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Chapter 21 - Update #12 - February 26, 2016

Note:  I was preparing to post Chapter 22 and realized that update #12 was sent out by newsletter but not posted.  Here is that post from the January 2016 trip!  
Before I give the last update on my traveling home on January 25th, I want to update you on the Presidential elections. 

First, thank you for joining us in prayer.  
President Museveni was reelected with 60.75% of the vote over his closest opponent, Besigye who received 35.37% of the vote.   Social media was shut down to avoid false rumors from being spread during the elections.  Godfrey kept in contact with me when he could get through.  We are praising God that the children all remained safe during the process.  

We continue to ask for your prayers.  There is still some concern what the opposition will do in light of the results.  They still have mayoral elections next week.   The tension that exists will remain until the inauguration three months from now.   If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.   A lot of what is on social media is false.  I will try and keep you up-to-date as I hear directly from Godfrey.  The main truth is the children are fine and are excited about starting school. 

We were able to send some money so the children could start school this week.  Please pray with us as we still need to raise the balance for the first term.  
Thank you for your prayers and your support.  Godfrey has expressed his thanks for you joining us in prayer during this critical time for their nation. 

To finish Chapter 21, Monday, January 25, 2016 was a special day.   I spent the morning trying to finish last minute notes.  I missed breakfast and rushed down to the morning fellowship at the hotel.  I was to share one more time in the devotions before leaving for the airport.  I was so late I thought I missed the worship and would just lead the devotion.  To my surprise, no one was in the hut!   I looked around wondering if I made a mistake with the time.  Normally by now at least one person is there preparing the space.  

I decided to just go ahead and worship alone.  I pulled out my music and began to sign to a song.  I had a private moment with the Lord getting ready to again leave my special home at the edge of the Nile until the next time.  It was getting close to 9 am which is when we normally finish the devotions.  As I turned to leave, Esther and another one came apologizing for their lateness.   They wanted to go ahead with the devotions even with what I thought was just a couple of us.  My only issue was that Godfrey would soon come to pick me up for the journey to the airport.  

But the ones who were there started preparing.  The chairs were brought out and put into place.  Instead of just going into the devotion, we still had a time of worship to prepare our hearts. I love that.  We didn’t skip worship.   At that moment,  I relaxed and just asked the Lord to prepare the way to the airport.  I knew this time was important for my hotel family.  So I trusted that all would go well even though we would leave later than expected.  As we worship, more people came.  By time we got to the devotions there were at least 15-20 people there which is more than normal.   In the time of devotion it was a summary of this journey and a reminder to continue seeking Him at the river...allowing our roots to go down deep.  It was an encouraging time to reflect on His Word together.  

When we were done, Robert Otile, General Manager for the hotel and dear friend got up to speak.
  This is the first time that has happened.  I thought he was just going to lead in a time of prayer for my flight home.  But what came next took me by complete surprise.  He began talking about how we are all family.  In all honesty, I don’t remember all that he said.   What I do remember was Robert sharing that when I go home he knows I share the story of what God is doing in Uganda.  But they wanted to have a way to tell all of you from their hearts the story of how God is using me. 

On behalf of the Chairman of the Board which is his father, Mr. Francis Otile, they presented me with a beautiful framed certificate of recognition from the Paradise Hotel.  This was a first.  When I post photos at a later time you will see the words they used.   As long as my updates are, this I have no words for what truly happened. 

This is why they were late.  They were gathering up people to come to make this presentation.  It was an honor and a complete surprise.  It is something that I will forever cherish from my family at Paradise Hotel.  

Godfrey was there as well which meant the world to me.  It became very hard for me to leave my family at the hotel on this journey.  The one thing that helped was knowing I was going to stop by the house to see the children on the way to the airport! 

We had less time at the house but it turned out to be just enough time.   We hugged and prayed and just loved on one another!!    It is always hard to leave but we do it in a way that brings honor to the Lord.  God did so much on this journey that all we could do was stand back and be thankful!   
Godfrey and I made the long journey to the airport.  No time for chicken on a stick because we used the additional time at the hotel!   The hotel actually packed breakfast for the both of us since I had missed it.  

We had great conversations on the three hour journey!  Godfrey has been instrumental in helping me with the new policies regarding sponsorship, letter writing and gift giving.   All that will be announced soon as we launch our new sponsorship program!  Exciting things are coming!   Stay tuned!  

We made it to the airport with time to spare.  God definitely answered prayer.  Difficult to leave but always blessed to know that my “Ugandan family” is here & God is using them to glorify His name.  I am so thankful that God’s call on my life included this little spot on the face of this big world.  

Thank you all for journeying with me on my 21st trip to Uganda.  Because of the instability of the elections, going to Uganda for the next few months is not wise.  I will not be taking teams this year which I will talk about in upcoming newsletters.  I may be returning by myself sometime this summer when we are given the ok that it is safe.  

You can continue to pray for the children and their safety.  We are excited about this new phase we are entering with some of our children entering post-secondary schools.  God is continuing to bless and enlarge territories!   It is exciting to be a part of what God is doing.  YOU are all a part of that.  Thank you for taking the time to read.  Thanks to those who have written back a word of encouragement.  

On behalf of Godfrey and the family at Raining Hope, we all say a big THANK YOU for loving us. 

Thanks for reading Chapter 21! I know they were long, that is why I tried to BOLD key points in case you just wanted to skim through.  Hope that helped.  But long or short...all I want to do is allow you to participate in the miraculous things that I am witnessing.  I pray that the updates allow you to feel as if you are walking right alongside me.  
Love you all, 
mama eydie kisakye

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