Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chapter 10 Update #3

October 3, 2010

The past two days have been filled with many activities. I went to the staff devotions on Friday morning and the message was on finishing well! That being the theme of our ISP trip in May with CBU…it was very encouraging to hear the message that Edward had for us that morning. When I saw him in the business center later he also told me that they have been carrying on with “Golden Day!” For those of you that are new to these updates, during the course of the trip, each person will have a “Golden Day.” That is the day they are chosen to be loved on & encouraged all day long. The hotel staff loved the way they saw us honor one another. They said they should also do the same for their staff. On my last trip I brought them some of the Hawaiian leis I give to signify who is having a Golden Day. Edward said that they have started having them once a week! They are loving it! The power of a word of encouragement!

I spent Friday meeting with various individuals regarding our upcoming move. The
devotion time in the evening was spent talking with the kids about the move. They are so excited!! If all goes through with the house that we have found, it is in another district. They actually are excited about moving to a new area. The only questions they had were what to do about finishing the last term. But the children are seeing God’s hand at work. They are full of hope and excitement! They are ready to move, even with just these few days of notice. They are ready to do whatever is needed. We have amazing children! Thanks to all of you for your prayers. The end of the devotion time the children asked how everyone was doing…one by one! They would say, “How is…” If any of you reading this have come to Uganda…you can be sure that your name probably came up in our conversation. Even those of you who have not been here but who I have talked about…they asked!
We also went to see Pastor Paul in the evening on the way back to the hotel. I had surprised Paul as well as he didn’t know that I was in town. We had the greatest time of sharing with one another. We talked for hours! We spent a long time just catching up with our lives! Just like what the children did at the home, we went down one by one how everyone back in California is doing. Paul sends his love to all of you!
Annette was also with us escorting me back to the hotel. She was all dressed up this time looking very “smart.” That is the word used meaning you are dressed nice. It turns out that she had never been to the hotel! Solomon, Annette & I had our dinner there in the restaurant which was a treat for her. The funniest story of the night was about her daughter Sharon. Both Sharon and her brother, Henry had accompanied me back to the hotel from time to time. One time Sharon went back after her first visit to the hotel and told them, “I have been to America!” We laughed so much about that! She really believes that the hotel was America. I began to ponder on that and had a sobering thought. If she thought my simple little room at the hotel was where I was from…what would she think if she visited us in real America? What would they think of our big houses and all of our “stuff?” I also wondered how they could think I only live about 15 minutes away from the home…and only come to visit 4 times a year?
Saturday was another new day for me. I tried to spend some time on the computer to do some work as we are trying to make the decisions about the move. The good thing about the Business Center is when the power is about to go down, a warning bell will go off. It gives me just enough time to close out what I am working on. If only we could live our lives like that. When danger is approaching, we should heed that quickly to the warning signs. Sometimes it would be nice if the warning signs were that clear!
Solomon had to go to Kampala today to take care of some study. So he decided to leave me the car! Now, in all the times that I have been here, I have not ever driven. Solomon decided that it was time. He said not to worry. They have made me a resident here…and said it was time to take the step of driving. Robert Otile was also in on that conversation and was surprised to find out that I had not driven as of yet! So with their encouragement … they sent me off with these words, “Just remember to stay to the left and watch out for the boda boda’s!” Ha!
I only ventured from the hotel to town. I parked the car and left it in one spot…in front of Rita’s shop! I walked all around town visiting all of my friends in their shops. I ventured back to the hotel and was so excited about my first day of driving! When I drove in the complex, two of the guards were so surprised to see me in the drivers seat! For some reason, driving has turned out to be the seal on my becoming a true Ugandan!
This trip has been a follow up to the reconciliation that began in August. I have been hearing what God has been doing in the lives of individuals who have made significant steps in making things right with individuals. God is raining down His blessings in response to obedience!
We continue to trust God in what to do next. The current landlord is sending someone today to collect the money for the rent. We just have to pay the electricity & water bill and we will be free to leave the property. Praise the Lord!
Here are our current prayer requests:
1) We are still praying about the 2 story house. We are in negotiations about how many months we have to pay in advance. They seem to want us in the house. Pray they will accept a lower amount than 1 year in advance.
2) The second house we are considering is quite a bit smaller. With only 3 bedrooms and the outside quarters it wouldn’t work to house all of the children. But if the other house falls through, we have this as an option.
3) School. The children are in their third term of this school year. Continue to pray about this item. We are trying to determine how they can finish the term where they are at.
4) WE NEED YOUR HELP. Thanks to those who have already helped sacrificially in giving to assist the children. In the midst of a struggling economy, we recognize the generosity of your gifts. Thank you for caring for the children.
a. If you would like to help in this critical need of moving into a new home, you can make a tax-deductible donation of any size.
b. Contact our treasurer for Raining Hope Inc., Carol John at as soon as possible. You can also go to our website at You can make credit card donations at that site.
5) Continue to pray for the transition. Pray especially for the children and for the staff. Pray for all of the relationship that are involved.


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