Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Chapter 19 - Update # 2 - April 14, 2015

Raining Hope - Chapter 19 - Uganda April 2015 - Update #2

I have arrived safely in Dubai!   It was an adventure just getting to this point.  It was a good thing that Heather got me to the airport early because the check in at the counter was slower than normal.  Then when I got on the plane, I ended up moving 3 times before settling into a seat!  Just before I sat down, another older woman sat down in my assigned seat.  The flight attendant was standing right there when it happened.  The woman couldn’t find her boarding card to verify her seat.  By time she found the pass, he discovered she was only sitting 2 rows ahead of me.  The woman didn’t speak much English so he asked if I wouldn’t mind changing seats.  Both were aisle seats so I said it was not a problem.  I then sat for only about 5 minutes and another woman with a child wanted to move up into the seats next to me.  She then asked if I wouldn’t mind moving into the middle because she wanted the aisle.   Even the flight attendant had a hard time with her.  So he asked if I wouldn’t mind moving again!  So he moved me to another row, but then discovered those seats had broken movie screens.  I was in for a 14 hour flight and didn’t think that would work.  They finally put me in a bulk head seat that is my favorite aisle to sit in!  That gives more leg room and is easier to get up and around.  So four seats later, I finally settled in!   The plane was not full is why there was a problem.  People were all playing musical chairs even though the flight attendants said to wait until after take off.  It was wild!  

The flight itself was great.  It is one of Emirates newer A380 planes.  It is so big that there were times I forgot I was on a plane!  The plane ride was extremely smooth for the majority of the flight.  

One of the blessings I had before flying was seeing God’s hand in taking care of the luggage.  When I travel by myself on Emirates, I am only allowed 2 pieces of luggage.  I knew that I would have at least 3 pieces of luggage.  If you pay 72 hours in advance online you get a 10% discount.  For some reason, even though I was well within the 72 hour deadline, the website insisted that I could not pay online.  The error message was that I wasn’t within the 72 hour limit.   So this meant I would pay around $170 for the extra luggage at the airport.  BUT, when I went to check-in online 24 hours before departure, for some reason the website opened up for a small window to let me pay for the bag!    I was able to get the extra bag for $153!  Every little bit helps!  Little window...BIG GOD!  

I will arrive in Uganda on Wednesday around 1:30 pm.  Godfrey will be waiting for me at the airport!  I only have 5 full days to accomplish all the work that is needed.  This trip is to work out the final details on the purchase of the house.  I also needed to be there to see this house and where it is located.  I plan to do a lot of work with Godfrey as we are accessing the needs for the secondary house on the property.  The majority of the time will also be spent as a mom with her kids!  We will be spending time in prayer and praise as we celebrate all that God is doing in our midst!   

The day before I left, I worshipped at Saticoy Church.  As they prayed over me to send me off, someone voiced out a prayer of recognition of the new day that Raining Hope is experiencing.  As we move into a new phase of ministry, the person who prayed saw the importance my being there played at this important turning point.  I needed to be there with them right now as short of a trip as this is.   My heart is filled with such joy.  I already have tears welling up inside anticipating what this reunion will be like as I step onto the property for the first time with the children!  

So hold onto that thought ... pray for me ... as the next update will be coming to you from Uganda!  It will be after I visit the children and the new home!   I don’t know what the words will be as even now I find myself speechless!  But I know they will be filled with awe and wonder...joy and thanksgiving...complete and powerful peace!!!  

Thank you for joining me on my 19th journey!  Hard to believe nineteen times to Uganda!  Continue to pray that in all I do I am pleasing to Him.   Continue to pray for His will to be done!  

mama eydie kisakye! 

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