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Chapter 22 - Update #2 - September 1, 2016

Raining Hope Service Project
August 24-September 12, 2016

I have made it safely to my home in Uganda! It took roughly 24 hours from the time Carol dropped me off at Dulles International Airport in Washington DC to my setting foot on Ugandan soil! I hope your last 24 hours on this journey with me was as smooth as my travel! I had such success in seat 17C on Alaska Airlines, I had wished I could occupy the same seat on Emirates! The only way to pull that off would have been to sit in business class which was a little bit (actually ALOT) out of reach! I settled into seat 47H from Dulles to Dubai and 45A from Dubai to Entebbe. Even though the seats next to me were occupied, you were still on my mind as my traveling companions!

I write from the comfort of my Ugandan home at the Paradise Hotel in room 35. This hotel has been my home away from home for the past ten years. But I also have a very specific room that I stay in each time. Only twice have I been in another room. The very first trip I was in a room near one of our other team members. On that trip I have said my life was turned “right side up,” not “upside down!” I loved that little room because it was a special part of what would forever change my life.

My second journey here I was traveling alone. So upon arrival it seemed only natural to ask about staying in the same room. The hotel staff wasn’t convinced that was the best room for me! I reluctantly followed as the person brought me to various rooms to give me other choices. I was sure at the end of the tour I was going to confidently say I would really like my old room. But then I walked into Room 35. Something happened that day as I was drawn in. I sensed a peace that truly passes all understanding. This room has a balcony that “had” a view of the Nile River. It also “overlooked” a little grassy area where the staff hang the daily laundry. It was breathtaking. They wanted me to see for myself that there was something better waiting if I would just trust them!

“Had” a view and “overlooked” a little grassy areas are past tense because it has now been 10 years. I no longer have a view of the Nile River because the tree that was planted just below my room has grown so big and tall it is the only thing that I see! The neighbor next door also added onto his property and a two story building blocks the view that direction. I can barely see the grass or even the roof next door! The original view drew me in but something much bigger kept me asking to return to the same room. Every time I am here in Room 35, God meets me in a very specific way. I can’t explain the significant quiet times I have had in the early morning hours on my balcony. I have prayed, signed music, cried and rejoiced. His Presence and love powerfully fill the room. The only other time I have been in a different room was because they were doing renovations and Room 35 was not available! Just as seat 17C became important to start Chapter 22, it is equally important for you to know the significance of room 35! So the welcome mat is out and you have entered into my Ugandan home where I graciously offer you a cup of coffee or Ugandan tea!

I write as a storyteller.

I only repeat that phrase not because this update is long, but because of my new luggage tag I noticed AFTER I arrived here. When I turned it over it read, “Travel leaves you speechless - then turns you into a storyteller!” I smiled and giggled as if God carved out that tag for me while we were traveling in air!

I have a story to tell you.

The last 24 hours I seem to have enough material to write a whole book! But first I need to share what I previewed in update #1 about God’s provision and His love. Some of you have graciously sent me encouraging words after the first update. You have said you are waiting with great anticipation with your cup of coffee in hand wanting more! For a storyteller you can’t ask for anything more!

On Thursday, August 18th a series of events were put into motion. First, I confess I have been extremely frustrated with my Yahoo mail! The latest problem is Yahoo randomly removes names (better than saying people!) from my mailing list designations. There is no rhyme nor reason to it. Even Carol & Heather who are a part of the Raining Hope staff have been mysteriously “undesignated!” I don’t know it has happened unless one of you tells me. Then again, how are you to know? On August 18th, the frustration level was high when I discovered Yahoo struck again and Heather became another victim of my now infamous mailing list hijacking! As we sat and watched TV, I manually went into my Raining Hope mailing list and discovered at least 10-15 precious supporters who were no longer receiving the monthly newsletters. I crafted a letter of apology and re-sent the current August newsletter to the unsuspecting victims! Little did I know the significance of how this frustration would lead to good.

While I was clicking away on the computer trying to fix this problem, another story was brewing. Godfrey sent me an email just after I had finished sending the last letter out for the night. He said they were becoming concerned about the upcoming crusade and conference. One of the priorities I had listed in the August newsletter was for the much needed sound equipment. We have been praying about this need for over a year now. We received funding to purchase some equipment for the January 2016 conference held at the home. It was just enough and the conference was a success. But I did not fully understand the scope of this upcoming crusade. Godfrey’s email to me was to pose the question, “should we consider postponing the crusade until December this year?”


It was one of those, “Can you hear me now?” moments. Did I hear that correctly?
I quickly responded. My tickets were bought and could not be refunded without penalty. I had just sent out the newsletter announcing details of the crusade. I explained we couldn’t postpone. There were no other options but to fully TRUST IN GOD. I asked the children to keep rehearing and planning by FAITH. I figured if Jesus could preach to thousands with no sound system, we surely could get by with what we had. I had no idea where the money was going to come from. The amount needed was approximately $5300. We began to pray.

Then came Friday. Remember my Yahoo frustration? I began to watch as God was going to use it for good. One of the addresses that I had manually fixed paved the way for us to experience the miraculous. The recipient of the newsletter had been praying. Because she requested to remain anonymous, I can’t give you all the details. But the newsletter was an answer to her prayers and confirmation of where they wanted to help. After a couple of precious phone calls, she informed me that they wanted to help fund the entire amount needed to purchase everything needed for the crusade! This truly left me speechless. By the end of the weekend, I had received a check for over and above the specified amount. This allowed us to buy a few items that were a part of Phase 2 of our media needs.

When I called Godfrey and the children to let them know that God answered our prayers... they shouted for joy and praised God! However, it became quiet very quickly. Godfrey said,

“Henry wants to talk to you.” I waited. The next voice was not Henry’s but Godfrey’s. He said,
“The children are speechless. They are requesting a break.”

Again, not sure what that meant, Godfrey who was speechless himself said, “They are overcome with emotion and they need a few minutes to recover.” They were so amazed at how God answered their prayers they truly were left SPEECHLESS.

Heading into this crusade and conference with this miraculous testimony has left them with a newfound faith and trust in God alone. Raining Hope has always wanted to be explained by the miraculous.

There is no other explanation. This is truly a miracle.

The reason they were concerned about the sound system is because the crusade is not happening at the house. It will be in the local marketplace in our community. With the competing noise of everyday life in a busy Ugandan market, the need for a loud system was crucial.

Please join us in prayer as we prepare to minister to the lost right here in our backyard. 
Raining Hope Ministries Uganda / Christ in You - The Hope of Glory
This will be a time to reach the lost for Christ. It will also encourage believers

with who they are in Christ to reflect His glory as His witnesses.

September 5-7, 2016
- Open Air Evangelism - 4:00 pm-7:00 pm (10 hours behind - 6:00
am-9:00 am PST)
Main Speaker: Pastor Godfrey

Special Music: Raining Hope Ministries / Mama Eydie Kisakye (signing music)
Testimonies by some of our children

September 8-10, 2016 - Follow-Up Conference - 4:00 pm-7:00 pm
Main Speaker: Pastor Godfrey & Mama Eydie Kisakye
Pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit. Pray for all involved as Raining Hope steps out

to be a Beacon of Hope to the world!

Take time to soak it all in! More coming soon about the actual purchase of the sound
equipment & the joy that is being proclaimed from these walls! Can you hear it now? Listen...they are shouting it from the rooftops!

mama eydie kisakye

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