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The Ugandan Dream - November 18, 2014

It has been just a little over 1 week and we have hit the $30,000 mark!  Thank you to everyone who is praying, giving and sharing our story with your friends and family!   I spoke at my home church, Saticoy Church in Ventura this past Sunday.  I shared these words from a song by Royal Tailor called “Making Me New.” 

“I can’t hide, no I can’t keep quiet
It’s like my hearts on fire and 
I can’t get over it, can’t get control of it
It’s not your typical love it’s a miracle, 
You stepped into my world
And You gotta hold me, 
Now You won’t let go of me
I’ve got a feeling that I can’t explain
Like I’m crawling out of my skin
Dead till the moment that You said my name
Now my heart is beating again.”  

I love this!  I have a feeling I can’t explain!  It is like I am crawling out of my skin!  

Something amazing is happening.  Pastor Cliff Howery always taught that we should only want to be explained by the miraculous.  On paper & in my head, Raining Hope truly believes this. Yet, now I am EXPERIENCING & witnessing the miraculous.  This process has made the 18 inch trip from my head to my heart.  What is happening now can ONLY be explained by Him.  All glory truly belongs only to God.  He alone is doing great things!!!   

Thank you for being a part of what Raining Hope is doing to raise up a generation of people who will be used by God to change Uganda and the world.

You can continue to help us by 
  1. Praying!  
  2. Sharing our story with others on social media. , Facebook (Raining Hope Inc.) or our giving page    Share and Like our pages! 
  3. Sharing our story at your church.  We are available to come and speak about The Ugandan Dream. 
  4. Attend the Annual Christmas Boutique at Saticoy Church on December 6th from 2-4 pm.  More information is on our Facebook page.  We will be sharing the Ugandan Dream as well as hosting a tamale fundraiser and a Christmas boutique.  
  5. Making a donation towards the goal of purchasing the home for the kids.  

These are just a few ways that you can be involved.  “I’ve got a feeling that I can’t explain...Like I’m crawling out of my skin!”   Join us and you will see what we are talking about!!!!   

Thank you for loving our kids! 
eydie ! 

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