Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Update & Prayer Request January 2012

Raining Hope
Update & Prayer Requests – January 2012

Thank you for joining me on my 13th trip to Uganda! I continue to stand amazed at all the Lord did!

Prayer Requests:
Most immediate need is for the rent - We are in need of the first 3 months of rent ($1200). If we can raise 6 months worth that would be even better ($2,400). We would like to honor our landlord by paying for as much as the year as possible.

Pray for the school fees for the first term - Our children are so happy they are in school. We have had some promote from primary school (elementary) to secondary (jr.high/high school). Because of the promotions, we need to raise a little more to cover the costs. We need approximately $1,000 to allow the 27 children we have to begin school in two weeks.

Pray for direction as we seek to start a building fund campaign - We believe the Lord is leading us this year to begin our building fund campaign. We have the land. We just need the funds to begin building. We would save on rent money if we could be on our own property. Pray for direction & wisdom on how to proceed with the raising of the money for this campaign.

Pray as we will begin to proceed with using the land immediately to begin growing crops. First steps will be to look at the land and determine what structures we will build. As we determine how best to use the land, we can begin now planting crops to use for our food supply. We can also become more self sustainable by selling the food to locally raise money.


Reminder about the Avon Fundraiser - My cousin in San Jose, Tina Shadowens is an Avon representative. She has graciously set up an ongoing fundraiser for Raining Hope. If you go to her website, www.tshad.com and hit the "Online Event" tab, you will see our fundraiser listed. All you need to do is put "raininghope" in the coupon area at check out for us to get credit.

Sit-A-Thon - Our annual Sit-A-Thon is coming! We are working out the place and date. Stay tuned for the big event of the year for Raining Hope!

If you would like to make a donation:
1) Website: www.raininghope.org. You can make a donation online using a major credit card. All donations are tax-deductible.
2) Mail a check to: Raining Hope Inc. 3451 Foothill Road #206, Ventura, CA 93003
Or send it to my address at 8823 Denver Street, Ventura, CA 93004. All checks should be made out to Raining Hope Inc.
3) If you have questions you can contact me at 805-340-7612
or contact our treasurer, Carol John at 805-377-7387.

Most of all, I appreciate your continued prayers.


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