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May 14, 15, 16 - by Meredith, Brayden & Lynell & word from Eydie

Uganda Children Update #9 – May 14, 2010 (Written by Meredith Moore)

Today was my Golden Day! It was a day filled with adventures and excitement. The day started off great with Brayden & Kristina sharing about the name of Jesus. After that, we got into the van to go to VBS at a church. We were waiting to leave when Kristina screamed & leaped out of the van! There was a cockroach in Lynell’s hair. The rest of us quickly climbed out scared that a cockroach would crawl on us. Not wanting to get back in the van, the hotel was kind enough to take us to the church. VBS at the church was great! There were about 70 kids in attendance. Ten kids came forward to accept Christ as their Savior!

Our driver had sprayed the van while we were in VBS. We decided to be strong and courageous and ride back to the hotel in the van. There were still cockroaches dying at our feet. Someone started singing, “Amazing Grace!” It was the shakiest “Amazing Grace,” I’ve ever heard. Our short 5 minute drive seemed to take longer than normal, but we safely arrived back at the hotel.

We had to head back to Calvary Chapel and help with the youth conference. No one wanted to ride in the cockroach infested van. Seeing how nervous we were, the hotel was gracious enough to take us.

The youth conference went really well. It was nice to hang out with older kids and listen to great messages. When the conference was over for the day, we got to ride pichi pichi’s (private motor bikes) back to the hotel. It was a time of fun, but wish my driver would have driven faster! Brayden, April, Eydie and I decided to ride like a local and sit sidesaddle.

We still had the cockroach issue that night, making it impossible to go to the home. Instead, we had dinner at the hotel next door. The view of the sun at night was amazing. The food was great and the conversation even better. It was a great and fantastic week of ministry and a wonderful Golden Day!

Written by Meredith Moore

Uganda Children Update #10 – May 15, 2010 (written by Bradyn Brown)

Since today was my Golden Day, I got to write the update! The team started the day off at Calvary Chapel, Jinja. We’ve been helping with a youth conference there and today was the last day of the conference. We got there in time for worship, which is always encouraging. We then had the first teaching session of the day. The session was about how love equals obedience. It was a great reminder for everyone on the team. After the session, the team broke up into pairs and helped lead small group discussions for the youth. Getting to pour into the youth in that way was such an awesome experience.

The coolest part of the youth conference for me was going able to watch some of the youth be baptized. The church set up a pool and gave all of the kids who had accepted Jesus the opportunity to be baptized. There were about 30 kids that were baptized that afternoon. It was such a blessing to watch.

After the youth conference & a little shopping, we went to the home. Today we started painting with the children. The kids are making paintings that Eydie will be able to take home and use as tools for the ministry. So far, their turning out really cute and fun!

Another highlight of the day was that Annette (one of the house parents at the home) came into our team time and gave us a little lesson in one of their traditional dances. Annette is amazing. Many of the team members are determined to continue practicing until they get it right!

My Golden Day concluded with a lovely ride back to the hotel. It included a beautiful medley of Disney songs and much laughter! It was exactly what we all needed and the end to a very good day!

Written by Brayden Brown

Uganda Children Update #11 – May 16, 2010 – Written by Kristina on behalf of Lynell Berg

Things are still amazing here! We got to sleep in today a little bit! (Today is Lynell’s Golden Day. We love and appreciate her!)

At breakfast, a man named Pastor Tony (from England) came to our tableand spoke great truth into our lives. Eydie had met him and his group last May. Some of the ISP team from last year may remember their team. God uses so many people here to encourage us. Some of us are wearing our new African dresses to church today. We attended service at Revival Center Church & experienced a traditional African service. Worship is so fun and alive (dancing & cheering included!) Introductions are valued in Uganda and we had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the congregation. And, as if we haven’t already experienced SO many amazing things… we walked out of church to see an Operation Christmas Child gift distribution!! Some of us were moved to tears because we have made up boxes in the past. Smiles were on all faces as they opened their gifts. God has given us so many once-in-a-lifetime memories. Seeing Christmas in May is one of those moments! We spent the rest of the day at the Children’s Home playing and doing small groups.

We are excited to have one more week and we will FINISH STRONG . Thank you for your prayers!

Written by Kristina for Lynell

Uganda Children Special Update – May 19, 2010 (by Eydie)
This one is out of order…but wanted to take a moment to update you on current situation. One of the reasons that Kristina has written Lynell’s update is because Lynell has been dealing with a toothache the past few days. We ended up taking her to the dentist. First we tried a local dentist in the town of Jinja. The anti-biotics and pain meds were not doing the job. After consulting back and forth with the MOB squad (you guys are AWESOME!) the plan was to take her to Kampala. The owner of our hotel told us of an American dentist in Kampala.

One of the staff at the hotel took the morning to drive us there. He is very used to Kampala so he took us right to the Mengo Hospital where there was a dental clinic. Last night I was able to talk to the 9 pm! Unheard of in America to make a personal call to your dentist! He said today was all booked, but if I came and told them it was an emergency he would squeeze us in.

When we arrive, the dentist of our hotel owner where we stay said, "oh, you are the one!" Our hotel owner, Mr. Otile had already called them. They took us right in. Instead of waiting hours...we only waited about 15 minutes. We entered the waiting area, and there was a huge wall hanging that said, “You can receive Christ right now…the following is a suggested prayer…” Wow! Then on the next wall where we were sitting there was a plaque. It was dedicated to the founder and director of the Worldwide Dental Health Service sponsoring and inspiring Missionary dentists! The real topper was that it included the verse from 2 Timothy 4:7-8, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race. I have kept the faith” REALLY! We were speechless!

The dentist was an American dentist but had been in Kampala since 1979 (had signed up to serve for 2 years!). He is originally from Texas. He was so kind and helpful. Lynell was extremely at peace and more comfortable than the day before.

He asked a lot of questions...took an x-ray (that amounted to 10,000 shillings - about $5) and gave his assessment which is she needs a root canal. After discussing options, he said she could continue to take anti-biotics and pain medicine. If the swelling decreases she will be fine to wait until she arrives home to get the root canal. This was a huge praise to the Lord! She is doing fine tonight…taking meds and eating her meals. Continue to pray for her that the anti-biotics will do their job and swelling & pain will decrease.

I hope you are enjoying the updates from the students. We are having an amazing time here in Uganda. The team is definitely finishing well! More to come in the next few days!


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