Thursday, September 22, 2016

Chapter 22 - Update #6 - Back from Radio Silence!

Dear Friends,
I know our journey was somewhat interrupted over the past week.  I started to think of missionary days in the past where communication was mainly by snail mail!   Aren’t we blessed by modern technology?!

One of the reasons for the “radio” or “internet silence” was because the internet at the hotel was truly bothersome.  The hotel is switching over to an increasingly popular service provider, but I got caught in its transitional stage.  My side of the hotel did not have the modem equipment up and running yet.  So late at night being the only time I could write, didn’t matter much.   Yahoo also continued to disturb me throughout the journey.  At times I chose not to fight the battle.   I was also coming back to the room between 11:00 pm and 1:00 am each night.  The internet challenge gave me the opportunity to actually get some sleep!

But that turned out to not be the main reason why I went silent.  God was doing the miraculous.  We were in awe of what was happening around us.  When I sent those first couple of updates, it actually took me hours to put those together.  I found it was taking me away from time with the kids, friends and preparation time for the events.   So bottom line, I came to a decision and the kids won.  It was important for me to be in relationship with the family.  I knew you were all praying.  I will now spend the next couple of days trying to catch you up.  The stories will be just as powerful as if I wrote it on the day it happened.  I have actually had time to process and readjust while I have been in Maryland with Carol, Diane, Teri and puppies .    New insights have come during this time of debrief and reflection.  I am just as excited to write and have you re-join the journey!

So as you anticipate reading more of the story, here is a preview of what the week has in store for you!

Church Services
The Crusade - Christ in You - The Hope of Glory
The Conference -
Step In - Lean In - Rise
Point the Way - Light the Way - Shine
He Loves Us - We Love Him - Go and Love Others
The Party
The Movies
The Send Off

I am currently at Reagan National Airport waiting for my flight.  I would appreciate your prayers for safe travel!

Depart Washington DC Reagan National
Saturday, September 17, 2016
9:15 am
Alaska Air Flight 5
Arrival Los Angeles International Airport
11:52 am

I will be writing while in flight from Seat 7F!  I am excited to see what that seat has in store for me!

California, here I come!
Mama Eydie Kisakye

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