Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We Have Arrived in Haiti!

Our team has made it safely to Haiti! God is so good. I know that there are people praying...doors have been swinging wide open! One of our team members, Joe, is actually from Florida. He wasn't able to get the same flight as all of us out of Miami and was going to have to fly in at a different time. There is much chaos at the airport in Port-au-Prince since flights in have just opened up in the past few days. But God worked all that out! Joe's flight to Miami was cancelled in the middle of the night! He had to get to the airport by train...and ended up on our same flight! Hallelujah! To top it all off...Joe and I worked together in Houston for the Hurricane Ike disaster! Didn't realize it until I saw him in Miami. It was a great reunion!

We are staying at the Guest House of the Florida Baptist Convention. There are other teams here from all over. Some are just now coming in from ministering today. We are about to eat dinner so I will have to finish this later. Just wanted everyone to know that we arrived safely.

I am so excited...the food smells like the home cooking in Africa! I can't wait! You all know that I am not a huge food person...but I love my African food. One of the ladies here said we are going to love the Haitian food!

Continue to pray! I will post specific requests later!

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