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The Ugandan Dream - December 2, 2014

by Raining Hope
We hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving!!!   We have so much to be thankful for.  We appreciate everyone who is helping us realize our dream for the children of Raining Hope.   Here are two precious testimonies of the children of Kelly & David Marley.  Kelly is one of the team members that traveled to Uganda this summer with our Service Project team.  When I heard how the Launch touched their hearts,  I wanted to share their story with you.  I pray that it blesses your heart today! 

Katelyn (age 9): 
The reason why I love Raining Hope is because God is protecting them and He is going to take care of them until they have enough money to buy the house.  They need a house so they can be happy - they're even happy now, I just want them to be able to move into their new house.  I love the kids there, especially Maria.  I really hope that when my mom goes to Uganda again, she'll be able to tell Maria about all the things I've been doing.

When I came to the Raining Hope fundraiser, I was really thinking about how I know how much the kids need this house.  When it started, during the worship time, we were singing to God.  I really liked when we saw the video about the kids.  I liked hearing stories about how much the kids care for all of us and how much they loved my mom, and Pastor Doug, and Miss Eydie. When the fundraiser was over, I was hoping the kids would be happy and have fun and live happily in the house and God would provide them with everything they need.

I love the way the kids are friends with each other.  I love how they treat each other and the house parents.  I love how they have one heart, connected to God

The reason why I wanted to give some money is because I love these kids and I wanted to help them get their new house.  I want them to be in a house that can fit them all.  I want God to give them all that they need - food, water, a home, people to care for them and keep them safe.  We checked our bank online and I took $40 from my savings account to give towards the Ugandan dream.  I had saved up $75 and I wanted to give $40 because I think they need the money more than I do.  I have all my needs taken care of here.   I think that God will be able to provide the rest of the money for the kids to get the house.

Jonathan (age 6): 
I like listening to the Raining Hope kids sing.  I like to sing along to their CD.  I wanted them to have a house so they can be happy and never get kicked out of a house again.  I am thankful for the house that I have, and I want them to have one too.

I have been blessed to see my kids learning to care as deeply for the children of Raining Hope as I do.  Children think so simply and concretely - "I have a house, I want them to have one." "I have food, I want them to have food."   I pray that their enthusiasm will spill over into their conversations with their friends and that it will be contagious. 

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