Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chapter 20 - Update #1 - July 26, 2015

 I am currently in the air on my flight bound for Entebbe!  I didn’t have time to send an update out before leaving.   For those who may be new to my updates, I have titled each trip by chapters.  This is my 20th tip to Uganda since my first journey January 2007!   I can’t quite believe that in 8 years I have traveled to this place that I now call my Ugandan home 20 times!  

This journey will be a time of celebration in the life of Raining Hope.  We paid off the house in full by our deadline of June 6, 2015!  Now, we will be going to dedicate the house to the Lord on August 8, 2015.   I left on July 22nd to travel first to Maryland to attend a wedding shower for Carol John’s nephew.  I traveled ahead of the team that will join me on August 3rd in Uganda.  I am bringing back the same team that came with me last summer.  There are specific projects I needed accomplished on this trip.  We didn’t have time to have my normal team trainings.  So I invited this specific group back one more time.  There are so many more of you that have traveled to Uganda that should have been a part of this dedication service.  Many of you have stood by me since the beginning eight years ago.  Because it wasn’t possible to bring back the 47 people who have traveled with me to Uganda in the past, I asked that group of ISP and Raining Hope Service Project team members to contribute to a memory book that will be presented on August 8th at the Dedication Day!    I also included those who are current sponsors of our children & others who have played a significant role in the investment in the lives of these children & in me.   Thanks to everyone who took the time to write a note of congratulations.   The book ended up being close to 50 pages!   This way, you are all here with me as we celebrate this glorious moment together!   

British Airways BA 228     
Depart Maryland  Sunday, July 26  9:30 pm 
Arrive London  Monday, July 27       10:00 am 
Duration of Flight  7 hours 30 minutes  

British Airways BA 63
Depart London Monday, July 27          12:35 pm 
Arrive Entebbe Uganda Monday, July 27  10:55 pm
Duration of Flight 8 hours 20 minutes 

British Airways BA 62
Depart Entebbe Thursday, Aug 13 1:10 am 
Arrive London Thursday, Aug 13 7:55 am
Duration of Flight 8 Hours 45 minutes 

British Airways BA 283 
Depart London Thursday, Aug 13 9:45 am 
Arrive Los Angeles Thursday Aug 13  12:55 pm 
Duration of Flight 11 hours 10 minutes 
Please pray for the team that I have invited to join me...
Pastor Doug, Kelly M., Katie B., Shannon S., Desiree V., & Melanie Z.  Last year, Melanie had surgery and was not able to travel.  This year she will be able to join us!  Pray for Kim S. who last year was ill and not able to travel.  This year, she recently had surgery and again will not join us.  She will remain stateside and be a prayer partner with Camille J. on the east coast who serves as our prayer coordinator for Raining Hope.  

I will send update #2 shortly.  My first day here in Uganda was amazing!  

mama eydie kisakye 

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