Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chapter 12 Update #5

International Service Project Uganda Team
June 1-22, 2011
Chapter 12 – Update #5

We are at the half way point! Yesterday, one of the girls said that we have only 10 days left. That didn’t seem possible! We are loving Uganda! Time is flying by quickly!

We learned something new with the African culture on Thursday. As I reported in the last update, we were told there would probably be many more children at the VBS the second day. The children were out of school on a public holiday. Interestingly enough, when there is a one day holiday, the children are expected to do chores. This is a harvest time for beans. The children were all out in the fields working for their families! There also was a death in one of the families the night before. Many of those surrounding the effected family were in mourning. We carried on with about 50 children in attendance. They were mainly the younger children. The team loved it because they had more one-on-one time with the children. It was a much more manageable group! The team also loved their presentation of the cultural dance. We had another meal with our “Ugandan forks!”

We continue to be with our children at Raining Hope Children’s Home each afternoon. It’s been great to just play with the children, sing & dance with them & join them in evening devotions. We also began decorating bookmarks for Morgan Pedersen (from my first ISP team). She is going to use them in her upcoming wedding! Morgan, the bookmarks are looking great! The children are so excited that they have a part in your wedding!

I have been learning how to do more of the cooking this time. I have been helping Annette with the chapatti! The children are getting a kick out of watching me flip the chapatti over in the pan!

Yesterday was our day off. We took a boat on the Nile River & onto Lake Victoria. It was a much needed break for the team. It gave them an opportunity to just relax! We went to Samuka Island (about 45 minute boat ride). It is an island that now has a operating hotel. It is just a nice place to walk around, see the MANY birds and beautiful scenery.

On the way back we were able to stop at Raining Hope’s new land where the future home will be built! This is only the second team that has been able to visit our land. It was a highlight of the day.

We also stopped at the Source of the Nile, where Lake Victoria joins the beginning of the White Nile.

We were visited at lunch by my friends, Sheila & Michael Kajumba from Kampala. Their son, Aaron lives in Ventura. Sheila & Michael shared with them about Ugandan culture & life in Kampala. Michael blessed us by sharing the anointing he has in memorizing Scripture! He recited Ephesians 1, Acts 2, and Matthew 1,2,3! It was a powerful moment!

Please pray for us today (Saturday) as we are going to venture in a new direction. We are going to present a Women’s Conference to Revival Christian Center in Jinja. This is new territory for us as we normally work with children. This is going to be a great opportunity for the students to share their testimonies. We meet today from 12 noon – 2 pm.

Jordan is also going to begin working with our older teenagers in our home today. She has designed a Bible study around the theme of Esther. Please be in prayer for her.

Thank you for your prayers. They are making a difference.


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