Monday, June 6, 2011

Uganda Chapter 12 Update #2

International Service Project Uganda Team

June 1-22, 2011

Chapter 12 – Update #2

We have arrived in Uganda! Thanks to all who came to the send off at the Globe at CBU! The whole process of LAX to London to arrival at Entebbe was good. Since we have not seen each other as a team for about a month, we were excited to reunite & finally be on our way to Uganda!

We arrived in Uganda at 7:45 am on Friday. Once we emerged from the terminal with our 5 carts of luggage, I spotted our friend who was there to pick us up. I always know I am back home when I see the familiar face of a friend! We piled in a van for the 2 ½ hour journey to Jinja. I love to watching the team’s eyes light up as they traveled through the roads of Africa for the first time. They just soaked in the sights and sounds of everything around them! We of course stopped for our customary “chicken on a stick!” They are official now! We think that Katy loved them the most!

The first afternoon at the hotel was spent resting, unpacking, & adjusting. At dinner tonight I asked the team what some of their first thoughts are of Uganda.

Hannah: Loves the simplicity of life.

Bradyn: When I stepped onto the tarmac, I felt like I had come home. I think I am going to cry.

Shay: There is calm here. I sensed it when I stepped off the plane.

Sarah: I knew it was going to be cool…but it is REALLY COOL!

Camille: It is a beautiful place. The people here are so happy.

Morgan: I thought the people would be friendly, but they are REALLY FRIENDLY!

Katy: It is so surreal. I am excited to be with the people.

Emily: I didn’t expect it to be so green. Life is different here but it is good.

Lauren: It is comfortable here. People are very friendly.

Jordan: I enjoyed walking off the plane right onto the tarmac. I like the relaxed atmosphere. I am excited to get working.

After a good night’s sleep, the team will be anxious to explore more of this place they too will call home for 18 more days. We will go to our Raining Hope Children’s Home today to see the children.

Please pray for us this first weekend. Pray for continued team unity. Pray the individual team member’s adjustment to culture and time change will be a smooth transition. Pray for good health.

For team updates and stories about what is going on with our ministry while we are serving in country, family and friends may refer to the CBU website under 2011 ISP Updates:

These are the items that we are praying for all of the International Service Teams this summer…

Team unity, Health, Self-discipline, safety, boldness, flexibility, communication, salvations, love, Holy Spirit led, surrender, courage, humility, personal growth, perseverance, wisdom, glorify God.


Eydie Miskel

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