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Chapter 19 - Update #13 - May 9, 2015

When I arrived at the house on Monday, I turned my camera over to our camera man, Frank!  He took over the interviews I wanted to have of the children saying thank you to sponsors.  Godfrey wanted me to spend the afternoon walking though the house.  We knew when we bought the house that there would be needed repairs.  Godfrey did an excellent job in preparing a report for me so I would know exactly what would be needed.   He had estimates drawn up from various builders and contractors so I could make specific plans for raising the funds.  He made my job easy! 

We walked through both houses and I video taped as I went along.  The men who were working on the pit latrine were also in the middle of pouring concrete and laying down the foundation.  We were able to buy supplies to at least get the process started before too much rain hit the area. 

There was question as to whether we would need a new roof on the house.  While I was there, Godfrey showed me the area inside the house that is leaking.  It is also near some wiring so this will be one of our first priorities after the house is paid off. 

The second priority which is just as important is building a perimeter wall around the compound.  The local council is asking us to do this as soon as possible.  For those who have been to Uganda, you know that many homes are surrounded by perimeter walls to deter possible theft.  This is a security issue that is for the safety of our kids and for the property inside the house.  One side of our property is fully open to people who walk by on a daily basis.  One side has a wall that is part of the neighbor’s property.  Another side has a chain link fence that while separates us from that neighbor, doesn’t give any privacy.  The fourth side is partially walled off by a natural wall of plants & bushes.  This is the side that the children make the “imaginary gate!”  Godfrey has plans for us to have a wall around the whole property with a security gate.   Godfrey told me today in an email that when they are all at church, strangers are hanging around our compound.  The local council has asked that we speed up the process with building the perimeter wall.   Cost for the perimeter wall is going to be close to $2,300 which includes labor.

Our house is actually in very good shape compared to other houses that we have lived in.  In Update #4, I talked some about the first impressions of the house.  This day I went around with pen and paper and took notes about specifics.   Godfrey is thinking ahead, knowing that we can’t make all the renovations all at once. I asked him what it would take if we could make all of the improvements on the house to fulfill all our dreams.  As we walked around, I started adding things up in my head.  I thought it was getting close to $25,000.  But when we sat down, Godfrey opened up his notebook with all of the estimates he had already worked on for me.  Turns out...all of the renovations would be closer to $15,000!   

We also have made a decision according to my conversations with Godfrey and with my team back here at home.  Godfrey has negotiated with workers to hirer them at a fare but discounted rate for construction.  We have decided that we would prefer to give the jobs to the Ugandans that Godfrey knows rather than bring teams from America to help with the construction.  We actually don’t save that much money by bringing volunteers to help with the work.  The actual labor that is represented in the $15,000 is a very small amount.  If it costs each person from America at least $2,500 to come work, that money could be used to help pay for the materials.  We also want to give the work to the local Ugandans who need the work to help feed their families.  Godfrey was thrilled when he heard my approach to this decision.  The people here are in such need of work that we believe the Lord desires for us to move in this direction.  

I have had so many over the past few years who have waited for us to having a building team trip.  We are so thankful for each one of you who desired to help.  The way that you can be more effective is by helping us raise the money to get this work done in a timely manner.  It is becoming apparent that we need to accomplish some of these tasks sooner than we thought.  So please keep us in prayer as we desire to make the home that the Lord has given us into the excellent place of ministry that will bring glory to Him! 

Please keep us in prayer as we are trusting in Him to provide.  These figures are using the current exchange rate of 2950.  In all the years that I have been in Uganda, the exchange rate has never been this high.  It is allowing us to get more for the dollar right now.  This is a huge blessing from the Lord!  We want to continue to do as much as we can now while the exchange rate is so high.

To pay off the house in full by June 6, 2015 -  $12,950

Roof for the main house  -         $4,270
Perimeter wall -                         $2,340
Main gate - New                        $1,220
Boy’s Quarters -                        $1,470
(This is to finish the half of the house that is incomplete)
Electrical needs -                       $962
Plumbing -                                 $2,742
Labor - plumbing                       $548
(The reason we have a typhoid problem is also due to the rusted pipes that run through the house.  They would like to eventually replace the pipes with PVC pipes to help cut down this problem.  The new drinking water cooler is immediate help.  But the pipes need to be replaced for bathing issues etc.)
Septic Tank -                             $678
Total -                 $14,232
There will be other costs such as paint, glass, tiles and other miscellaneous expenses.  But this is the best estimate we currently have to do all of the renovations that would get the house in the best shape possible. 

Godfrey had the children enter into a 3 day time of fasting and prayer as they dedicated the home to the Lord.   I received this word from Godfrey today about their time of prayer and fasting:
“When we were having times of prayers and fasting, God was calling Raining Hope to greater ministries.   From the testimonies of the children,  they felt closer to God than ever before through His provision and answering prayer for the new house and meeting most of our needs through you. God needed our hearts in all he is doing that we may know him as God who helps us. Others were delivered from their past unforgiveness of those who hurt them.  They said they have learned to humble themselves and watch God work. We mostly read through Isaiah 36 and 37. We formed prayer groups and Bible study groups to help in the process of discipleship.

We are so thankful for the water cooler, it will indeed help to provide safe and clean water to the children, and they feel important to have such vessels in the house. We have been having a challenge with how to keep the water since our water passes through old pipes which are dirty. The water cooler will help us to reduce typhoid and other water borne disease.

With what is happening at Raining Hope at this point is a clear picture of what God is doing through you. Most of the children used to go to their relative during holidays but this time most of them are around because they feel a sense of belonging and more safe at Raining Hope than ever before.  This is the meaning of it all.  This is how much God is using you and this was my prayer all far back while still in Wanyange that God may use you for his purpose.”   Your son, Godfrey

This is attributed to all of you who have continued to stand by Raining Hope these eight years.  It is because of all of you that dreams are coming true for these children.  The fact that many of them stayed back at the house during the holiday break is a huge testimony as to their sense of feeling safe and belonging to a family.  This is the first time that this has happened. 

Please be in prayer with us for God to provide all that we need to pay off the house and to start on the renovations.  The perimeter wall and the roof are the first priorities.

Also a question recently came up about giving on our website or the YouCare site. 
If you make a credit card donation on YouCare we are charged just under 3% as a processing fee.  If you make a credit card donation on the Raining Hope website we are charged just under 2% as a non-profit organization.  If you send a check, 100% of the funds go to Raining Hope. 

If you have any financial questions, please direct them to Carol John our treasurer, 805-377-7387. 

I have more to share about the last evening at the home.  I will send that in the next update!  

To all of the mother’s who read my updates...HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!   May God bless you with the love from our Father ... and the love from your own children!  Our Raining Hope children all love you for the way that you love and care for them!

Happy Mother’s Day!
mama eydie kisayke! 

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