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Chapter 17 - Update #1 - July 13, 2014

If you are new to receiving my updates, I am on my 17th trip to Uganda in close to 7 years.  I have entitled each set of updates according to the number of the trip.  Amazing that I am on Chapter 17 in my story of my life in Uganda!  

Here is a copy of our itinerary so you can pray for us as we travel: 
Flight Itinerary:
British Airlines Flight BA 282
Depart        Arrive
LAX to London July 14       July 15        
10:15 hours 3:45 pm     10:00 am

British Airlines Flight BA 63
London to Entebbe    July 15       July 15 
8:20 hours            12:30 pm   10:50 pm   
I will return to the USA on: 
Monday, July 28th

British Airlines Flight BA 283
Depart        Arrive
Entebbe to London July 28       July 28      
8:45 hours 1:10 am     7:55 am

British Airlines Flight BA 62
London to LAX  July 28       July 28 
11:05 hours 9:40 am     12:45 pm 

Please be in prayer for my team members.  
From Duarte: 
Doug Spriggs, Kelly Marley, Katie Baldwin & Kim Spriggs
From Bakersfield:  Shannon Sutton & Desiree Vigo
From San Juan Capistrano:  Melanie Zanotti 

We have had a challenging time in preparation for this journey.  Kim Spriggs and Melanie Zanotti are team members that will play a different role.  They both went through the entire training, then discovered that they would not be able to travel to Uganda with us on Monday.  

Kim was diagnosed with something called "Pseudotumor Cerebri", which is basically a serious buildup of spinal fluid on the brain.  It is a very serious condition and would have likely blinded her (from pressure on the optic nerve) or worse, if it had gone untreated.  The draining of the spinal fluid removed the overwhelming pressure in her brain.  The doctor would not clear her for travel concerned the cabin pressure on the plane would have done serious damage. She is continuing doctor care so she would appreciate your prayers.  She just had another spinal tap and has more doctors appointments this week to determine the next steps. 

Melanie Zanotti also was injured a couple of weeks ago playing competitive volleyball.  An MRI has determined that she has a torn ACL & needs surgery.  Her doctor as well will not clear her for travel.  So at the last minute this week she had to cancel her trip.  Melanie is also the younger sister of Kristina Mancilla (Osbourne) who traveled with us to Uganda on my second ISP trip.  

Doug Spriggs, Pastor of Grace Fellowship is traveling with us on this journey.  He actually left before us to travel to Spain & Zimbabwe to lead in another conference.  He had been excited about serving in Uganda with his daughter.  This is the word of encouragement that he gave to our team: 

“Ladies, none of this is a surprise to the Lord.  He has known about these setbacks for Mel and Kim since before the foundation of the world.  He has a plan to use all of these obstacles for His glory!  Our job is to press into Him and make sure we allow Him to be our strength and our Guide!  I trust that God will work through this situation for His glory.  That doesn't just mean for those of us who are going, but also for those who may have to stay behind.

We are probably all familiar with Romans 8:28, where we are told that God causes all things to work together for good to those of us whom He has called.  What we sometimes miss is the context of that passage.  That section of Romans 8 is all about God's eternal plan for our lives.  And verse 29 tells us that the "good" He is working these things together for, is that we might be conformed to the image of Christ.  So, as we face these trials (especially Mel & Kim), I want to remind us all that God's ultimate plan for these challenges is to help us become more like Jesus.  So that is my prayer for you all - that you will not miss this opportunity (nor the many more opportunities to come) to be conformed to the image of Jesus.  Remember, it is all about Him.”

So as our journey begins, we will have 2 very special team members on the ground here at home.  They will be facilitating our 24 hour prayer chain as one of the responsibilities they will carry.  I am sure they will have other tasks that only they can do from here.  

If you want to sign up for an hour slot of prayer for our prayer chain, please email me back at with your preferred time.  We are in need of many more volunteers to support us in prayer.  

We also are still in need of funds for the journey.  We have enough to cover the initial portion of the trip.  But we still desire to have funds for ministry opportunities while in country.   If you would still like to give towards our journey and the children of Raining Hope, please contact Carol John at 805-377-7387.  You can make donations on our website at  Carol has moved to Maryland so checks will not be received in time if you send them to our office.  

Since we are all coming from different parts of Southern California, we will meet at LAX at 12 noon tomorrow (July 14th).  Pray for all of our team members that we will arrive safely and on time.  Southern California traffic is something that we need to pray is kind to us tomorrow.  Melanie will be joining us at the airport to send us off.  Kim has a doctors appointment tomorrow so please keep her in your prayers.   Pray as well for Doug who is meeting us in Entebbe on July 15th.  His connecting flight from London to Johannesburg was cancelled last week.  He was delayed in arriving to his conference. So pray that all his connecting flights will be on schedule!  

Special thanks to Grace Fellowship in Duarte for all they have done to be supportive of their team members and this trip.  They provided the space for all of our meetings.  Thanks to Kristy Spriggs who helped arrange all of our luncheons.  Pastor Doug has been a huge support for the team and to me on this journey.  I look forward to serving alongside him as well as the rest of my fantastic team!!! 

Last trip I found this verse on a tray at LAX,  “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.  - Walt Disney”  Goes along with one of my favorite verses, “For nothing is impossible with God.”  Luke 1:37

Thank you for going on this journey with us.  Your prayers are always heartfelt and needed.  As always, lots to be accomplished, but one of my main purposes is that of a mom going to see our “kids.”  

mum eydie kisakye!

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