!

Today after devotions we had some quiet time here at the hotel. We all spent time in prayer and caught up on journaling. We then went to the home and started the first of two days of VBS with our kids. It was fun to watch them get so excited about making the crafts. They were very proud of their work, and I noticed they went and hung the crafts in their rooms.

We also worked on more paintings the kids are doing. This has been a fun project the children are each creating.

We celebrated Brandi & Kurt's Golden Day today. They have been helping Eydie at the home for the past 5 months and have done a tremendous job there. We have all grown to love them.

We are all doing great and can't wait to tell you all about our trip when we get home.

Jeannette & Uganda Children Team

From Eydie...
We are having a great couple of days having our team debriefing of what God has been doing on this trip. We are on our way to the Children's Home for our final day of ministry. Please be in prayer for us today that we would finish well!

I will try and send one more update out before leaving. But if I am not able to have computer time tonight or tomorrow morning...know that we are on our way home to our family and friends! We have had an INCREDIBLE time of ministry!

Please keep us in your prayers as we travel home!


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