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Chapter 22 - Update #1 - August 24, 2016

Raining Hope Service Project
August 24-September 12, 2016

I am writing this first update from seat 17C on my Alaska Airlines flight.  Turns out that flying first to Maryland for a week posed some interesting challenges!  On top of that, God did one miraculous thing after another this past week.  Not only did I have a hard time keeping up, I had an even more difficult time finding the time to write an update!  

For those of you who are new to my updates,  I want to get you ready for your part in this journey!  My first trip to Uganda was a mission’s trip at the end of 2006.  This year marks my 10th year of service to a place I consider home.  Hard to believe that I am now on my 22nd trip to Uganda.  The chapter coincides with the number of the trip.  Each trip is a chapter of the larger story of my call to Africa.  

I write as a storyteller.  You are on this journey with me.  So many of you are supporting us through your prayers and your giving..  I may be the one going, but your hearts are what I share with the children.  I want you to feel what I feel and see what I see.  The only way to do that is by the words I write.  I invite you into my story.  I actually have an empty seat next to me on this plane.  I imagine you sitting with me in 17B.  Just as I told the story of Raining Hope and the children to my new friend in 17A, I want you to be able to experience everything along with me. 

Updates are long as a story would be.  I have tried to shorten them by doing bullet points but then it would be nothing more than a table of contents.  I have tried highlighting key thoughts so like a speed reader, you could pick up on just the main points.  But then the experiences were getting lost in the translation.   I even tried writing shorter updates because a few said they were too long.  It was similar to having a bad connection on the phone, only hearing every other word with the familiar,  “Can you hear me now?”  This approach did not allow the heartbeat of the mission to be communicated clearly.   

So I have gone back to doing what I know He has required of me.  You know ahead of time that you are going to be reading a chapter in a story.   Grab a cup of coffee or tea and find a nice, comfy chair to settle into.   Prepare to journey with me into a story of God’s love for His children in a place called Raining Hope in a town called Jinja in Uganda on the continent of Africa. 

Because so much happens in one day, at times I will divide it into two emails.  For example, the past few days have left us utterly speechless as to all that God is doing.  There is so much to share that I will be telling that part of the story in update #2!  (Preview - provisions for the sound equipment & more!)   Believe me, I won’t be speechless in my email!  Words will come spilling out on the page.  I want you to be right there with me as you read!  Feel free to take breaks to absorb the excitement!   I will be posting the same updates on our blog but will add photos.  You can find us at .  Once in Uganda, I will try to send updates every few days depending on the reliability of the internet connection.  

I have been in Maryland all week preparing for this exciting journey.  The stopover here was not only to visit Carol, Diane, Teri and the puppies but it was specifically to attend a conference at Carol’s church.  A dear friend, Pastor Charles, has a non-profit organization that ministers mainly in Haiti and Nigeria.  He has been highly instrumental in his wisdom and support of the work I am doing.  His conference was a three-day launch for his newly established ministry.  It was an inspiring three days for me.  I came as a support for Pastor Charles knowing that God had a word for me.   God used it in an important way to prepare my heart for our crusade and conference.  I left the third session on Saturday in compete awe.  Speechless.  Simply speechless.  

The next couple of days are filled with last minute preparations.  I have included my travel schedule for you to journey with me.  As I fly on Emirates, I will imagine you sitting with me regardless if there is an open seat!  

So get ready for a grand adventure!  Chapter 22 officially has been opened!                  
Kale,  mama eydie kisakye 

Itinerary for Eydie - Chapter 22 - August 24-September 17, 2016 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016 
Alaska Airlines Flight 6 
Departs LAX - 12:45 pm Arrives Washington DC Reagan - 8:57 pm 

Wednesday, 31 August 2016 
Emirates EK 232 
Departs Washington DC Dulles: 10:55 am 
Arrives Dubai: 8:05 am (September 1)

Thursday, 01 September 2016 
Emirates EK 729 
Departs Dubai: 9:20 am 
Arrives Entebbe, Uganda 1:50 pm 

Monday, 12 September 2016 
Emirates EK 730  
Departs Entebbe, Uganda 3:50 pm 
Arrives Dubai 10:35 pm 

Tuesday, 13 September 2016 
Emirates EK 231 
Departs Dubai 2:20 am 
Arrives Washington DC Dulles 8:40 am 

Departs 17 September 2016 
Alaska Flight 5 
Departs Washington DC Reagan 9:15 am 

Arrives LAX 11:52 am 

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