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Monday, May 10, 2010 - by Ashleigh

Uganda Children Update #5

Olyotia! Today was our first day in the villages. After a beautiful & exciting drive through the sugar cane fields and coffee plants we reached the first set of huts. We were greeted by a group of four smiling children yelling, “muzungu, muzungu!” (luganda word for “white person”). They continued to follow our van waving and smiling with every new step. They followed us until we reached the village called “Konko.” The village was quite a ways from when we first saw them. But the distance didn’t seem to bother them because they were so excited! This brought tears to my eyes as well as several other teammates.

Once we got out of the van we began walking towards the village. Women began emerging from the huts, screaming & shouting with excitement! We were ushered into the small church building. It is constructed solely of mud and sticks. A symphony of voices began serenading us as the local choirs sang their tribal songs. As the multitude of children kept increasing it took everything in me to hold my emotions together. It was such a beautiful and breathtaking sight, one that I will always cherish and never forget.

When the praise time came to a close we were introduced to the elders of the church. It is here we realized that this was not just one village, but several that united for this event. It was such an honor to be a part of something so great. As the introductions continued, the team and I were continually thanked for coming all this way just to be with them. The people here are so passionate, caring and kind in everything they do. We had the privilege of sharing the message for the day. Standing in front of over 250 people, I realized that this may be the first time and only time they get to hear about Jesus. It was such a humbling moment. Once the message was presented, 100 children and 4 adults gave their lives to Christ. I know I can speak for the whole team when I say that this was an amazing day. One hundred and four new believers that now know the love of Christ and are a part of God’s family!

With all this excitement, I almost forgot that today was my “Golden Day!” I think it was the best Golden Day in the history of Golden Days! I am having such an incredible time here in Uganda. I am so honored to be serving alongside such incredible women. God is teaching me so much. I am looking forward to the beautiful days that lie ahead!

Kare! Asheigh Friejo

Prayer Requests:

1) For our Vacation Bible School tomorrow (Wednesday) in a new village.

2) For those who have made decisions for Jesus Christ. For the local churches that are doing the follow-up on all who made decisions.

3) Continued good health for the team. They are doing well.

4) For the team as I am having them take turns in leading the staff devotions at the Hotel Paradise. We have been given the whole week as well as part of next week to lead in the sharing of God's Word. They have been doing a great job!

5) Pray as the team is ministering in Living Hope Children's Home each day. They are not only having time to just play with the children, but they are leading in small group studies. I also have the team leading in evening devotions as well. Pray as they continue to stretch themselves!

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