Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Raining Hope Chapter 11 update #5

Raining Hope Incorporated
Chapter 11 – Update #5
January 4, 2011!

Monday of the New Year brought the first devotion time with the staff of Hotel Paradise on the Nile! I was overwhelmed once again with the goodness of God! Normally there are about a dozen or so people in attendance. Today, Mr. Otile had asked for as many staff to attend as possible. He wanted to share what God had revealed to them on New Year’s Eve at the overnight they attended at the prayer mountain. We had 40 people in the prayer and devotion time!
At home, Kiana, Heather and I had recently watched “The Sing Off,” a show that the groups all sang a cappella. We were amazed at how good the groups sounded with no instruments. I realized this morning how much I have always loved the worship here in Uganda, and most of the time it is a cappella! The blending of voices, the clapping of hands that form the sounds of instruments is a heavenly sound!
Mr. Otile, the “chairman” or owner of the hotel, shared the message that he received from God. He said that the reason he went to the prayer mountain on New Year’s Eve was to hear from God. They are given two hours to just be alone with God and pray. He said, “Tell everything to God until you have emptied yourself. Then … listen.”
He shared with us many important things. One message was, “We need to stop slumbering. So many of us keep busy with what our hearts desire, not what God wants.” He believes this is a year that we are to draw closer to God. He said that God revealed it was going to be a difficult year around the world. Churches that are not standing for Him will crumble and the church seeking God will stand. He said we need His peace this year. The grace of God will abound. We need to stand righteously this year. Amen!
I love to start my day here in devotion time with the staff. As I continued to move throughout the day, God’s presence was very evident. I made my way to town by boda boda (motorbike) as one of the staff at the hotel dropped me off. I visited my friends in town bringing New Year’s greetings. One of the biggest joys I received was word my friend, Dianna is getting married in May this year! She is the shop owner next to the Source Café. The sweetest thing was she was trying to work the wedding around my next visit. She thought I normally come in May, so she scheduled the wedding for May 28th. Unfortunately, my travels with the CBU team will be in June this year! But it was touching to see her take that into consideration while planning.
My tailor, Mary has also moved from her shop here in town. She has moved to Wanyange, the place where we used to have our children’s home! She made her way to town so she could direct us to her new place of business. She wanted me to see her new room where she and her children stay. I walked into her home and her comment was, “You really love me don’t you?” When I replied, “Yes of course I do.” She said, “You love me, thank you.” The fact that with her moving I sought her out to continue to have her make my clothes meant a lot. I am discovering that the years and the frequency of my visits continues to build credibility, trust and an openness to the gospel. Even in Dianna’s shop, her other worker, Sarah began a conversation about the Trinity with me!
We then went to visit Pastor Gerald & Ruth in their home on the Youth With a Mission compound. Their two little boys, Ezekiel & Elijah are just adorable! At one point, Pastor Gerald said, pray for Aunt Eydie. It was so precious when they both came over to me, put their little hands over their eyes and quietly whispered, “God, Aunt Eydie, Amen” and then clapped! They repeated this over and over taking turns. It was so cute!
We found out that Pastor Gerald had to sell his pigs! The place where he lives didn’t want to keep the pigs and hens there. He said it was very traumatic for him especially to let go of one of the pigs. It was more of a pet to him. He said that once he can purchase land he hopes to buy the pig back. With the money that came from the necklaces they were able to buy a cow! She said, even the cow is getting to know him well. Pastor Gerald seems to be like a “farm whisperer!”
At the home last night I gave the children the cards made by Banner, Nation & Anthem Rolf. They loved them! I also gave them the cards made by the children at Conejo Church! They are so thankful for children from half way across the world that are remembering them and loving them. I also gave them then names of the ISP team I will be bringing in June 2011! They are praying for you by name!
Last night when I returned to the hotel, Solomon wanted to eat dinner. We ventured to the restaurant and to our surprised we found the restaurant full at 9 pm! We walked into a buffet (no “slow food” tonight!) and a big group. Turns out they were a group from Canada, predominately Chinese. They were celebrating with a local church for the work they were doing this week. Selevest, the restaurant manager said, “You can join the group and have dinner!” Solomon and I quietly sat at one of the corner tables. Solomon left to return to the home before the group concluded their meal. I was surprised when they started making presentations! It is a Christian organization called Life Spring. At the end when they joined hands to conclude in prayer, they invited Selevest and I to join in the circle!
Prayer Requests:
1) Continue to pray for all that I need to accomplish in the next few days. Please pray that we prioritize our days and are wise in how we use them.
2) Solomon & I will be meeting with schools and looking at the needed funds for school fees. Pray for a smooth transition and for the needed funds. The first term is always more expensive as we need to buy new uniforms, supplies, etc.
3) Continue to pray for the situation at the home for a new manager. This is an area of great discernment and creativity. The home is functioning so well with a great spirit of unity. Pray that what decisions we make will be God’s BEST. God revealed more to me this morning. We are waiting upon confirmation from Him. Pray I continue to seek Him in this decision.
4) I talked with Robert this morning concerning our land! He has been ill with malaria since the start of the New Year. Pray for his continued healing. We will meet tomorrow morning and also find time to go visit the land.
5) Pray for Jonathan, one of our children at the home. Last night he seemed to be coming down with a case of malaria.
6) Pray I continue to have my alone moments with God to seek His direction and discernment.
Our children continue to be “Strong and Courageous!” They are very inspiring to me. God is good, all the time!