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Raining Hope Uganda Trip August 8-23, 2010

Update #3
The past two days have been filled with blessings from God!

It was good to have morning devotions with the staff of Hotel Paradise! That is always one of my favorite experiences. It is so good to start our day with worship, praise, prayer and hearing from God’s Word. It is even better when we can do that with our brothers & sisters in Christ!

We finally made it to the bank yesterday to exchange money. When I was here in May, Uganda had just started releasing their new currency. The old currency is slowing fading out. The bills are very beautiful and colorful, much like that of places in some of our asian continents.

I took Denise & Kelly to town to do some of their first shopping. First stop was my friend, Rita’s shop. For those of you who purchased some of the paintings on cloth from Rita, she was very thankful for your support! Her little daughter, Mary had been waiting for me to arrive. At first Mary was very shy and kept giving me a curious eye! She kept slowly inching towards me. Then a little girl next door came in and began playing the drums with me. That is all it took! Suddenly, Mary latched onto my legs and buried her head next to me. Her mother began speaking in Luganda to her and quickly scooted the girl back to her family. Rita said, “Mary doesn’t want anyone else touching you! She said she is your friend!” After that she latched onto me throughout the shop and didn’t let go! We then traveled to the familiar spot of the Source CafĂ©. Good to see old friends and sit to eat lunch a grab a cup of coffee. Brandi, I missed having you here for that cup of latte!

In the afternoon, we went to Living Hope Children’s Home to have time with our children. I met with one of our directors of the school some of children attend. They have been very patient with us as we have been behind on school fees. This term finishes up this week. Be in prayer with us as we need to catch up on these fees before the new term begins in a couple of weeks.

When we arrived at the home we were unloading the suitcases of supplies that we have for the home. As I looked up, coming down the road was our friend, Janet from Cornerstone Church. She is the one that I was delivering the suitcase of supplies from the other ministry back at home. It was a nice reunion and great timing! She was so thankful for the supplies and the love behind it.

We also had our first devotion time with the children that night. All I have to say is, “We are going to be … “ and they all shout “Strong & Courageous!” It is amazing how that theme verse from my ISP trip in May of 2009 has become the theme of Living Hope!

On Friday morning I was greeted by Douglas, one of the staff here at the hotel. I loved his greeting… “Thank you for waking up!” I agreed that I was happy to have woken up too! We need to all be thankful that God has given us life today!

We had a great devotion time led by Edward of the hotel. It was the reminder from Romans 1:14-15 of our responsibility to go into the world and share His love. I shared with the group about a prayer request that has come from California Baptist University. A traffic crash that occurred on August 9th killed one of the CBU cheerleading coaches.
A van carrying the cross-country team of California Baptist University to training in Bishop was struck by an out of control SUV. The CBU cheerleading coach who was driving the van was killed instantly. There were 12 students in the van she was driving.
If you go to the following website you will be able to get the details on how to pray for the students & families involved in this tragic event. Please keep California Baptist University in your prayers.
Yesterday was an exciting day of watching God provide. We moved around Jinja town and the local market purchasing items for the home. Through the generosity of gifts from those of you at home, we were able to buy much needed mattresses for some of the beds. We had not replaced any of the mattresses since we started the home close to three years ago. These are very simple foam mattresses…and some were falling apart. We also purchased sandals for all of the children as some have been walking barefoot for lack of shoes. We are searching for new mosquito nets in the next few days as well as other supplies. Solomon made a funny comment as we moved around. He said, “Eydie, you know more people in town than I do!” Ha! Guess I really have become a Ugandan!
We also have had a generous gift given to purchase more food. Our supply has been very low. There have been days when they have gone without food. When there is food it is limited to poshe and beans. A kind gift was given so we could give the children more variety and nutrition. We will be purchasing that food as well.

That evening during devotions, I shared from Psalm 9 “I will praise you, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all the marvelous things you have done. I will be filled with joy because of you. I will sing praises to your name O Most High.” We spent time just thanking God and praising Him. It is amazing that when I asked what the children are praising God for… almost all of the answers had to do with their relationship with God, that they have a Savior who loves them, that they are alive in Christ! The answers did not focus on material things, even though we were able to purchase items for the home yesterday. It was a moment that touched my heart because of their love for the Lord.

Last night as we came back to the hotel, I was pleasantly surprised to see Edward. The amazing thing was he had his 2 year old son with him! The last time I had seen his son is when the ISP team of 2009 went to visit Edward and his family at their home. Their son was only a few days old when we met him! Now he is walking around! What a tender moment!

I was also surprised to have Pastor Gerald stop by the home last night! He just came by to say hello. His wife, Ruth is the one who made the necklaces I brought back on my last trip. He shared what God is doing in their lives and what ways they are moving towards the future. One of the comments that he made was a great ending to my day. He said that they have been teaching their young twins to pray. As Ezekiel went to pray one night (2 years old) all he said was, “God, please bless Aunty Eydie.” Out of the mouth of a child.

It rained again last night! He is showing down His blessings. We are starting Saturday with great anticipation to what He will do today!

We are continuing to pray for a downpour of His rain.


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