Saturday, February 27, 2010

re: Haiti update #2

Haiti Update #2 – Friday, Feb. 26, 2010

The internet service has been very unreliable. They have wireless service here in the house, but the electricity has been an issue as well as the service.

Our accommodations here are great. We are in rooms with bunk beds. Our room is one of the ones that has air conditioning (when the generator is working!) It is a luxury and a blessing. The weather here has been in the 90’s and very humid. We are able to shower each day…quickly! It has been so hot … we are not minding the cold showers. We are served breakfast and dinner. I feel so at home here! The meals are very similar to my meals in Africa. I can smell the food cooking as we walk through the house…and it has the familiar aromas of home in Uganda!

Our first day of orientation, we were given the instructions of what to do in case of another aftershock. The day before we arrived they had had another good shake. We have a bag packed with essentials to take out with us as we leave the building. The challenge is…I am sleeping in the top bunk! By time I get down…the tremors may be over!

We leave the home around 7:30 – 8 am…depending on transport. The last two mornings have been amazing. We are given two interpreters…security … and a pastor. In the past 2 days our team has been able to assess almost 60 homes & churches! We split up into two teams to cover more ground. In my group, two of the men would go in and assess the homes…while I stayed outside with the interpreter to engage in conversation with the people. I have had amazing times of prayer with individuals. Our interpreters have been wonderful to work with. Yesterday I prayed with a young boy who wanted to receive Jesus as his Savior! Today I prayed with another young man who wanted to receive Christ! Most of the people that I am praying with all have a personal relationship with Christ. They are thankful that they are alive. At the end of this email you will see the prayer requests that they have. If you could join me in prayer for the Haitian people.

The people have been very good in trying to teach me either French or Creole! This is very new for me! I am doing good with just basic greetings. I said a simple “bonsoir” to a child…and he proceeded to think I spoke fluent French…and started carrying on a conversation with me. Finally he grabbed my hand and said, “je taime”…and the pastor said, “He said he loves you.” The children here have been precious. Huge smiles…great hearts!

We have made many new friends! We have come to love our roommates from Louisiana! They are nurses on a medical team…but they leave tomorrow! They have become very good friends.

Yes…the devastation is massive. But the joy of the Lord is in this place. This nation is in need of the hope of Christ to come shining through the rubble. The people here are amazing. We have come to love it here in the few days that we have been serving.

I am serving with a WONDERFUL team of individuals. We have been very unified as a body and work well together.

Listed below are prayer requests. We need your prayers. I will update when the internet allows. So much more has happened in the past 2 days…but I will continue to update in the days to come.

We are safe…well taken care of...loving the people of Haiti…loving the opportunity to serve!


Prayer Requests:
1) Huge satanic force here – heavily influenced by voodoo. Pray for protection & wisdom to guard against the evil forces.
2) As I have been praying with families they ask for:
Healing from sickness
Provisions (food, water, shelter)
Increased faith in God
Mind stayed on Jesus
Healing of the nation
Restoration to a better life
Comfort from fear
3) Pray for the team as we go from house to house. Pray we have spiritual discernment and wisdom to share Christ’s love with the people.
4) Pray for our interpreters who are working for us. They are amazing.
5) Pray for those that have just accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior. The last two days we have had 8 pray to receive Christ.
6) Pray for the Louisiana Medical team as they leave tomorrow to go back home. Pray for their re-entry back home.
7) Pray for those that we have spoken to that have lost loved ones. Pray for God to comfort the broken hearted.
8) Pray that we continue to be a light in this place. We have seen the hope of Christ in the lives of the people.

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