Thursday, December 30, 2010

Raining Hope Chapter 11 Update 2

Raining Hope Incorporated
Chapter 11 – Update #2
December 2010

Wow! When I went to update the blog I was faced with a challenge...the page is all in arabic! I had to just blindly hit tabs according to where I thought the sign in was! Finally...success!

I have arrived safely in Dubai! The flight on Emirates was GREAT! Carol, Kiana and I left early for the airport yesterday because of rain and possible delays at the airport. There had been reports of delays because of the severe weather back east. God answered our prayers. We had NO traffic going to LAX from Ventura. For those of you that know Los Angeles, that in itself is amazing! When I walked into the airport, there was NO line at the Emirates counter! As I was walking up to the counter, the agent was already motioning that his desk was open!
When I travel by myself it is always a challenge with luggage. I was only allowed 2 free bags at 50 pounds each. I did have to carry a third piece of luggage that another ministry paid for. Excess pieces of luggage cost $175! The good thing with Emirates is you can go up to 70 pounds each and pay an extra $50 a piece. We packed the bags to the brim and expected our extra charges to amount to $275. But God answered our prayers! The agent only charged me the $175 for the third piece! Praise the Lord!
Since my flight does not leave for Uganda until Friday morning at 8:45 am, Emirates provides an overnight stay in one of their airport hotels. It is nice to have a place to lay down to sleep for a few hours rather than sitting up in the airplane! They also provide a nice dinner & breakfast buffet.
When I write again from Uganda it will be a New Year! In a book I am reading, “Lioness Arising” by Lisa Bevere, she had the following quote from the Bible.
“God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through? Listen, I received a command to bless; God has blessed, and I cannot reverse it! No misfortune is in his plan for Jacob; no trouble is in store for Israel. For the Lord their God is with them; he has been proclaimed their king. God brought them out of Egypt; for them he is as strong as a wild ox. No curse can touch Jacob; no magic has any power against Israel. For now it will be said of Jacob, ‘What wonders God has done for Israel!’” Numbers 23:19-23 (NLT).
Lisa states how “these words contain so much about the faithfulness of God. His promises are sure and certain, and his blessings are irreversible.” As I travel to Uganda, my prayer is that I trust in God and His plans. I know my God is with me. He has rescued us out of Egypt. He will receive all the glory!
Happy New Year to all!

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