Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We Have Arrived in Uganda - Update #1

We have arrived in Uganda! - Update #1

Our team has arrived safely in Uganda! I am glad to be back in my second home! The past few days have been very exciting. Last week we had many people help our team by donating necessary items for our children’s ministry. Jeannette was able to secure the extra suitcases that we needed to bring the excess supplies. On Friday, I went to get the suitcases from Jeannette and two of her co-workers prayed with us. They had already donated many materials but asked if there were any other needs. I shared with them how our children in the home do not all have Bibles. In just two days they were able to secure 65 Bibles for our home! Praise the Lord!

On Friday, the trustee’s spouses also blessed us in a precious way. They have adopted various teams to pray over this summer. They surprised our team with journals for each team member. They included their photo with notes of encouragement in the journals. What a blessing!! Team members were journaling off and on throughout the two day journey to get here!

Special thanks to everyone who came to the globe to send us off on Monday afternoon! Our team and one more that is also going to Uganda are the first two teams out this summer! It has been exciting to travel together with the other Uganda team. We parted ways at the airport in Entebbe!

Imagine this…leaving the globe in Riverside around 4:15 pm…traveling on the 91 Freeway towards Los Angeles International Airport. That always signals traffic! But God answered prayer and opened up the carpool lane! We literally had no traffic! We made it to LAX with no problems. Our huge bus even had the video/tv screen. We got to watch Alvin & the Chipmunks #2 on the way!

God continued to part the way as there was literally no line to check in! No line! We also traveled with extra pieces of luggage to bring supplies to the home. We each are allotted by ISP one piece of luggage. The airline allows 2 pieces per person (or so I thought!) I had permission from ISP to use the secondary piece of luggage. I was so excited! This was the most supplies I have ever been able to bring to the home. Suddenly in the midst of the packing on Sunday, I thought to check one more time the baggage allowance. Turns out that they had changed it from 2 bags to only 1 free bag! As I was on the phone with the airline, I was praying that the answer for how many bags we could take would multiply to 2. As I prayed, God not only said 2…but the agent said we were actually allowed 3 free bags each under the category we were traveling! Wow! There again is the story in Matthew about Jesus feeding the 5000…not only did God provide, but He provides leftovers! Praise the Lord! We ended up with 23 bags of supplies (with the addition of the 65 Bibles at the last minute) the luggage all made it!

Our flights were GREAT! We had smooth sailing on both flights. We had a good time in London on the 6 hour layover. Of course we found the Starbucks!

The team is doing great! They are all so excited to finally have arrived! After the semester long training they are just happy to be here! We had a 28 passenger van waiting for us…as well as our family from Living Hope Children’s Home! It is always so good to walk out at the airport and see familiar faces! We first saw Brandi & Kurt (or as the January team will remember … Kort!) then Godfrey & Shadrack. We were also welcomed with a little bit of rain!

We had a special treat on our way home to Jinja. Pastor Scott & his team from Unchanging Truth Ministries were leaving today to head back home. As they were on their way to Entebbe, we were able to meet up in Mukono to give one another hugs and encouragement! It was fun to be able to see them and have them meet our team. They have good reports to share as they return home.

We stopped in Mukono to meet up with Godfrey’s wife, Irene and one of their daughters. We will be ministering at their church sometime in the course of the next few weeks.

Of course we were able to stop and have the traditional “chicken on a stick” and “roasted bananas!” Yummmm! They all seem to like it! They are all officially here now!

We had lunch at the hotel and now they are resting! We will have a short time to meet together at 5 pm before heading to sleep!

We will have our schedule soon of the places we will be ministering in. Until then,

1) Please pray that tonight the team gets a good night sleep.

2) Everyone is in good health and doing great! Pray for continued good health.

3) Pray as we develop the schedule for the places we will be ministering in.

4) Pray for our team to continue to remain unified. Pray we grow closer together as a team as the weeks go forward.

5) Pray for each individual to grow in the relationship with Him.

Thank you for your prayers and your support. We just wanted you to know that we have made it safely and all is well…extremely awesome!

We love you all and miss you all very much!

Kare (goodbye)


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