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Chapter 19 - Update #3 - April 16, 2015

Raining Hope - Chapter 19  - Update #3 - April 16, 2015 

I have arrive safely in Uganda!  There was no internet service last night so I was not able to contact anyone until this morning.  I have now slept well and am ready for all that God has ready for me today! 

My flight to Uganda from Dubai took longer than expected.  It is normally a 5 hour flight that would have had me arrive at 1:30 pm.  But about 1:30 pm I looked at my watch and thought I had made a mistake in calculating Uganda time!  We were nowhere near landing.  Turns out, there were various weather issues that caused the delay.  By time we arrived in Entebbe it was close to 3 pm!  I felt so bad for Godfrey not knowing if he would know about the delay.  As soon as I landed, I pulled out my Ugandan phone and sent him a text message that I had arrived.  

Godfrey had no idea what happened to me. I found out his story after I had landed.  This is the first time he has had to deal with such a long delay.  There is now a small board inside that lists the status of the flights.  But he did not know that the board existed.  So put yourself in his shoes.  He waited outside...and waited...and waited.  He told me later, “Wow, waiting is very tricky!”   He said that he even tried to call me not understanding that I can’t have my phone turned on while midair!   It sounds like he waited until just before my plane landed before he went inside to the new information desk.  They were the ones that finally told him the plane was delayed but would be there any minute.  

Relieved, he walked back outside and he then received my text message that my plane had just landed.   It still took me a good 20 minutes before I was with him.  I was seated towards the front of the plane so after first class, I was the first person off the plane! The Entebbe Airport is a small but increasingly developing airport.  When I first started coming 8 years ago, we walked off the airplane onto the Ugandan tarmac.  Now, there is a jetway to walk directly from the plane to the terminal.  There is an escalator to use to get upstairs to passport control instead of carrying our bags up a LONG flight of stairs.  There is a new medical check you have to go through before passport control because of the Ebola situation last year.   Passport control was relatively quick this time.  My bags were coming off the baggage carousel as soon as I walked up.  All of this was miraculously faster than I have ever experienced before.  My heart started racing with excitement to go outside and be greeted by Godfrey!  With all that God is doing, I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement!  Being here with Godfrey and the children is like sealing the deal!  So much has happened since I left in January, we were both looking forward to seeing each other in person as a joyous reunion of God’s family rejoicing together!  

I walked outside to the awaiting crowd...

And there was no Godfrey!   Really!   I looked at all the faces, but Godfrey normally emerges from the crowd with his HUGE grin and awaiting hugs.  Instead, I had a lot of Ugandans ask if I needed a taxi.  I pulled over to the side perplexed because I knew that he was there.  I called him and he said, “I am outside waiting for you.”  When I explained that I was already outside he replied in shock, “What?”  It took a few minutes, but we finally found each other!  He was wearing this bright red shirt and an cute cap! I don’t know how I missed him & he doesn’t know how he missed me!  

He told me later that he was SO EXCITED that I was there that he couldn’t contain it!  The moment I walked outside he said he was looking down at his phone to see if I had sent another message.  Plus, he said that normally I take so long coming out after landing that it surprised him I was already through.   We laughed about it later because after all that waiting, the very thing that he was looking forward to in seeing me walk through the doors, he missed!  All because he got distracted by the phone!   We both agree there must be a spiritual application to it all!   

Because we didn’t get on the road until about 3:30 pm, we hit the afternoon traffic through Kampala.  There were times, even using back roads that we just sat in complete deadlock.  But it gave us time to talk about all that has been happening and what we need to accomplish while I am here.  

One thing we both agreed on as we talked is ... we can’t explain any of it. God is doing the miraculous in our midst.  Godfrey explained to me more of how everyone was wanting the piece of property that we now call HOME.  God truly blessed us with the best!   Godfrey also told me that the local council has been extremely pleased with Raining Hope.  They had to come to approve our new location.  Godfrey has done such a tremendous job in being an excellent manager.   The council has told Godfrey that Raining Hope is now one of the best homes!  They were so impressed that they are sending other homes over to us as an example of how to set their homes up!  I know I just said a lot of words...but I literally am speechless if that makes sense!  

We stopped for the traditional chicken-on-a-stick & roasted bananas at our normal road side stop.  Then when we approached the Nile River my heart was leaping for joy that I was back home!  Godfrey pointed out the road where the new home was at!   He had had a long day and had told the children they would see me today.  Since we arrived well after dark, it was better for me to drive up to the home in the daylight!  

All of this and I just woke up from a good night’s sleep...and haven’t even stepped out of my room yet!  Actually, I went outside on my balcony here at the crack of dawn to thank the Lord and it was raining!!!  I had my Ipod on listening to music and never heard the rain!  I was praising the Lord for the rain and His goodness.  My room is on third floor and it now overlooks a huge tree and the roof of the building.  I started signing music in thanksgiving to the Lord for all He is doing!  I signed, “Giants Fall” and was just so full of joy!  The strangest thing happened...the mixture of doves and pigeons all started landing on the roof.  I had to chuckle not know if they were joining in or wanting food!  I sort of felt like Snow White or Cinderella!  If they started coming in my room and helping me get ready for my day,  that would have been a sight!  It was at least a funny sight in my mind and I loved it!   To top it all off, last night I walked into the room I have used for the past 8 years.  They are changing all of the mosquito nets, and now they are in a canopy style surrounding the bed!  The room is simple...yet the canopy net made me feel like a princess!   As the Daughter of the King...I am His princess! 

It is just a joy that I can’t contain.  I can’t fully explain what is already in my heart.  The past couple of months I have been rejoicing from afar the good news from a far land.    “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land.” Proverbs 25:25.  Now, I get to experience the presence of our Lord in the faces and the hugs of our precious children in our very own home!  

Thank you for waiting as I am not sure when the internet will be up for me to send this through.  All is well, I am safe and secure in the palm of Jesus’ hands!   

Today will be filled with lots of work.  The children are still in session at school and won’t be at the house until 6 pm.  If you hear celebrating from afar you know that will be us (about 8 am your time on Friday).  I will have LOTS to say about the new house in the next update!   Pray for me as having only 6 days here will be tight trying to accomplish much!   Pray that I use every moment wisely and go where He directs!  May His will be done on this incredible journey I am on!  

Filled with abundant joy, 
mama eydie kisakye 

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