Monday, June 20, 2011

Uganda Chapter12 Update #7

International Service Project Uganda Team
June 1-22, 2011
Chapter 12 – Update #7

Our week at Cornerstone Baptist Church in Kakira can only be explained by the miraculous! We had an awesome week. Each day the number of children grew. Adjusting the starting time made all the difference! Tuesday through Thursday we were running average between 200-225 children! Then yesterday (Friday) was our final day of ministry. We walked into the church and immediately knew that it would be our largest of the week. The children just kept on coming! We ended up with just under 400 children!! We are so thankful that Pastor Paul & his son Robert were there, as well as Solomon, Janet & a church member, Adidas. Pastor Paul offered the invitation to accept Jesus as Savior, and about 60 children came forward and prayed to give their lives to Jesus! Amen!!!! It was an overwhelming moment! Praise to our God!

In the midst of our week of heavy ministry, we did take moments of rest to visit a few of the local sights. We went to the Source of the Nile River and to Bujagali Falls. Both were moments of reflection of God’s beauty!

Please be in prayer for us today (Saturday) as we are going to minister at Cornerstone Baptist Church in a new way. We are conducting a Women’s Conference. Pastor Paul has said that over 106 women are signed up from 8 different churches! This is going to stretch the team as they signed up to work with children! But they are very excited to be able to share their testimony with the women. I will be leading in the conference and the team will be leading the small group discussions. We will be meeting from 11:30 am – 6 pm. We are expecting for God to do great things!!

I will send another update soon regarding our thoughts on Father’s Day!

Thank you for your prayers! We are in the home stretch. Some of the team members have caught colds. It is nothing serious. They are pushing through! Pray for the team to FINISH WELL!


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