Thursday, April 30, 2015

Chapter 19 - Update #10 - April 30, 2015

I still have one more day to update you on.  But before I was able to start writing that update, I received an email from Godfrey.  All is well...just wanted to include you in on a time of prayer and fasting.  

This is what Godfrey said, “We are doing well and are in prayer and fasting for three days.  We are thanking God, humbling ourselves before Him and creating time with Him.  We are dedicating the new house and our lives before God and it will all be for His glory.  We are also praying for good health since we have been experiencing health challenges.  At the same time, we thank God that we are getting better.  Everyone is experiencing renewed spiritual vigor. “  

I was filled with such joy when I received this news this morning.  I wanted to send this out so you can join us in prayer.  They are 10 hour ahead of us so it is already Thursday afternoon for them.  But I wanted to give you the opportunity to lift up a prayer alongside our children as they seek the Lord these next couple of days.  

An update on those who you can pray for specifically: 
Annet - has a problem with her backbone but is receiving treatment
Florence - she has had medical problems and they didn’t know what was wrong.  But doctors finally discovered it was her spleen and it was miraculously healed.  But now she apparently has problems with her gall bladder (stones) which had caused an infection and resulted in lower abdomen pain and fever.  She is fine now with completion of medication. 
Vivian & Maria - treatment for typhoid
Tabitha and young Joan are well now after their typhoid treatment
Jireh is well after receiving malaria treatment 

Continue to pray for healing and for protection of all of the children from further illness. 

In Update #9 I talked about the issue with typhoid.  I asked more questions with Godfrey to see what can be done with the growing problem in the country with water pollution & poor sanitation.  The new house that we are living in is the best house we have occupied.  It seems like poor sanitation is not an issue in this house.  So we are looking at all possible causes.  

As far as drinking water, they buy “water guard tablets” to put in the jerrican of water.  If they have no tablets then they boil the water.   The water does come from the National Water Pipeline that is treated but they also advise people to boil their water. 

The option we are looking at is buying a “water cooler” that will give the children safe drinking water.   It will cost us about $125 to purchase the cooler.  I don’t know what the water will cost us on a monthly basis yet but it is the best option to give them good, safe drinking water.  

The main cause of typhoid in the house has more to do with the toilets in the house.  The outside pit latrines will actually reduced the problem.  While I was there we were able to start the process.  Continue to pray that all necessary funds will come in so we can complete this soon & cut down the spread of the disease.  

These are just a few things to focus on in prayer when you remember the children the next two days.  They are still filled with so much joy and thanksgiving for all that God is doing in their lives!  

Please feel free to email me back if you have any specific questions.  If you have any financial questions about making donations, you can contact Carol John at 805-377-7387.  

Thank you for praying for our precious children at Raining Hope! 
Love you, 
mama eydie kisakye! 

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