Friday, October 1, 2010

Uganda Trip - September 27-October 9, 2010

Chapter 10 Update #1
September 25, 2010

Yes, Chapter 10 means…trip #10! I will be leaving on Monday, September 27, 2010 to return to Uganda. I will be traveling by myself this time. It works well for the projects that need to be taken care of this time.
1) We will be moving out of the current property to a new home. Here are the answers to the questions that are most asked…
a. Question: Did you receive the full $5,000 needed to move? Answer: Not quite. We are still in need of approximately $2,500 to clear our balance.
b. Question: Where are you moving to? Answer: We have been looking into various homes for let (rent). There are various options. Solomon is waiting until I arrive to make the final decision.
c. Question: How much do you need to get into a new place? Answer: Not sure. It will depend on the new landlords. We are looking for a place to rent between $300-$400 a month. If we had $1,000 that should suffix for the move in cost.
d. Question: How many children do you care for in the home? Answer: We currently have 40 children and youth. Some are away at boarding school. We have 3 staff members and their families that we will also move with us to the new facility.
2) It became necessary for me to travel to Uganda to help facilitate this move. This trip had less time in between than most of my trips. I want to thank my family and friends for understanding and supporting me as I go. My husband, Michael, daughter’s Kiana & Heather, and friends (especially Carol & Sylvia) do a tremendous job going into “Africa mode” as they call it. Thank you all for supporting me in this way. Love you all!
a. Question: Did you get the necessary funds to travel? Answer: Not yet. With the cost of the airline ticket, accommodations, & in country transportation, we are in need of approximately $2,000-$2,500.
3) Question: Is it too late to send money to help? Answer: No. We do need your help. If you would like to make a tax-deductible donation or any size you have a few options:
Contact our treasurer for Raining Hope Inc., Carol John at . Her phone number is 805-377-7387. You can mail checks to her attention at 507 Fernwood Drive, Oxnard CA 93030.
You can also go to our website at You can make credit card donations at that site.
If you have already sent in money…THANK YOU! We trust God to do what only He can do. ( Matthew 14:17-21)
4) Question: Are there any other needs? Answer: Yes. I want to highlight 2 items:
a) Used laptop. If anyone has a lap top they are no longer using, it would help our home tremendously to have one that Solomon could use to keep our records.
b) Van transportation. We are still praying for the funds to come available for the van we use while in country. It is in great shape. We could use the van to transport the children to and from church. There are times they can not attend church because we cannot afford to rent a van. Cost is currently $5,000.

We have claimed The Promised Land. We are packing and leaving Egypt. No turning back, no turning back. Our breakthrough has come. The blessings are pouring out! Thank you for being a part of what God is doing.

38 They will be my people, and I will be their God. 39 And I will give them one heart and one purpose: to worship me forever, for their own good and for the good of all their descendants. 40 And I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good for them. I will put a desire in their hearts to worship me, and they will never leave me. 41 I will find joy doing good for them and will faithfully and wholeheartedly replant them in this land.
Jeremiah 32:38-41
Please feel free to contact Carol John while I am traveling if you have any questions or would like to help. You can also reach me by email.

Thank you for partnering together with Raining Hope!

Blessings & peace to you!
“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

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