Wednesday, July 16, 2014

RHSP - Chapter 17 - Update #2 - July 15, 2014

We have safely arrived in Uganda!!  We did not have any internet service until we arrive here at our hotel in Jinja this afternoon.   But we have all arrived safe and sound!

Thank you for your prayers for our meeting at LAX!  Each one of our team members arrived early!   The Lord made the way clear of traffic for all of us!   When Heather & I parked the car, Kiana & her boyfriend, Taylor pulled up right behind us!  Considering they had come from another area, it was amazing that we arrived at the same time & found each other in the LAX parking lot!   Thanks as well to David, Brian & Thomas who also came to send off their family members!  Special thanks to Melanie & her mom, Laura who made the long journey to LAX to help with our luggage.  Melanie came, leg brace and all to send us off.  It was difficult for us all having to say goodbye at the airport.  But we know in the Lord’s timing, Melanie will be able to travel to Uganda.

The Lord made the way clear for us with the baggage as well.  Because we had to meet at the airport, we needed to divide up all of the team/supply bags that carry all of the materials needed for ministry.  We had 15 bags total that we were dividing up.  When we were finally ready to check-in, we were ready to brave the LONG line.  As I went first to get a place in line, I noticed a sign that said, “Baggage Drop - Online Check-in!”  Because I had checked the whole team in on-line, I was able to go into that line that only has a few people!  Praise the Lord!  The whole team followed and we were able to quickly make it through the check-in process.  We noticed that soon after that, the line behind us began to grow just as long as the other one!

We were able to have a great team time at LAX as we waited for our flight.  All went well on both flights.  Our connection in London was the shortest time I have ever spent in the London airport!  It gave the girls just enough time to pick up a couple of souvenirs!

Normally when I arrive at Entebbe Airport, I always love the view outside the window of the approaching green fields & familiar homeland of Uganda.  This time it was very different because we arrived around 11 pm!  But even though I couldn’t see the familiar sights, but heart was still filled with emotion.  I was sitting next to Kelly, who has wanted to come to Uganda since she was a little girl.  There were two other times in her life that she was suppose to come to Africa, but events in her life kept her from coming.  It dawned on me as we were landing that Kelly’s dream was becoming a reality.  What a privilege that the Lord chose this trip with Raining Hope for Kelly to finally make it to Africa.  A wave of emotion came over both of us.  As the plane touched down on Ugandan soil, the smiles on the team’s faces told the whole story!  We had arrived!

Customs went well as we also were well prepared.  Having taken care of our visas before we arrived made that process very quick.  We also retrieved all 15 of our bags!  The most welcomed sight was when we exited the terminal, there was Pastor Doug waiting for us!   Finally!  The team is now all together!

Because we arrived around 11 pm, we decided to stay in Entebbe overnight.  Our friends at the hotel we stay in Jinja, arranged for us to stay at a local guest house.  The manager from that house picked us and all of our luggage up at the airport.  It was only a few minutes away from the airport.  It was absolutely perfect!  It helped the team to not have to travel so far in order after having just spent the last 20 hours getting there!
It gave the team members a place to lay their heads for the evening.  Our journey has begun!

I will write another update about our first day in Jinja!  But because I was not able to get onto the internet until today, I wanted to make sure that our friends and family know we have arrived safely!

The team members are loving Uganda!!!  You will hear more from them in upcoming updates!

mama eydie!

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