Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Chapter 12 Update #1

June 1, 2011

International Service Project Uganda Team
June 1-22, 2011
Chapter 12 – Update #1

We are leaving today for Uganda! This is my 12th journey to Uganda! Each time I travel to Uganda, it is another “chapter” in this exciting path God has placed me. So, for those of you who are new to my updates, this is where “Chapter 12” comes in!

Thanks to everyone who responded to our 24 Hour Prayer Team! If you have signed up for a specific hour of prayer every day, THANK YOU! It helps to know that at any hour, someone is praying. If you have committed to praying for us overall during our journey, THANK YOU! We appreciate your support as well.

As of today, my team is 97% fully funded! According to the team, they have deposited other money that has not yet been posted. We believe we are actually about 99% funded! Praise the Lord! A couple of months ago, we were in danger of losing half of the team because of insufficient funds. God answers prayers!

Our team will have a send off at the Globe in front of the Yeager Center at CBU at 4 pm today (June 1st). If you are in the Riverside area, we would love if you would come and pray for my team before we depart.

Here is our itinerary:
British Airways
BA 268 LAX to London Depart June 1 – 9:20 pm
Arrive London June 2 3:25 pm
BA 63 LHR to Entebbe June 2 9:15 pm
Arrive Entebbe June 3 7:45 am

BA 62 Entebbe to LHR June 21 9:05 am
Arrive London June 21 4:00 pm
BA 279 LHR to LAX June 22 9:55 am
Arrive LAX June 22 1:00 pm

For team updates and stories about what is going on with our ministry while we are serving in country, family and friends may refer to the CBU website under 2011 ISP Updates:

For Raining Hope, you can also visit and visit my blog.

I will not be on Facebook during the three weeks. My team made a wise decision to be on a Facebook fast while they are in country!

Our team this year is “Yield.” Pray that the students will learn how to Yield to God’s purpose in order to yield or reap a harvest! We are exploring this from Jesus’ teaching from Luke 9:23, “Then he said to them all; ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.”

These are the items that we are praying for all of the International Service Teams this summer…
Team unity, Health, Self-discipline, safety, boldness, flexibility, communication, salvations, love, Holy Spirit led, surrender, courage, humility, personal growth, perseverance, wisdom, glorify God.

Eydie Miskel
Executive Director
Raining Hope Inc. / Team Leader ISP Uganda

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