Monday, June 6, 2011

Uganda Chapter 12 Update #3

International Service Project Uganda Team

June 1-22, 2011

Chapter 12 – Update #3

We have had a FANTASTIC first weekend in Uganda!

Saturday morning we ventured to the open market to buy food supplies for our meals. It was an interesting & eye opening experience for the team. Most Ugandans in the market live on approximately $1 a day. Yet it is to these people that Jesus looks at and calls “blessed.”

I took the team to Jinja town to introduce them to my friends who are shop owners.

The highlight of the day is when we arrived at Raining Hope Children’s Home! The children greeted us with shouts of joy and excitement! The children embraced the team and instantly made new friends. The team later expressed that finally arriving at the home was emotional, beautiful, joyful & indescribable! They spent the afternoon playing futbol and just getting to know the children. The team agreed that one of the most special moments of our first day at Raining Hope was the evening devotion time. Seeing the children worship & pray really touched the hearts of the team. One of the team members commented that “you can’t be taught how to worship that way.” The worship is so authentic & fresh. Many of our team members were so overcome to the point of tears. They were so thankful for the opportunity of worshiping with the children. They are looking forward to devotions & praise each evening at the home!

Yesterday we went to church services at Amazing Grace Worship Center in Bukaya. This church has become the new fellowship for the children of Raining Hope. We went to show our appreciation to the church for the way they have been coming alongside our children. It was a GREAT time of worship & fellowship! The team LOVED the worship, praise and dance! They commented on the freedom of worship as well as the simplicity. In the next update, I will have the team express their thoughts of worship in Uganda.

The rest of the afternoon at the home was filled with games, singing & signing songs, and lots of playing! Some of the girls had their hair braided! They looked beautiful! During our time of dancing, the children tried teaching our team some of their cultural dance. Our girls did great! We added some new songs yesterday! One of their new favorites is the “Chicken Dance!” Hilarious! Annette, our manager said, “This song is good!”

As our children say, “God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good. And that’s His nature, wow!”

Please pray for us this week as we are preparing for Vacation Bible School this week. More about that in the next update!



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