Thursday, May 21, 2015

Update on The Ugandan Dream

I want to give you an update as to where we currently stand on the goal of paying off the house in Uganda in full by June 6, 2015.  

First, thank you all for praying and believing with me.  The Lord truly has provided in ways that no credit goes to any individual.  God gets all the glory for the way that He is orchestrating it all! 

I am going to now ask you to do something out of the ordinary.  From the very beginning, I have had no “Plan B” as to what would happen if we didn’t pay off the amount by June 6th.  I have believed with no doubts that we would pay it off in full by the due date.   I have had multiple people ask me what we will do if we don’t have enough by the deadline.  I have had others who want to have Plan B just in case. 

But since I stepped onto the grounds of the first house last July, I knew that God had plans for us to own that house.  It was odd for me when Robert said the house would be $120,000 and my response was, “ok.”  I didn’t know where it would come from and I had no idea how to even start raising that kind of money.  But God planted it in my soul that He was starting a new work in us. I trusted and followed.  

Since that time, GOD made it clear along the way that the first house was not the right house.  Because of circumstances that we encountered along the way, He began to open up the path towards the new house that we now own & occupy.  This house is 10 times better than the first house!  I didn’t plan this...He shifted and we moved where He said to go.  

So I am fully trusting that God will provide the additional $11,550 to pay off the house in full.  I am also trusting that He will provide the funds for the renovations, especially the perimeter wall and the roof.  We also have school fees that are now due that are approximately $3,000.  

I have already received word from Godfrey that the sellers are asking how close we are getting.  They are beginning to draw up the final papers.  Because of that detailed email from Godfrey, I know that we don’t have an option and it needs to be paid by June 6th.  


On Sunday, my home church, Saticoy Church came alongside Raining Hope in an inspiring way.  His people were led to give.  They were led to come all around me and pray.  They offered up powerful prayers, trusting that God will complete what He started.  One person came to me and quoted,  Philippians 1:6 “...being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.” 

I talked about the immediate need for the perimeter wall, even before the house is paid off.  I had a couple specifically come to me to pray over this need after the service.   Godfrey is concerned about theft and the safety of the kids.  Another person came to me with this word from Zechariah 2:5, “And I myself will be a wall of fire around it,’ declares the Lord, ‘and I will be its glory within.’”  His Word brings such peace.  He is watching over the house until we can complete the physical wall.  Amen!  

Plan A -  Listen to Him - Obey & Follow Him - TRUST Him.
My Plan B is that I trust in Plan A - HIS PLAN

So here is the radical request I have of you...No doubts !
Will you simply join me on your knees with the faith of a child that God will provide all we need?

Haven’t we all heard the phrase, “Have faith as a child?”  But I had never had it explained quite like what I just read in, “The Circle Maker for Kids - One Prayer Can Change Everything” - Mark Batterson 

“Nothing touches the heart of God more than childlike faith.  That’s why a child’s prayer is so special, so powerful.  Children don’t know what can’t be done.  That’s why, when I need a miracle, I have my children pray with me.  God has answered many of those prayers in miraculous ways!  

This book will give children an unforgettable picture of the power of prayer.  It will lay a foundation of faith that God is able to do more than anything we can ask or imagine.  And it will teach a lesson that will never be forgotten:  God honors bold prayers because bold prayers honor God.”   Keep circling, Mark Batterson

“Lord, teach us to pray.”  Luke 11:1

I love this.  Children don’t know what can’t be done.   Think about that.  When you ask a little child to pray they don’t ask, “What if...”  or   “What is Plan B in case this doesn’t work?”  

This is based on the story of Mark Batterson’s bestseller, “The Circle Maker.”  He shares the ancient Jewish legend of Honi the Rainmaker with children to teach them about the power of prayer.  

Spoiler the end of the story, Mark writes, “The people now understand that one prayer can change anything.  One prayer can change everything. ... They never again doubted the fact that God always hears.  And if our prayers glorify God, God always answers.  Everyone who witnessed the miracle that day learned a lesson they would never forget.  God honors bold prayers because bold prayers honor God.” 

There is something bigger here than just the house.  

We are His testimony through our story of God doing the miraculous!  Will you join me in praying BOLDLY because this will bring honor and glory to God alone.  

For the remaining two weeks, when you are tempted to wonder, “what if?” can you turn that into a childlike faith prayer?  

The children of Raining Hope in Uganda have this kind of childlike faith.  I am learning from them.  Will you join me in watching God do what only He can do?  

I will be at Grace Fellowship, this Sunday, May 24th for both services.  Please come and join us as I give an update and we BOLDLY PRAY!   

Glorifying God Alone, 
mama eydie kisakye! 

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